First Families of Lawrence County, Tennessee

The Lawrence County Genealogical Society has decided to sponsor First Families of Lawrence County, TN, as their first project. You must prove that your ancestors lived in Lawrence County during the time periods listed and that you are a direct descendant by documenting every generation. There will be three categories: (1) between the periods of 1817-1850; (2) between the periods of 1851-1900; and 3) between the time periods of 1900-. Great stress is put on providing proof with original documents.
Below is a list of the rules that must be followed:

* No application will be considered if a valid check for $10 is not included with the submitted package.
* No verbal or hearsay evidence will be considered. All claims have to be substantiated by documentation.
* All copyrighted material must have author and source identified.
* All material must be readable and all necessary information included, otherwise the material will be returned without consideration. Typed submissions are preferred.
* Do not submit original documents - use photocopies or certified transcripts.
* Do not enter a name, date or location which you can not substantiate with documentation. If you can not find documentation for an entry, mark it with "u/d' for undocumented. Mark estimated dates with "ca".
* Dates must be written as day, month, year: 2 Feb. 1885
* Locations are to be shown as City, County, State, Country (if applicable): Lawrenceburg, Lawrence, TN.
* Title pages from Bibles, published histories, etc. must be included when copies from these sources are used.
* No accepted material will be returned and will become the property of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society to be stored permanently in files at both the Lawrence County Archives and the Lawrence County Public Library with the general public having access to the material.
* Any and all retained material will be considered public information and may be used in various articles published by the Lawrence County Genealogical Society, on a variety of subjects and written by a variety of authors. There is a possibility that the material would be used in part or in its entirety in a book on Lawrence County Families published by the Lawrence County Genealogical Society.

Upon receiving entries, qualified Lawrence County Genealogical Society members will review your application and documents. Standards similar to other organizations requiring absolute proof will be used, but not as stringent as the DAR. If your application is approved, you will receive a certificate with your ancestors name and date of arrival in Lawrence County. If your application is not accepted, you will be informed of the reason and permitted to submit additional documentation.

Approved records to use for documentation are:
Birth and death certificates
Church records
Cemetery records, tombstone rubbings or pictures
Estate settlements
U.S. Census
Marriage licenses
Military records and pension applications
Court petitions where parties are named and their relationship stated Family Bibles where information was recorded when it happened Photocopies of Lineage Society's applications are permitted if the National and State Numbers are identified and full documentation is included for the qualified ancestor and Generation #1
Other records that may be considered in special circumstances are published genealogies, county histories, biographical records, journals, letters and diaries.

Send submissions along with your $10 check or money order to:
 "First Families", c/o Lawrence County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 523
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

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