Hickman County Tennessee
1890 Civil War Veterans Census

Barnhill, J.N, 85-1, Elizabeth widow of; Pvt IL Inf; 3-1-65 to 3-65; Litter PO; took measles and died

Bradford, Leeroy, 85-1, Pvt Co D, 58th IL Inf; 1-16-64 to 8-12-65; Naomi PO

Carthy, Alex, 87-1, Sol: US; 5th Civil Dist

Chairs, Janis, 85-1, Pvt Co F, 100th KY Inf; 63 to 65; Lick Creek PO; shot in right knee

Claget, Joseph, 84-1, Pvt Co D, 8th IA Cav; 63 to 65; Centerville PO

Cockrum, William 87-1, Pvt Co G, TN Vol; 12-15-63 to 5-14-65; Bonaqua PO

Crothers, Mary, 88-1, widow of; 6th Dist

Deem, Quindom A, 86-1, Duck River Main PO

Frierson, Charley H, 92-1 , Pvt; Hamshire PO

Gardner, Mack , 91-1, US Sol; Pleasantville PO

Golden, Henry H, 87-1, Marish widow of; Pvt Co G, TN Cav; 12-15-63 to died in 2mos; 5th Civil Dist

Greear, John A, 85-1, Pvt Co K, 7th IL Inf; 3-15-63 to 4-65; Little Rock Mill PO

Guthrey, John ,92-1, Aetna PO; catarh of the head; 25 yrs; couldn’t find out anything about enlistment

Harbin, James D, 86-1, Pvt Co G; 12th TN; 63 to __; gon shot in solder (James D. Harbin was shot in Nashville)

*Harbour, Martha , 46-1; 4th Civil Dist

*Hardin, John, 46-1, Harriet widow of; Pvt Co A, 11th US Col Inf; __ to 4-13-64; Cerro Gordo PO

Hensley, George W, 91-1, Pvt Co F, 48th MO Inf; 64 to 8-5-65; Pleasantville PO

Higgins, James P, 91-1, Pvt Co I, 23rd MI Inf; 63 to 7-63 (1 mo 10days) Pleasantville PO

Higgins, John J, 88-1, Sarach C. widow of; Pvt; Calhoun PO

Hines, Thomas, 85-1, Pvt Co g, TN Inf; 3-15-63 to ____; Tatty’s Bend PO; served 3 mos. & deserted

Hines, William, 85-1, Pvt Co E, 13th TN Inf; 10-1-62 to 4-1-65; Tatty’s Bend PO

Lankist, Lee W, 91-1, Pvt Co e, 2nd TN Inf; 63 to 64; Pleasantville PO

Lynch, Davis, 91-1, Pvt Co C, 4th Col US Inf; 64-65; Pleasantville PO

Martain, Sien, 92-1, Elizabeth sidow of; Aetna PO

McAnnally, Doctor, 88-1, Pinewood PO

McDonough, John W, 88-1, Sgt Co G, 12th TN Cac; 2-15-65 to 7-7-65; Pinewood PO; catarrh of head; not able to work any

Meeker, Helber, 87-1, Pvt Co E, PA Vol; 8-19-61 to 11-30-64; Bonaqua PO

Melton, Aaron G, 85-1, Sgt Co C, 9th TN Cav; 2-1-63 to 3-1-65; Spencers Mill PO

Montgomery, Alexnader, 85-1, Elizabeth widow of; Pvt Co H, TN Inf; 63 to 65; Lick Creek PO; shot in left leg

Pickens, Reuben, 87-1, Sol; US; 5th Civil Dist

Riley, Allen, 88-1, Pvt Co I, 2nd TN Inf ?; 11-16-63 to 6-21-65; Pinewood PO

Smith, Alanson, 84-1, Pvt Co h, 33rd IN Inf; 6-63 to 8-24-65; Graytown PO

Steel, Mary N, 88-1, wiodow of; 6th Civil Dist

Stidham, Edward D, 92-1, Pvt Co D, 150th OH Inf; 2-7-65 to 1-16-66; Aetna PO

Tatty, John, 85-1, Pvt Co G, 12th TN Inf; 2-14-64 to 10-7-65; Tatty’s Bend PO

Tatty, Jonathan N, 86-1, Pvt Co G, 12th TN Inf; 63 to 64; Tatty’s Bend PO; fall of bale hay (Jonathan N. Tatty wounded by bale of hay falling on him while loading wagon)

Toops, Samuel, 87-4, Sarah widow of; Pvt Co E, 14th OH Rgt of VOL; 8-21-61 to 1-12-65; Bonaqua PO

Toy, Joseph, 85-1, Emily of; Pvt Co H, PA Inf; 61-65; Lick Creek PO

Wills, Mary E, 88-1, widow of; 6th Dist.