Diary of Blanche Gallaher Olive

transcribed by Donna Ramsey

The following births are excerpts from the diaries (recorded in notebooks) of Mrs. Blance Gallaher Olive. Personal items and gossip were not included when transcribed; only the births that she had recorded. A few deaths of infants are included, but most deaths will be listed in the separate web page for deaths. On a few of the births, Mrs. Olive also included a comment on the family. (For the web page, I have only included the positive comments, not the negative thoughts of Mrs. Olive.)

Many of these names and birth dates may be inscribed on tombstones, but the comments are invaluable to researchers and can not be found in a cemetery. Mrs. Olive obviously recorded some of the names and dates from memory, obtained them from obituaries, from tombstones, or from family members, since there are many births listed in the 1850's, 1860's, 1870's, 1880's, 1890's and upward through the 1940's. The diaries were only loaned to the archives for a short period of time and we do not have them anymore.

Jinie (?) Lee Olive born September 11, 1931 or 1932.

Finch Phillips born April 8, 1891.

Viola Phillips born April 28, 1897.

Nina Tice born October 6, 1898.

Cecil Newman born October 7, 1913.

Frank Turman born 1885.

Paris Lay born 1884.

C. J. Tice born March 13, 1897.

Gail Thornton born November 5, 1937.

Ivonne (?) Davis born November 5, 1936.

Mrs. Luther Butler born 1895.

Barbara Ann Weathers born December 1937.

Clarence Brewer born January 1896.

Wayland Olive born 1907 (maybe).

Ralph Bromley born 1909.

Charles Cannon born 1909.

Mrs. Sallie Bromley born 1874.

Mr. John Bromley born 1874.

Mr. Sam Bromley born 1855 (maybe).

Mrs. Bud Looney born September 16, 1884.

Virgil Dixon born 1886.

Waymon Story Dixon born 1914 or 1915 (maybe).

Mary Dixon born January 1920.

Mrs. Isa Gallaher Moore born April 1866.

Mamie Gallaher McGee born April 1906.

Mrs. Myers born March 1862.

Joann Hollis born May 29, 1938.

Freda Pearl Butler born May 8, 1938.

Ruth Hollis born July 1917, married May 1937, had 2 fine boys by March 1940.

Wilson Forsythe and Gyman Hardison both born May 14, 1918.

Herman Hollis born September 1905.

Lesslie Hollis born May 2, 1902.

Bernice Olive born October 1913.

Mrs. Behrend born May 20, 1877.

Mr. Behrend born May 20, 1878.

Aunt Lizzie McGee born 1866.

Uncle Hardy McGee born 1857.

Edith Olive (Hester) born September 21, 1904.

Shirley Ann Hollis born December 27, 1936.

Eva Olive born December 27, 1908.

Eura Jo Looney born November 24, 1905.

Dud Olive born May 4, 1906.

Gladys Hensley born November 27, 1905.

Eunice Gamble born September 1920.

Alta Ruth Hollman born June 20, 1922.

Drew Whitfield born March 1894.

May B. Whitfield born January 27, 1899.

Mrs. Sarah McMackin born 1870.

Floyd Reynolds born 1885.

Lude born August 1885.

Mildred Gable born 1885.

L. A. Stutts born 1885.

Mrs. Prince born July 1870.

Mrs. Vela born 1896.

James Doyle Tice born October 1922.

Janie (?) Stutts born October 1920.

Leo Craft born 1916.

Virgie Newman born 1899.

Calvin Newman born 1901.

Eva Olive Newman born 1908.

Bro. Morehead said today he was 55 years old, 1939.

Clarence Hensley born March 1900.

Nigel Gamble born December 25, 1915.

Lizzie Allen born 1894.

Sarah Gable born February 1894.

Aunt Mat Hollis born February 16, 1855.

Aunt Martha Bell Moore born 1872.

Frankie Willis born 1895.

Maude Rhodes born 1891.

"Paw" Danley born March 10, 1855.

Uncle Rich born March 1865.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Willis a baby girl, June 1939.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robertson baby girl July 10, 1939. Joyce Anne, real cute. Gave her a ring.

Lola Katherine Craft born September 3, 1939, died November 2, 1939, 11:55 A.M. Sick only a few days pneumonia (naval trouble).

Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Davis a baby girl Friday, December 1, 1939.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weaver a baby boy November 1939.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Hunt a baby boy October 1939.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Curtis a baby boy January 1, 1940, 11 P.M.

Pud Adams Malone and Marvin a baby girl January 2, 1940, 2 A.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Nigel Gamble a baby girl Tuesday night April 2, 1940, 10 1/2 pounds a very pretty baby, Barbara Nell.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Looney a baby boy Saturday, April 6, 1940, Florence Hospital 7 1/2 pounds, Garry Brent.

Evelyn and Ralph about 3 A.M. June 3, 1940, a 10 pound boy, Frank Kenneth. I went to see him nearly every day for 3 weeks.

Joe and Louise Dishough, June 22 1940 a boy. Had spasms from birth till death.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roberts a boy July 1940. Lived only a few minutes.

Mr. and Mrs. Elam Heffington a baby boy January 16, 1941.

Willie and Virginia a cute little red haired girl, January 1941, Martha May.

Belle Mabry Carroll a boy January 1941.

Harry and wife a girl March 1941, Juliann.

Lucy and Conrad Darrell (?) a girl. I went to see them. Mary Alna (?). May 19, 1941.

Walsie and Herman Stults a girl January 1941.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Roberts a boy June 1941.

Mary Killen and Carroll Sineca a baby girl (7 mos) December 1, 1941.

Joe and Louise Dishough baby boy December 1, 1941.

Marie Riley and Lewis Gamble girl December 31, 1941, Patricia Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Curtis a baby girl Friday 4 A.M., January 30, 1942.

Grace Ellen Hensley and Rippey a boy January 1942.

Carrie Richter and Ed Brown baby girl Wednesday, January 28, 1942.

Blair and Lorene McMacking a boy May 1941.

Mary Dixon Phillips a little girl Wednesday A.M., June 25, 1941, a boy May 1939, Elizabeth Anne and Billy.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Franklin a little girl June 22, 1939, another June 15, 1941. Glenda Carolyn, Patricia Sue.

Margaret McBratcher a baby girl July 5, 1941, Glenda June.

Tim and Pauline a boy Monday, August 11, 1941, Dudley Mack.

Thelma and Charles a girl Monday, August 4, 1941, Jerry Ann.

Edwin Willis and May a girl Sunday A.M., September 21, 1941.

Cecil Olive and Bonnie Hensley a girl October 17, 1941.

Gaylon and Adene Hollis a girl November 8, 1941, Juliann.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weaver a boy Sunday P.M., February 22, 1942.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellam Heffington a baby boy Wednesday A.M., March 24, 1943 (my daddy's birthday).

Mr. and Mrs. Blair McMackin a boy Monday night, September 18, 1944.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Olive a baby girl November 5, 1944, Linda Lou. Joe Marie September 11, 1940 (maybe).

Onedia Allen a baby girl December 20, 1944.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Prince had a baby girl Friday P.M., May 18, 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Franklin had a baby girl Sunday A.M., May 2, 1945.

Ruth Lumpkins and Ethridge Johns had a baby girl Tuesday 3 A.M., July 10, 1945 in Florence hospital. They came home Sunday 15. Connie Elise, weighed nearly 6 pounds.

Marie Riley was born January 22, 1945 (maybe).

Robert Hodgers (?) born November 7, 1898 (maybe).

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Richardson have a baby girl born November 8, 9 or 10 in Florence hospital, 1945. Pauline was carried to the hospital Thursday 8, 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hollis have a baby boy born December 1945, Justin Dwight.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Richardson have a baby boy born October 1947.

Gene Campbell and D. B. Allen have a premature baby girl born Sunday A.M., August 12, 1945, Barbara Gene.

Pressie Newman and Ruth Moore have a baby boy born Sunday, September 2, 1945 (maybe).

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson a baby born Thursday, September 20, 1945 in Lawrenceburg Hospital, a Jr.

Norma Bradley and Willie Butler have a baby girl born Saturday P.M. about 8 o'clock October 19, 1946. She has been in hospital about two weeks with high blood, Dr. said is a very serious condition.

Onieda Phillips and Clifford Moore have a baby boy born October 24, 1946, 11:30 A.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gallaher of Flint, Michigan, a baby boy born October 24, 1946, 2:30 A.M., James Arnold.

Josephine Lumpkins and ? Richardson have a baby girl born Sunday A.M., December 29, 1946, Glenda Jo, 8 pounds 1 ounce. Josephine is 16 years old, born in May 1930.

Spencer and Ruth Stevenson have a new baby born August 20, 1946.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ham a baby boy born January 16, 1946.

Roy Mambry and Velma have a baby boy born January or February 1946.

Mrs. and Mr. Rayford Dixon have a baby girl born in L.B. hospital Saturday A.M. August 31, 1946. Jackie Dene, a real cute kid. (Married in 1928, first baby).

Birtie McMackin was born November 1900.

Birtie McMackin's little son was born July 1937.

Buddy Lainer was born January 1, 1926 (maybe).

Floyd Gipson was born January 21 (4?), 1924.

Junior Gipson was born January 4, 1926.

Evelyn Brewer Bromley was born January 30, 1907.

Eddie Woods was born January 28, 1919 (maybe).

Ray Delle LaFan was born September 1900.

Maude Gambrell was born May 1900.

Mrs. Dora Brewer was born 1884.

Mrs. Lizzie Allen was born 1894.

Ralph and Inez Johnson have a 7 pound baby girl born January 8, 1947 at Lawrenceburg hospital, Sandra Alexis.

Magie May Mason and her husband have a baby boy born Wednesday, January 8, 1947.

Pauline Gallaher and Woodrow Mason had a baby girl born Saturday, January 11, 1947.

Ruby Craft Daniels had a baby boy born Tuesday night February 25, 1947. She and her husband are seperated and she has a baby girl born February 16, 1946. Her dad has a broken leg.

Lois Burch and her second husband have a baby boy born Wednesday night March 26 or 27, 1947

Bernice Jacobs and Walter Pennington have a baby boy born June 16, 1947. She is near 40, her first baby.

Wanda LaFan and B. Powers had a baby boy born Monday, June 23, 1947.

Lillis Butler and Billie Lutts have a baby girl born Tuesday, 24, 1947.

Floyd Franklin and Stella have a baby boy born July 3, 1947, Dennis Floyd, an 11 pound baby.

Randy Burch and Doris Nell Augustine have a fine 10 1/2 pound boy born Friday A.M., July 18, 1947 in Florence hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hollis have a baby boy born October 1947. Named him Sawyer Sammie (?).

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gladney have a baby boy born October 24, 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Richardson have a baby boy born October 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Caperton a baby girl born October 30, 1947, Thursday 2 P.M.

Mr. and Mrs. Foy Butler a baby girl Saturday, October 31, 1947.

Perry Barfield and Bernice Olive a baby boy born Monday 12:50 P.M., November 17, 1947. Keny Dale. Have been married 13 years.

Villard Sledge and Elaine Hollis have a baby boy born November 1947. Died in a few hours after birth.

Dal Marie Laney and Quill Hale have a baby boy born Sunday, November 30, 1947.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steele have a baby boy born Sunday, December 21, 1947.

Dean Hursley Phillips has a baby born Tuesday night February 3, 1948 (caesarian birth).

Stella Gallaher Luker has a baby boy born Friday, January 30, 1948.

Mirene Olive McKiney has a baby girl born Tuesday night February 3, 1948.

Stella Gallaher and Ozro Luker a baby girl Friday, January 30, 1948, 9 pounds 1 ounce, Joy Sue.

Dean Hensley and J. W. Phillips a baby boy Tuesday night February 3, 1948, Judson William.

Garfield McKinney and Mirene Olive a baby girl Tuesday night February 3, 1948.

Margaret Dean Willis and George Jones have a baby girl born Monday, February 9, 1948, Margaret Susan.

February 24, 1948. Jane Stutts and her husband have a baby born a few days ago, John Lambert. Her mother left today for Washington to be with her a while.

Noel Dene Meigs and Paul Butler have a baby boy born Tuesday 8 A.M., November 23, 1948, Fredrick Paul.

Della Hollis Pruit (?) born January 14, 1892.

Pearl Hollis McKey born January 28, 1890.

Clyde Phillips age 56, 1946.

Ollie Phillips born May 15, 1893 or 1894.

Bro. Hess is 10 years younger than Ollie Phillips, birthday same day.

Uncle Sam Hollis born in 1870.

Evelyn Brewer Bromley born January 30, 1907.

Thelma Holloway Cannon (?) born August 1907 (maybe).

Lena (?) Hollis born June/Jan. (?) 1894.

Evelyn Brewer Bromley born January 30, 1907.

Ed Hollis born 1907.

Hettie Dixon was born February 1914.

Eloise Bromley Hensley was born June 1914.

Perry Barfield born February 26, 1913.

Mable Hains Olive born February 28, 1908.

Tom Thornton born 1902.

Nellie Brewer Davis born March 12, 1923.

Mr. Oliver Heffington born 1872.

Jap Butler born 1898.

Louise Hardwick Davis born 1905, has a baby boy born January 1947. Her first baby, married about 22 years.

Mattie Hardwick born 1885, December 14 (maybe).

Mary Tice born July 1904 (maybe).

Bootie (?) Crews born 1914.

Breford (Buford?) and Izora Olive have a baby boy born in Alabama hospital August 29, 1944.

Mrs. Leona Looney was born Sept. 16, 1884.

Virgil Dixon born 1886.

Waymon Story Dixon born 1915 maybe 1914.

Tues., September 19, 1944 - Lorene McMackin had a baby boy sometime last night.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis a boy born September 29, 1944.

Dick Hensley born May 30, 1911.

Clara Ham Rhodes a baby boy born October 9, 1944.

Mrs. Alice Berlin was born June 1866.

Mrs. Mat Croft (Craft?) was born 1861.

Pauline and Tim have baby girl in Lawrenceburg Hospital, born October 29, 1944.

Harvey Willis was born November 10, 1885.

Laura Joe had a baby boy born 5 A.M. November 24, 1944.

Aunt Mat Hollis was born February 16, 1855.

Onedia (?) Allen has a baby girl born December 20, 1944.

Esther and Porter Goolsby have a baby girl born Friday A.M., January 19, 1945.

Mary Charles McMackin (somebody) has a baby boy born Sunday, January 21, 1945, lives in the north, married a U.S. officer.

Sam Bromley born February 5, 1855.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Weaver have a baby boy born February 22, 1942.

Buford Goolsby and his wife have a new baby born May 11, 1942.

G. T. Risner and Fay Odem have a baby girl born about 10 today, September 15, 1942. A very pretty baby. Named her Doris Fay.

Ca (?) and Jack have a fine boy born this A.M. about 10:00, September 20, 1942. Weighs 10 pounds. Named him Roger David.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hodges have a new baby Sunday, October 11, 1942, 6 P.M., Junior.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dishough have a baby boy Sunday, October 11, 1942, 12 noon, Donald Ray.

Daisy and Woodrow Mason have an 8 pound boy, arrived sometime today, December 12, 1942.

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Suniea (?) have a new baby girl born Wednesday, December 22, 1942.

Falah and Woodrow have a little girl born Wednesday A.M. about 3:30, January 12, 1943.

March 2, 1943 - Tess and Hubert Killen have a little girl born Friday or Saturday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hensley have a baby boy born Saturday, April 3, 1943.

Eunice Gamble and Ruby Nell have a baby born a few days ago, April 1943, Eunice Edward.

Mr. and Mrs. Garfield McKinney have a baby girl born Tuesday night June 8 or 9, 1943. Had a baby boy born July 13, 1942, died at birth.

Thelma Dixon has a baby girl born Saturday morning June 19, 1943.

Nellie has a fine baby girl born 11 A.M. today, June 29, 1943, named her Brenda June.

Mr. and Mrs. Ethridge Jones a baby boy Friday, October 22 or 23, 1943, born dead.

E. Thompson had baby boy born Monday, November 8, 1943, Richard Eugene.

Mary Ruth Gamble Bates had a baby girl Tuesday, January 28, 1943, Patty Faye.

January 8, 1944 - Got an announcement from Virginia Willis of a baby boy (Elmer's girlfriend), January 1, 1944. A fine new year gift.

Lula Belle (Livingood) Saxon had a little red-headed son born in Florence hospital Wednesday A.M., January 5, 1944.

Cecil Looney has a baby girl born yesterday A.M., February 14, 1944. A real cute "Valentine".

Lou Ella Goolsby had a baby boy Thursday, March 2, 1944. Died Sunday 5th. Was buried 6th, had spasms from birth.

Thelma Gene born October 1928.

Harold Thomas Harrison born May 18, 1944.

Mrs. Bula McLaurine born January 1897. Married May 18, 1918.

Mr. George Brewer born February 2, 1884.

Horace McLaurine born September 1919.

Marie Riley born January 1922.

Lem Hollis born June 1894.

Della Hollis Pruitt born 1892.

Stella born March 1922.

Buddy born December 1922.

Hoysel (?) Haysel (?) born April 1924.

Carull (?) born November 1924.