Chaffin and Gresham Family Bible Records


Robert Chaffin, Sr., was born on Sunday the 20th of March 1768.

Amelia Chaffin was born on the 15 of January 1768.

Ann Chaffin was born on Tuseday the 6th of April 1790.

Ginny Chaffin was born on Monday the 23rd of January 1792.

Mary Chaffin was born on Wednesday the 18th of December 1793.

Rebecca Chaffin was born on Turday the 16th of August 1795.

Robert Chaffin, Jr., was born on Tuseday the 26th day of September 1797.

John Chaffin was born on Wednesday the 30th of October 1799.

William Chaffin was born on Saterday the 10th of April 1802.

James Chaffin was born on Monday the 18th day of June 1804.

David H. Chaffin was born on Thirsday the 24 of November 1808.

Peggy G. Chaffin was born on Thursday the 17th of January 1811.


Robert Chaffin died on the 27th day of July 1833.

Robert H. Gresham died on the 21(26?) day of April 1828.

Milla Chaffin died on Desemer the 2nd day. (No year given)

George Gresham died on the 16th of March 1852.

Nancy Grisham died the 5th of June 1868.

Martha E. Gresham died June the 7th 1862.

Mary F. Gresham died July the 5th 1862.

Joshuary B. Gresham died Dec. the 27, 1864, aged 5 months and 19 days

Hattey G. Gresham died Dec. the 18, 1870, aged 7 mo and 11 days

J. D. Gresham died Aug. 5th, 1879, aged 17 years 5 mo. 18 days