Lawrence County, Tennessee
Old Bible Records
compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Niedergeses Davis, 2004

John Daniel Beeler was born 6-18-1845 in Lawrence County Tennessee.

His parents were:

John H. Beeler born June 7th 1819 in Tennessee and died Feb. 8, 1852 in Tennessee.

Mary F. Buchanan born Apr. 25, 1826 in Tennessee and died Aug. 14th, 1902 in Tennessee.

His grandparents were:

Daniel Beeler born Aug. 1st 1776 and died 1843 in Lawrenceburg Tennessee.

Elizabeth Beeler died Feb. 6th 1852 in Tennessee.

Hudspeth - no other information

Elizabeth Hudspeth - no other information

Samuel Gardner Buchanan was born 24th November 1817.

Rufus Franklin Buchanan was born 8th June 1820.

Clayton Buchanan was born January 20th 1822.

Marion Buchanan was born 24th December 1823.

Mary Francis Buchanan was born 25th April 1826. (J. D. Beelers mother)

Lafayette Buchanan was born 5th day April 1829.

Demosthenes Buchanan was born the 23rd Febry. A. D. 1840.

Cicero Buchanan was born the 20th of April A. D. 1842.

James K. Polk Buchanan was born the 12th day of May A. D. 1844.

John Buchanan was born 26th August 1792.

Susanna Buchanan was born 5th February 1793.

Mary Louisa Buchanan was born one thousand eight hundred & forty seven March the twenty-six.

Margaret Frances Buchanan was born November the 5th 1848.

John Richard Buchanan was born 4th of Octr 1848.

Hugh L. Buchanan was born Febry 27th, 1850.

John Buchanan was born the 24th day of December 1846.

Franklin Pierce Buchanan was born the 8th day of July 1849.

Infant son of Samul G. & Sarah E. Buchanan was born 24 day December 1846.

John Buchanan and Susanna Harwell was maried September 17th day 1816 the authors of the following record.

S. G. Buchanan and S. E. Bodenhamer was married the 18th Decr. 1838.

J. H. Besler (Bester?) and M. F. Buchanan was married the 18th June 1844.

R. F. Buchanan and F. E. Reed was married December 24th 1845.

R. H. Buchanan and S. E. Long was married November 21st 1847.

Lafayette Buchanan and M. A. Douglass was married July 3rd 1850.

register? of servants births

_______ was born in the year 1812 May 14th.

___zzo? was born in the 10th March 1847.

____aly was born 1th Septr 1817.

Martha was born in 10th day of June 1879.

Stephen was born 4th Febr. 1822.

Anderson was born 14th of August 1895.

Jane was born on the 24th May 1828.

Pinckney was born on the 17th May 1831.

John Buchanan died Oct. 10 nineteen thirty seven.

Sally Buchanan died May nineteen hundred and two.

Sara Bratton buried in New Hope Cemetery in spring of 1881 in Giles County. She is the mother of Elizabeth Bratton born May 29th 1843 in Tennessee and died Nov. 11, 1918 in Giles County. Elizabeth married John D. Beeler May 16, 1860 in Giles County Tennessee by Billy Woods J.P. John D. Beeler was born June 18th 1845 in Tennessee, he died April 23, 1928 in Lawrenceburg.

Their children were:

Oscar M. Beeler born Apr. 13th 1868 in Tenn., married Alice Warden Dec. 27th 1897, died Dec. 4, 1950.

Orlando M. Beeler, born Aug. 19th 1870, married Bertha Bau______ July 23rd 1955, Orlando died Sept. 19, 1945.

Valeria Beeler, born June 5th 1873, married W. E. Smith March 2, 1902 who was born 11-25-1865 and died 1-9-1970, Whit died 10-19-1929.

John H. Beeler, born Apr 2nd 1875, married Lou Ella Yarbrough Feb. 14th 1900, married Nellie Ham ____ 11, 1906, John died in 1921.

Viola Beeler, born Sept. 16th 1879, married John A. Black Oct. 19th 1898 in Tennessee, Viola died April 17th 1911.

Leona Beeler, born Apr. 13th 1884, married P. C. Kimbrough ____ 26th 1916 in Tennessee, no death date.

Oscar Beeler born Apr. 13, 1868 in Giles County, married Alice Warden Dec. 27, 1897, died