Dickson County, Tennessee

1890 Civil War Veterans Census

Adams, James, 31-1, Pvt. Co. G, 12th TN Cav, 12-29-63 to 10-7-65, Dickson PO

Adams, William M, 40-1, Tennessee D, wife of, Lt. Co G, 12th TN Cav, 7-20-64 to 10-20-65, Edgewood PO

Ankeny, Tolbert, 34-4, 2nd Lt. Co I, 1st WI Cav. 11-18-61 to 8-12-63, Dickson PO, physical disability, discharge on account of

Askins, William, 34-2, Pvt Co D, 13th OH Cav, 4-10-64 to 8-19-65, Dickson PO, discharged in hospital Petersburg, VA

Baker, Charles C., 34-1, Pvt 1st OH Lt Art, 10-61 to 6-62, Dickson PO

Baker, Nickolas, 40-1, Arbella wife of, Pvt Co H, 3rd US , 7-17-63 to 7-64, Edgewood PO

Bell, Elial, 41-1, alias Eli Roberson, Pvt Co G, White Bluff PO

Best, Johnston, 34-2, Pvt Co A, 2nd DC Inf, 10-16-62 to 7-23-63, Dickson PO, transferred to 2 Regt Dist Columbia, unattached PA Militia

Bratten, Paten, 30-1, Pvt Co A, 12th TN Cav; 9-63 to 64 (1 yr); Dickson PO

Brazzell, James, 30-2, Pvt Co K, 11th TN Inf; 5-25-61 to 7-1-65; Dickson PO

Brown, George, 34-2, Pvt; Dickson PO

Buchanan, William P, 34-1, Pvt Co B, 140th PA Inf; 9-6-62 to 6-6-25; Dickson PO; rheumatism & hemorhoids; transferred on account of           disability to 9th Reg. Co F URC

Buckner, Jane widow of; US Sol; Dickson PO

Calhoun, William , Mary widow of; Pvt Co B, 15th US Col Inf; Colesburg PO; discharged filed for pension

Campbell, Robert M, 31-1, Quartermaster, Co E, 1st TN Cav; 9-5-64 to 65; 2nd Civil Dist canít get to his discharge

Caslin, Abner W, 34-4, Sol US; 5th Civil Dist

Chadwick, Jacob, 34-4, SOL US; 5th Civil Dist

Chairs, Isaac, 34-3, Pvt; Dickson PO

Childers, Berry, 34-3, Dickson PO

Clemons, Washington, 34-2, Dickson PO; discharge lost

Cooper, John, 20-1, Pvt Co A, 4th TN Cav; 62- to 65; Dickson PO

Derstine, Joseph K, 34-2, 1st Sgt Co H, 4th Col Inf; 12-13-61 to 11-30-65; Dickson PO; re-enlisted veteran

Dever, William B, 42-1, Pvt; 32nd TN Inf; 7-12-61 to 63; Tenn City PO; CONF

Dikiman, Joel, 3403, Catherine E, widow of; Pvt Co I, 83rd PA Inf; 7-25-61 to 7-25-64í Dickson PO

Driver, Thomas, 36-1, Pvt Co D, 16th TN Inf; 62 to 65; Bellsburgh PO

Edney, John B, 31-1, Pvt Co F, 4th TN Mtd Inf; 10-5-64 to 5-10-65; Hazel Ridge PO; piles

England, Wibbey F, 30-2, Pvt Co E, 10th TN ART?, 2-12-63 to 5-6-65; Dickson PO

Few, William, 30-1, Cintha F. widow of; Pvt Co A, 4th TN Inf; 62 to 64; Dickson PO; CONF

Grady, Joseph, 34-1, Pvt Co E, 12 TN Inf, 12-26-61 to 1-66; Dickson PO; chronic diarrhea

Gunkle, John F, 34-3, Major Co B, 4th KY Cav; 12-13-61 to 2-3-63; Colesburg PO

Gunn, Andrew J, 42-1, Pvt Co G, 11th TN Inf; 2-63 to 63 (6 mos 8 days); Tenn City PO; CONF

Hagey, William J, 34-2, Jane G, widow of; Pvt Co E, 57th PA Inf; 2-9-64 to 4-19- 65; Dickson PO; lost left arm

*Hall, James, Pvt Co E, 16th TN Inf; 12-24-63 to 4-30-66; Cumberland Furnace PO

Hamlin , Paul, 37-1, Pvt Co K, 12th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-16-66; Cumberland Furnace PO; in both Conf and US Service

Hampton, John a, 37-1, Pvt Co G, 10th TN Inf; 12-20-64 to 6-24-65; Cumberland Furnace PO

Harris, George, 37-2, Pvt Co D, 16th TN Inf; 12-24-63 to 40-30-66; Cumberland Furnace PO

Hasley, William C, 40-1, Elizabeth widow of; Pvt Co H, 10th TN; 10-63 to died 1864

Hatley, A. J, 41-1, alias Man Hatley, Pvt Co E, 41st IL Inf; 8-61 to 7-65; White Bluff PO; gravels, reenlisted veteran

Hickman, Henry M, 30-2, Pvt 312 TN Inf; 11-62 to 63 (4 mos); Dickson PO; CONF

Holloway, M. Seals, 40-1, Cpl Co G, 38th KY; 7-1-62 to 65; Charlotte PO; family burned out and went to them before time out

Hood, John N, 31-1, Pvt Co G, 6th TN Inf; 7-8-63 to ___; (1 yr 4 mos 16 days); 2nd Civil Dist

Hood, William J, 31-1, Pvt Co G, 6th TN Inf; 7-8-63 to 8-9-65; 2nd Civil Dist; piles, no information to be obtained

Hudson, Charles, 34-1, Pvt Co B, 14th Col US; 10-1-64 to 2-26-66; Dickson PO

Jarrett, Thomas G, 36-2, Pvt Co M, 45th TN Inf; 62 to 62; Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Johnson, John B, 36-2, Pvt Co G, 50th TN Inf; 61 to 64; Bellesburgh PO ; CONF

Johnston, John W, 34-3, Pvt Co G, 120th PA Inf; 2-24-64 to 3-24-65; Dickson PO; physical disability

King, Amos C, 32-1, Jennie H. Martin formerly widow of; Pvt Co F, 121 PA Inf; 9- 2-62 to 9-2-64; Spencer's Mill PO

King, Thomas, 30-2, Pvt Co E, 42 IN Inf; 63 to 65; Dickson PO

Laller, George W, 37-2, Pvt Co D, 3rd US Inf; 10-15-64 to 11-29-65; Dull PO, in both US and Conf service

Lankford, Silas J, 36-1, Pvt Co H, 24th TN Inf; 6-24-61 to 1-14-65, Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Linghue, Abner B, 36-2, Pvt Co F, 45th TN Inf; 61 to 63; Bellsburgh PO

Link, Lewis, 34-2, Pvt, Co G, 14th US Col Inf; 11-63 to 3-26-66; Dickson PO

Maberry, William 36-2, Sarah Mitchel formerly widow of; Pvt, 64th TN Inf; 12-10-61 to 11-30-64; Bellsburg PO; CONF

Manning, Marion, 34-2, Pvt Co A, 8th US Col Hvy Art; 2-1-64 to 7-10-66; Dickson PO

Marsh, David, 34-1, Pvt Co H, 8th TN Cav; 9-1-62 to 6-5-65; Opossum PO

Martin, William, 34-1, Pvt Co H; 2nd Bttn, PA Inf; 6-16-63 to 7-21-64; Pvt Co E, 57th PA Inf; 3-11-64 to 7-10-65; Dickson PO; reenlisted veterans

Mathis, Kinchen, 34-3, Sgt Co G, 1st TN Cav; 4-10-62 to 1-9-65; Colesburg PO; discharge; wounded in mouth

McCreary, Thomas F, 34-2, Capt Co G, 145th PA Inf; 5-22-62 to 9-13-63; Dickson PO; wounded in left leg; (also 4-27-61 to 8-27-61)

McElhiney, John, 42-1, Pvt Co D, 2nd VA Cav; 9-1-61 to 12-31-63; Tenn City PO; veteran 12-31-65; discharged 1865

McElhiney, William G, 42-1, Cpl Co G, 78th PA Inf; 10-12-61 to 11-4-64; Tenn City PO; rheumatism; army from exposure in army

McKnight, John, 34-1, Dickson PO; hemorhoids

Medows, John D, 36-1, Pvt 24th TN Inf; 7-61 to 1-64; Bellsburgh PO; CONF

*Miller, Charles, 2nd Lt, Co B, 42nd MO Inf; ___ to 6-8-65; Dickson PO; rheumatism

Mitchel, Albert S, 36-2, Pvt Co G, 50th TN Inf; 62 to 65: Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Moor, Lissee B, Cpl Co I, 142nd PA Inf; 8-62 to 5-65; Dickson PO

Moore, Abraham, 34-2, Dickson PO

Millen, George W, 41-1, Pvt Co A, 10th TN Inf; 2-12-63 to 7-3-65; White Bluff PO

Myatt, James T, Pvt Co A, 40 TN Inf; Co H, 3rd US; 7-17-63 to 64; Omega PO (Houston Co.)

Overton, Jessee, 37-1, Orderly Sgt Co G, 12th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-16-66; Cumberland Furnace PO

Parder, Hubbard, 31-1, Dorindy widow of; Pvt; Dickson PO; canít find out anything about this soldier

Patterson, Robert, 37-1,Pvt Co I, 13th WI Inf; 8-24-63 to 7-25-65; Cumberland Furnace PO; discharged from hospital; in both CONF and US Service

Petty, Gilbert H, 30-2, Pvt Co a, 42 TN Inf; 2-61 to 12-64; Dickson PO; CONF

Pinegar, Martin, 31-1, Arzilla widow of; Pvt 12th TN Cav; 64 to ___; Dickson PO; not discharged

Plyoford?, James, 37-1, Pvt Co F, 2nd US Inf; 10-6-64 to 11-7-65; Cumberland Furnace PO; both CONF and US Service

Potts, Louis, 30-1, Adaline widow of; Pvt Co I; 23rd TN Cav; 63 to 65; Dickson O

Primm, Jerry W, 36-1, Pvt Co B, TN Cav; 2-63 to 12-64; Bellsburgh PO CONF

Rapheart, Founten P, 36-1, 4th TN Inf; 9-64 to 65; (1yr) Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Reed, Isaac 42-1, Co I; 62nd TN Cav; Tenn City PO

Reynolds, George W, 40-1, George Ann wife of; Pvt Co D, 10th TN Cav; 8-1- 62 to 65; Adinburgh PO; still living here and husband death

Roberts, William, 30-2, Pvt Co E, 14th NC Inf; 61 to 65; Dickson PO ; CONF

Roddie?, William H, 30-1, Lt Co I, 142 TN Inf; 8-4-62 to 5-6?, Dickson PO

Saunders, Michael F, 42-1, Pvt Co D, 16th WI Inf; 2-6-62 to 5-11-63; Tenn City PO; also Pvt 13th Batt WI Art; 9-4-63 to 7-20-65

Shawl, Levi, 34-2, Pvt Co B, 139th Pa Inf; 9-1-62 to 6-28-65; Dickson PO; wounded in right shoulder

Shull, Giles, 50-5, Sarah widow of; Pvt Co F, 10th TN Inf; 5-62 to ___; Nixon PO

Shutt, Martha 46-2, 3rd Civil Dist

Simons, Mary L, 50-6, widow of; US Sol; 8th Civil Dist

Simpkins, Pitt, 41-1, Pvt Co F13th US Col Inf; 9-29-63 to 1-6-66; White Bluff PO

Smith, James M, 36-1, Pvt Co G, 50th TN Inf; 61 to 64; Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Speight, Wesley, 36-1, Pvt Co G, 50th TN Inf; 11-61 to 5-6?; 3 yrs 6 mos); Bellsbourgh PO; CONF

Street, David R, 30-2, Pvt, 10th TN Art?; 9-62 to 12-64; Dickson PO ; CONF

Sugg, John D, 30-2, Sgt Co D, 49th TN Inf; 12-64 to 7-27-63; Dickson PO; CONF

Tatam, William, 30-2, Pvt Co A, 11th TN Inf; 9-61 to 5-64; Dickson PO; CONF

Tatom, James H, 30-1, Pvt Co K, 11th TN Inf; 12-2-63 to 1-2-63; Dickson PO; CONF

Taylor, Henry, 41-1, Pvt Co F, 10th TN Inf, 2-2-64 to 6-29-65; White Bluff PO

Thomas, Caleb, 34-3, Pvt Co D, 15th US Col Inf; 7-6-64 to 4-7-66; Dickson PO

Thompson, G, 41-1, Amy C. widow of; Pvt Co A, 12th ; White Bluff PO; she donít know anything about it

Timmins, James, 34-3, Cpl Co G, 12th TN Cav; 10-63 to 9-1-65; Colesburg PO

Tingley, Henry S, 34-3, Pvt Co C, 83rd PA Infí 3-1-64 to 6-28-65; Dickson PO

Tummins, William H, 42-1, Sgt Co G, 12th TN Caví 12-23-62 to 6-9-65; Tenn City PO

Turner, Ranson B, 36-1, Pvt Co A, 16th TN Cav; 61 to 63; Bellsburgh PO; CONF

Vales, Henry H, 40-1, Mary E. widowí Pvt Co G, 32 KY Cav; 62 to 65; Adinburgh PO discharge lost; killed at on a ore washer 5 yrs. ago

Vanleer, Edward, 37-1, Susan widow of; Pvt Co F, 16th TN Inf; 12-24-63 to 4- 30-66; Cumberland Furnace PO; chronic diarrea

Vanleer, Fin, 37-1, Pvt Co K, 12th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-16-66; Cumberland Furance PO

Vonleer, Ransom, 37-1, Pvt Co F, 16th TN Inf; 12-24-63 to ??; Cumberland Furance PO

Walker, Austin, 34-2, Pvt co F, 8th US Hvy Art; 64 to __; Dickson PO; discharge lost

Walker, W, 34-1, Pvt Co H, 4th Col US Hvy Art; 1-26-63 to 2-25-66; Dickson PO

Weaver, David B, 40-1, Amanda M. widow of; Pvt Co G, 10th TN Inf; 5-6-62 to 6- 24-65; Danielsville PO right eye out; caused by smallpox, draws a pension

Wells, Caleb D, 30-2, Pvt Co B, 42 TN Inf; 62 to 6-15-64; Dickson PO

White, Jacob, 37-2, Pvt Co K, 12th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-16-66; Cumberland Furance PO

White, Mido W, 34-3, alias Richard White, Sarah C. widow of; Colesburg PO

Williams, P. A. 36-2, 1st Lt, Co H, 22th AL Inf; 4-1-61 to 5-13-65; Bellsburgh PO

Woskey, James M, 41-1, Cpl Co H, 5th MN Ind; 2-1-62 to 2-5-63; Cragihope PO; Ft. Snelen

Yates, Isham, 30-2, Pvt Co C, 100th KY Inf; 63 to 5-9-65; Dickson PO

Young, John, 34-3, Pvt Co C, 8th TN Mtd Inf; 3-7-65 to ___; Dickson PO; at home on furlough when Co. was discharged