Lawrence County, Tennessee
Birth Information

The birth dates below were extracted from information provided when the individuals were applying for license to purchase explosives during the 1940s. The dynamite was used mainly by farmers to dig wells, blow out tree stumps. I am not sure why gin companies, drugstores, 5 and 10 stores, and other companies listed needed explosives.  

Akins, G.B. R4 Lawrenceburg      
Anthoney, Norman S.  Lawrenceburg Red Hill, TN 7-8-1905/10 Farmer
Armstrong, L.: (see H.W. Fisher)        
Augustin, Karl J. Loretto Loretto 5/23/1903 Merchant & Banker
Augustin, Karl: (see E.D. McGuire)        
Augustine, W.H.  Loretto Lawrence Co. 9-7-1893 Merchant
Ball, Arland R3 Leoma Tennessee 10/27/1907  
Barton, W.H. Loretto Lawrence Co. 10/20/1886 Farmer
Bassham, L.F.  R1 Leoma Lawrence Co. 10/25/1892 Merchant & Farmer
Beard, Neal R 3 Leoma Franklin Co., AL 10/9/1910  
Beck, O.O.  R3 Lawrenceburg      
Beckham, R.D. Lawrenceburg Lawrenceburg 12/2/1879 Pharmacist
Beckhams Drug Co. (see R.D. Beckham) (Public Square)        
Belew & Davis (see M.P. Davis)        
Belew & Davis (see W.H. Belew)        
Belew, J.O. Loretto Tennessee 10/26/1884 Farmer & Sells Fertilize
Belew, W.H.  St. Joseph Lawrence Co. 1/22/1879 Sells Fertilize
Benson, Frank R2 Lawrenceburg ? Lawrence Co. 4/16/1896  
Beuerlein Bros. (see Edward Beuerlein)        
Beuerlein, Edward 266 N. M. St., L'burg Lawrence Co. 9/3/1914 Sells Feed and Fertilize
Bonnertown Gin Company (see E.D. McGuire) (Gin & Merchant organized 1939)        
Bottoms, F.H. Crestview, TN Lauderdale, AL 2/14/1908 Sells Fertilize & Teaches
Boyet, J.R. Summertown Tennessee 9/21/1873 Farmer
Brannon, I.E. R5 Lawrenceburg Alabama 7/28/1907  
Brewer, Lou/Lon Lawrenceburg Wayne Co. 11/30/1894 Disabled Veteran
Brown, Jack Lawrenceburg Loretto 8/2/1902 Maint. State Hwy Dept.
Brown, Matt R3 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 2/18/1898 Well Digger
Bruton, T.G. R6 Lawrenceburg   1881  
Cantrell, A.J. R3 Leoma Sevier Co, TN 8/17/1906  
Caperton & Augustin Loretto (see Karl J. Augustin)    
Caperton, W.C. (see Karl J. Augustin)        
Carson, Rayvord Iron City Lawrence Co. 12/28/1913 Saw Mill Operator
Chaddock (Shaddock), E.L. R1 Ethridge Kentucky 8/09/1898 Farmer
City Drug Company (see J.A. Finley)        
City of Lawrenceburg Electric System (see C.F. Crowson) (organized 8/15/1939 or 1895)        
Clark, O.J.  R3 Leoma Tennessee 1913  
Clayton, Everett R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 2/4/1908  
Clifton, W.E. R1 Loretto Lawrence Co. 9/28/1913 Farmer
Coleman, T. R1 Leoma Buckhanan, GA 1/21/1904 Farmer
Copeland, J.M. Loretto Lawrence Co. 10/14/1890 Farmer
Crowson, C.F. East Gaines, L'burg Franklin, TN 8/13/1905 Supt. L'burg Elec. System
Davis & Co. (see J.F. Davis) (organized 11/6/1943)        
Davis, Charlie Edward Henryville Tennessee 6/11/1913 Farmer
Davis, E.O. R2 Loretto Cullman Co., AL 8/4/1891 Farmer
Davis, J.F. Lawrenceburg Wayne Co. 6/10/1880 Merchant
Davis, M.P. St. Joseph Alabama 2/26/1893 Merchant
Dept. of Highways & Public Works (see J.R. Whitley)        
Dooley, B.F. Ethridge Georgia 8/26/1878 Farmer
Downey, R.O. (see C.F. Crowson)       Mayor Lawrenceburg
Eakin, W.W. R6 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 7/13/1897 Farmer
Electric System, City of Lawrenceburg (see C.F. Crowson)        
Ells, John Loretto Tennessee 8/8/1914 Farmer
Estes, G.W. R6 Lawrenceburg     Farmer
Ezell, Zonner R. R5 Lawrenceburg Alabama 10/15/1896 Farmer
Finley, J.A. Lawrenceburg Giles Co. 7/3/1888 Pharmacist
Fisher, H.W. Lawrenceburg     Merchant
Fowler, Charles (Charlie) West Point, TN Lawrence Co. 6/9/1907 Farmer
Fremon, Margaret Harris Waynesboro, TN Lawrence Co. 4/27/1904  
Gable, Willie T. Iron City Tennessee 4/10/1891 Farmer
Gilbert, Tom (Thomas) St. Joseph Lawrence Co. 1902  
Gilmore's Pharmacy Public Square (see J.G. Peery)      
Goode, Lemuel P. R4 Lawrenceburg Alabama 7/28/1914 Farmer
Gore, Dock R4 Lawrenceburg Georgia 4/8/1895 Farmer
Gray, Thomas Gordon R1 West Point Wayne Co. 4/13/1920 Farmer
Gresham, W.E. Lawrenceburg      
Griggs, Luther R2 West Point Lawrence Co. 3/27/1901 Farmer
Grinnell, Robert R3 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 6/22/1888-89 Well Digger
Grundefest, Dave (see H.W. Fisher) (Jewish)        
Hand, W.S. R2 Loretto Heard Co., GA 11-11-1871 Farmer
Hanson, J.E. Loretto (see H.N. Mabe)      
Hardy, Oscar R3 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 3/17/1904 Farmer
Hayes, Robert Lawrenceburg Gwynett, GA 12-3-1887 Merchant
Hayes, Robert & Sons (see Robert Hayes)        
Henkel, Leo R1 Loretto Ohio 7/29/1908 Farmer
Henson, Ike Ethridge Tennessee   Farmer
Hewitt, W.H. Lawrenceburg Tennessee 1/12/1888 Machinist
Holden, Clifton E. R1 Anderson, AL Alabama 6/15/1915 Farmer
Hollis Confectionary (see Earl Hollis)        
Hollis, Earl Lawrenceburg Wayne Co. 12/22/1927 Salesman
Hollis, Floyd Lawrenceburg Tennessee 11/7/1927 Merchant
Hooper, Aaron R2 Leoma N. Carolina 8/27/1903 Farmer
Hunter, J.R. R2 Ethridge (near Henryville)     Farmer
Huntley, W.W. R2 Leoma Rutherfordton, NC 10/4/1903 Farmer
Hyatt, J.O. R2 Crestview, TN Alabama 12/14/1909 Farmer
Johnson, E.A        
Johnson, Earnest Asa (Acy) R1 Lawrenceburg Alabama 10/5/1905 Farmer
Jones, Fred F. F1 Iron City Iron City 3/10/1893 Farmer
Keener, George H. R1 Lawrenceburg Winston Co., AL 12/13/1895 Well Digger
Kelsey, C.V. Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 2/12/1901 Lawrence Co. Erosion
Kidd Rock Quarry (see W.L. Kidd)        
Kidd, W.L. R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 11/06/1898  
Lawrence County Farm Erosion (See C.V. Kelsey)        
Lawrence County Highway Dept. (see E.A. Simms)        
Lawrence County Highway Dept. (see E.B. Wilburn)        
Lawrenceburg, City of (see C.F. Crowson)        
Lay, Walter Ethridge   10/10/1894  
Leoma Milling Company (see G.A. Lester) (organized July 5, 1943)        
Lester, G.A. Leoma Addison, AL   Mgr. Leoma Milling Co.
Lou/Lon Brewer Farm (see Lou/Lon Brewer) (2 miles south of Lawrenceburg)        
Luffman, J.M. Lawrenceburg Hickman Co. 5/23/1913 Hospital Utility Man
Luna, A.M. R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 12/27/1886  
Mabe, H.N. Loretto     Buys & Sells Fertilize
Mabry, L.B. Loretto Lawrence Co. 10/18/1905  
Mathis, H.A. (see C.F. Crowson)       Commissioner Streets
McConnell, A.P.  R2 Leoma Limestone Co., AL 10/30/1895 Farmer
McGee, Melvin Lawrenceburg West Point 9/12/1910 Truck Driver
McGuire & Augustin Appleton, TN (see Karl J. Augustin)    
McGuire, E.D. Appleton Georgia 6/3/1896 Merchant
McGuire, E.D. (see Karl J. Augustin)        
McMahan, Elyne M. R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 5/17/1915 Farmer
McReynolds, J.O. R2 Lawrenceburg Putnam Co., TN 5/24/1915 Quarry Foreman
Methvin, Dwight R3 Lawrenceburg Phil Campbell, AL 12/9/1910 Packing Shirts
Morphew, J.B. R2 Leoma Alabama 10/1/1913  
Morrison, F.C. R1 Appleton Alabama 4/15/1905  
Moton, Chas. (Charlie) Iron City Iron City 5/10/1889  
Newton, H.H. Appleton (see H.N. Mabe)      
Newton, L.H. R6 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 7/19/1903 Rock Quarry Work
Newton, L.N. R1 Leoma Tennessee 9/18/1894 Farmer
Newton, Rex Loretto Lawrence Co. 11/26/1915 Farmer
Nicholson, Mrs. M.O. Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 1891 House Wife
Niedergeses, John F. R5 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 12/24/1919 Farmer
Parkes, E.N. (see D.F. Peppers)        
Peery, J.G. Lawrenceburg     Pharmacist
Peoples Gin Co. Loretto (see H.N. Mabe) (organized Jan. 31, 1945)      
Peppers, D.F. R3 Leoma Alabama 12/16/1888 Merchants
Peppers, D.F. & Sons (see D.F. Peppers)        
Phillips, J.S. R1 Lawrenceburg Alabama 1867  
Plaskett, James S. R6 Loretto Pinkney, TN 6/15/1916 Farmer
Pollock, R.A. R6 Lawrenceburg Wayne Co. 11/9/1898 Merchant & Lime Dealer
Prince, V.M. R3 Leoma Lawrence Co. 4/29/1903 Farmer
Purcell, Mrs. Oscar R3 Leoma Lawrence Co. 4/17/1909 House Wife
Putman, B.P. R2 Leoma North Carolina   Farmer
Quarles, G.W. R4 Lawrenceburg Savannah, TN 10/23/1892  
Rayfield, J.M. R4 Lawrenceburg Marshall Co., AL 5/3/1887 Farmer
Reeves, W.C. Loretto Tennessee 1884 Farmer & Miller
Richardson, Bob (see G.A. Lester)        
Richardson Bros. (see G.A. Lester)        
Richardson, E.D. (see G.A. Lester)        
Richardson, Edgar  Leoma   7/24/1893  
Richardson, M & Co. (see W.E. Gresham) (organized Jan. 1, 1941)       Hardware
Richardson, Parkes (see G.A. Lester)        
Richardson, Will Al (see G.A. Lester)        
Robert Hardware Co. 205 N. M St L'burg (see John Roberts)    
Roberts, John Lafayette St. L'burg Lawrenceburg   Merchant
Rohling, James H. R3 Lawrenceburg Tennessee 5/13/1913 Farmer
Sanders, J.A. R5 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 9/19/1899 Sells Fertilize
Sandy, Joe R4 Loretto Lawrence Co. 1/10/1903  
Schaefer (Scheafer), E.L. R5 Lawrenceburg Alabama 11/14/1912 Farmer
Selph, John W. Lawrenceburg Murfreesboro   Farmer
Shaddock (Chaddock), E.L. R1 Ethridge Kentucky 8/9/1898 Farmer
Simms, E.A. Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 5/27/1891 Supt. Of Roads
Slegal (Slagle), C.O. R2 West Point Lawrence Co. 11/16/1911  
Sloan, W.M. R3 Lawrenceburg     Farmer
Smith, Nick R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 10/12/1902 Farmer
Springer, Augustus Carrol R2 Leoma Lawrence Co. 10/19/1918 Farmer
State Highway Dept. (see J.R. Whitley)        
Sterling Stores, Inc. (see H.W. Fisher) (organized 1937) (main office: Little Rock, AR)        
Townsend, W.D. R2 Leoma Alabama 5/26/1911  
Troup, E.L. R4 Lawrenceburg Tennessee 7/19/1905 Farmer
Umphrey, J.P. R5 Lawrenceburg Poldon Co., GA 1/22/1878 Farmer
Urban, W.C. R4 Loretto   7/5/1882 Farmer
Vandiford, A.T. R2 Loretto Alabama 2/7/1913  
Warren, E.L. R1 Ethridge Georgia 12/31/1898  
Welch, Ernest R4 Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co. 10/23/1915 Farmer
White, Elmer M. Lawrenceburg Tennessee 5/31/1907 Merchant/Mechanic
White, O.W. Loretto Lawrence Co. 2/8/1895 Merchant
Whitley, J.R. Lawrenceburg Whiteville, TN 1/2/1906 Dist. Maint. Engr.
Wilburn, E.B. Lawrenceburg Lawrence Co.   Foreman of Const.
Wilburn, J.R. R2 Leoma Lawrence 8/7/1897 Carpenter
Zosel, Henry   Alabama 12/6/1881 Laborer