The Family of William C. and Mary Jennings

 Researched and Compiled by Kathleen (Kathy) Sudduth Niedergeses

In District 851 of the 1840 census of Cobb Co., Georgia, there is a William Jennings who I believe to be our William C. and wife Mary. William and wife are both age 20-30, and most likely have not been married very long, since there are no children in the household. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a marriage record for William and Mary or a maiden name for her. (Most of Cobb County= s records prior to 1864 were destroyed.) There are Jennings families in Fayette, Lincoln, Oglethorpe, DeKalb, and a few other counties, but he appears to be the only one in Cobb Co. at this point. John P. and siblings were all born in Cobb Co., Georgia according to bible records.

The 1850 Cobb Co., Georgia census, California District, hh 1594, shows William C. and Mary were born in North Carolina, but their children were all born in Georgia: William C. Jennings age 32; Mary age 35; 1) John age 10; 2) Elizabeth age 5; 3) Mary age 3; and 4) Willy age 1 (female).

By 1860, William and family had moved to Carroll Co., Georgia, where the census shows them in District 9, with the post office being Bowden: William C. Jennings age 43; Mary age 47; with children: 1) John P. age 19; 2) Rachel (Elizabeth) age 15; 3) Mary Jane age 13; 4) Willie (Ann) age 11; 5) (Margaret) Amanda (Mandy) age 7; and 6) Martha age 4.

The 1860 census lists South Carolina as the birth place of William C., but the 1870 and 1880 census agree with the 1850 listing of North Carolina as his place of birth. William and family lived in the section of Carroll Co. that became part of a new county called Haralson in. They are listed in the 1870 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Militia District 1225, Tallapoosa: William Jennings age 52; Mary age 57; 1) Willey (female) age 21; 2) Amanda age 17; and 3) Martha age 14.

By 1880, all of the children were married with families of their own, and all but one had moved to other states. However, William was still living in Haralson Co., but with a different wife! Evidently his first wife, Mary, died between 1870 and 1875, because William C. Jennings married 2nd to Mary Van Hook Walton, a spinster, Nov. 28, 1875, in Tallapoosa, Haralson Co., Georgia. The 1880 Haralson Co. census lists William C. age 62 and Mary age 47. William died around 1898, so he is not listed in the 1900 census. His widow is still living and resides in the household of her nephew, Andrew Walton, and his family.

I recently discovered that William C. and second wife, Mary Walton Jennings, are buried in Pleasant Hill (East) Cemetery located in Tallapoosa, Haralson Co., Georgia. I believe the M. H. Jennings also buried here is his first wife Mary. (This is based solely on the fact that this is the only other Jennings buried in the cemetery, she is the right age and she is buried by William. This is an assumption and I have no proof.)

The dates below, taken from compiled cemetery records for Haralson Co., Georgia, are incorrect for W. C. and M. H., according to census, wills and marriages I found; and the fact that William is still listed on the 1892, 1894 and 1895 tax list (do not have access to 1896-1898 tax records). I believe that the person who canvassed the cemetery either misread the stones, the stones were deteriorated too much to be read correctly, or the person who typed the info made several typing errors.

The stones read as follows:

W. C. Jennings, b. 19 Oct. 1813, d. 06 Dec. 1878 (Note: This should be the dates for his first wife, Mary, instead of W. C. All census show that Mary was from 3 to 5 years older than William. The death date of 1878 is incorrect and should be 1875, since William C. married his second wife in Nov. of 1875. If the stones are deteriorated, a 5, 8 and 6 can look the same; the same for a 7 & 9.)

M. H. Jennings, b. 17 Oct. 1817, d. 23 May 1898 (Note: According to census ages, and the fact that he is still alive in 1895, these dates should be William. But he could not have died in May of 1898 when his will was probated in Jan. of 1898.)

Mary V. Jennings, b. 14 Oct. 1831, d. 14 Apr. 1901








John Andrews Walton, b. 19 Jan. 1845, d. 19 July 1887, husband of Margaret Amanda Jennings

Margaret Amanda Jennings Walton, b. 22 Apr. 1855, d. 30 May 1921, daughter of William C. and Mary Jennings.


This picture is a of the Walton farm in 1890, Tallopoosa, Haralson Co., GA. It belonged to descendants of John Andrew Walton’s brother. Perhaps Margaret Amanda Jennings Walton & her husband lived on a similar farm.

When William C. Jennings died, he left a will recorded in Will Book A, page 125. The will was written in 1890, but proven at a later date. Unfortunately, the probate date was not on the record. The will book was complete and audited in 1898. The will is transcribed on the following page.

State of Georgia, Haralson County

I, William C. Jennings, of said State and County being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament.

Item First..... I give, bequeath and devise to my wife Mary V. Jennings the following property to wit; Lot of land No. One hundred and Thirty six (136) in the Eighth District of originally Carroll now Haralson County and all my personal property to have and control for her own benefit and support during her life time or widowhood and at her death whatever is left or remains of my own property to be divided equally among my legal heirs.

I hereby constitute and appoint my wife MARY V. JENNINGS Executrix of this my last Will and Testament this 18th day of Jany 1890.

William C. Jennings

Witnesses: W. J. Watson
                  W. T. Cooke
                  R. E. Byrd

Jennings, Mary V. Propounder Last Will and Testament of W. C. Jennings Recorded on Pages 358-359-360. First Monday

This book examined and approved January 27th 1898.
Thos. W. Griffith
A. Trenthouse
S. W. Strickland, Com.

John P. Jennings
The 1st child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

For our direct line, John P. Jennings, I have not included much of the family information since it was in the original book I compiled. I have touched on the beginning of it and added a few things I have found since then, along with some history of the area in Georgia and Cullman.

John P. Jennings was born in Cobb Co., Georgia, on Dec. 1, 1840. I know very little about him in his early years, except that he still lived in Cobb Co. in 1854 when he attended Shiloh Campground and professed his faith. The 1860 census show he resided with his parents in Carroll Co.

On Dec. 16, 1860, John P. Jennings married Sarah Emerline Walls in Carroll Co., Georgia, at Carrollton Campground.  According to family tale, Sarah was an only child, whose mother deserted her at a very young age. She was raised by her father and his parents. In the family Bible of John P. and Sarah, her last name is spelled Waul (The bible is in the possession of descendants of William (Will) Chandler Jennings, great-grandchild of John P.). Also, in her application for a Civil War Widow’s Pension, Sarah's last name is spelled Waul. But, descendants have always spelled her name Walls. Sarah attended Mt. Pleasant Church in the 9th district of Carroll Co., Georgia, where she professed her faith at the age of 20 on July 15, 1853. I have never been able to find absolute proof of her parent’s names.

They had six children: 1) Mary Elizabeth Jennings, born Feb. 8, 1862; 2) John William (Billy) Jennings, born June 14, 1864; 3) Silas Oliver Jennings, born Nov. 1, 1866; 4) Robert Newton Jennings, born Mar. 12, 1870; 5) Simeon Carvin Jesse Jennings, born May 19, 1872; 6) Sarah Jane Rachel, born Oct. 2, 1875.

John P. and family had moved to Cullman Co., AL by 1872, since Simeon was born there in 1872 and Sarah in 1875. It was about this time that the area to become Cullman Co. was being settled. Col. Cullmann, a German by birth, secured an option on 349,000 acres of land from the North & South Railroad (now the Louisville & Nashville Railroad) for $1.00 an acre in the late 1860’s. He proposed to sell this land to the colonists at $2.00 an acre. This land was undeveloped and abounded with deer, wild turkeys, geese, ducks and other animals.

The first group consisted of five families that got off the train at what was called Wilhite at that time, located between Vinemont and Cullman. Then, they carried their belongings to the present site of Cullman. During the first year, other families came bringing the total to about 30 families, who bought an average of 40 acres and became permanent residents of the area.

For several years, others joined the colony, and in 1873 the town was incorporated and named after the founder. There was a small-scattered settlement of Georgians in this vicinity (possibly our Jennings family was included in this group), who had never made an attempt at organizing a city, but they had established a small Methodist Church.

Cullman Co. was not actually created until 1877 by a legislative act out of parts of the several adjourning counties. Before the county was created, all official business, besides that of the city, had to be transacted at Blountsville. About 1880, there began an increased emigration of Georgia farmers who had heard of the cheap land available and the prosperous conditions of this area. The Georgians and Germans combined their methods and created a prosperous farming community. (Source: The Founding of Cullman and Cullman County, by Dr. Philip G. Hartung;>)

The John P. Jennings family was among the first of those in 1908 who joined in the Alabama migration of countless families from Cullman, Winston, Lawrence, Franklin and Morgan and other counties in Alabama to Lawrence Co., Tennessee. They purchased land in the southeast part of Lawrence Co. where they found virgin timber and sawmills sprang up everywhere. After the timber was cleared, a majority of these families planted what they knew best – cotton. As a result, cotton gins were built in many communities. Our Jennings family later moved to the middle northern section of the county and continued their lumber business. Robert Newton Jennings ran a store in the area between Webber City and Three Oaks, which was known as Jenningstown for a short time. I have not included further details on the family of John P. Jennings in this newsletter since it was covered in the book I compiled in 1982. Also, the information concerning Sarah’s application for a widow’s Civil War pension was included in the update I did in 2000.

Rachel E. Jennings
The 2nd child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

Living next door to William C. in the 1870 and 1880 Haralson Co., Georgia census was his daughter Rachel Jennings Bailey. According to family, Rachel married W. Newton Bailey, but I have not found a marriage record for them. From the age of their children in the 1870 census, Rachel and Newton probably married around 1862 when Rachel would have been about 17 years of age. I assume Rachel= s husband was already deceased by 1869 or early 1870, since he is never listed in a census with her. Rachel’s last child was age 1 in 1870.

The 1870 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Tallapoosa shows Rachel age 25 with four small children all born in Georgia: 1) John R. age 6; 2) Mary F. age 4; 3) George age 3; and 4) Julia age 1.

Rachel age 35, and children 1) John R. age 16; 2) Mary F. age 14; 3) George age 13; and 4) Julia age 11 still lived in Haralson Co., Georgia in the 1880 census.

The family of Rachel Bailey moved to Cullman Co., AL between 1880 and 1900, where many of her siblings had already moved. Rachel, her children and grandchildren lived around the Holly Pond/Baileytown area. The 1900 Cullman Co., AL census lists: Rachel E. Bailey age 55, born Apr. 1845, 4 children/4 living; Julia age 31, born Jan. 1869, never marries and remains with Rachel throughout her life.

A search in the 1910 census did not find Rachel or Julia, but they are listed in the 1920 Cullman Co. census, Rachel age 74 and Julia still at home at age 51. Rachel was born 1844, died Oct. 4, 1920, and is buried in Duck River Cemetery in Cullman Co. (Source: Alabama Death Certificate #19344 and cemetery records.)

First Child of Rachel Bailey - John R. Bailey

John R. Bailey married Josephine Stisher Mar. 15, 1885 in Cullman Co., AL, bk. 2, p. 9. She was the daughter of Moses and Mary Malissa Morris Stisher. John R. (actually listed John W. by census taker) and wife Josephine are listed in the 1900 Cullman Co. census as age 37 and 34, having been married 17 years at the time, with one child already deceased. Children listed with them are a) Lula J. age 15; b) Essy age 13; c) Melvin age 11; and d) Garfield age 9.

In 1910 Cullman Co. census, John R. is age 47; Josephine age 47; a) Lular J. age 23; d) Moses G. age 12; and e) Albert N. (?) age 7. They are living in Walter Precinct on Blountsville/Cullman Road. Josephine had six children, but only five are living at the time. This means there is one child unaccounted for, since the above children are all I have found for them, or the census taker made an error.

I did not find them in 1920, but in the 1930 Cullman Co. census, J. P. (Josephine P.), wife of John R., is still living at age 68. Since Rachel had already died, her daughter Julia age 60 is also living with her, along with Josephine’s daughter Lula age 43, and her granddaughter Bessie Mason age 19. Bessie is most likely the daughter of Essie and Duffie Mason.

John R. and Josephine are both buried in Duck River Cemetery in Cullman Co.. The stones read: John R. Bailey born Sept. 1863, died Mar. 3, 1929. Josephine born July 6, 1862, died Oct. 2, 1940. Their daughter, Lula Bailey, who never married, is buried here also – born Jan. 16, 1887, died May 23, 1943.

In the 1910 Cullman Co., AL census, b) Essie E. Bailey age 20 is married to Duffie Mason age 18. Essie and Duffie married Nov. 7, 1909 in Cullman Co., AL, bk. 8, p. 147. According to Alabama death certificate #311, Duffie died Oct. 4, 1913. I have not positively located Essie in any other census. If she remarried, I do not know who to. She was possibly deceased by 1930, since her daughter is living with Essie’s mother. There is an Essie Bailey, born July 31, 1899 and died Dec. 7, 1953 buried in Holly Pond Cemetery, but can only assume this is the right Essie.

c) Alva Melvin Bailey age 22 and wife Pearl Ford age 20, who he married Aug. 6, 1905 in Cullman Co., AL, bk. 6, p. 180, are listed in the 1910 Cullman Co. census with one child Edna age 2. In 1920, they lived on the Baileyton/Presnell Road. Alva M. age 31 and Millie P. (Pearl) age 29 have four children: Georgia E. (Edna) age 12; Flora R. age 9; Roy D. age 5; and Opal A. age 3.

d) G. M. (Garfield) Bailey married Myrtle Drake Oct. 8, 1918 in Cullman Co., AL (bk. 13, p. 86). In 1920, Garfield (Moses) Bailey age 22, Myrtle age 21 and their daughter Lorene age 3 months are in Cullman Co., AL living on Walter/Hanceville Road. Moses Garfield and Myrtle D. Bailey are both buried in Holly Pond Cemetery in Cullman Co. – Moses Garfield, born Feb. 10, 1898, died Nov. 1, 1988 and Myrtle D. born Oct. 5, 1898, died Mar. 20, 1993.

e) Albert N. Bailey married Allie Cornelius Dec. 22, 1922 in Cullman Co., AL (bk. 15, p. 382). Albert (Ab) Bailey was born Aug. 4, 1902, died Dec. 14, 1967. Allie Cornelius Bailey was born July 24, 1904, died Nov. 18, 2001. They are both buried in Holly Pond Cemetery in Cullman Co.

Second Child of Rachel Bailey – Mary F. Bailey

Mary F. Bailey married Francis R. Williams Mar. 10, 1895 in Cullman Co., AL (bk. 3, p. 70). Nothing else found on her.

Third Child of Rachel Bailey – George V. Bailey

Living next door to Rachel in 1900 Cullman Co. is her son George Bailey age 33, born Apr. 1867 and his children: a) Luther age 11, born Sept. 1889; b) Ludy E. age 9, born Nov. 1890; and c) Elbert N. age 7, born Feb. 1892. All the children were born in Alabama. His wife Hattie R., born Feb. 16, 1871, had died on June 3, 1898, and is buried in Duck River Cemetery. George had married Hattie R. Estes on Nov. 20, 1887. George V. Bailey died soon after the 1900 census. The dates listed on his stone in Duck River Cemetery are born Apr. 10, 1867, died July 23, 1900.

a) Luther A. Bailey age 21 is listed in the 1910 Cullman Co., AL census in Holly Pond with wife Stella M. age 18, and his brother Elbert age 17. Luther Alexander Bailey had married Stella Mae Walton in Cullman Co. Dec. 5, 1909. Stella was born May 1, 1892 in Cullman Co., AL and died Feb. 22, 1977. Luther was born Sept. 18, 1889 and died Apr. 2, 1980 in Cullman Co., AL.

Cullman Co. 1920 census has Luther A. age 31; Stella M. age 28; and a child Aubrey age 8 (male). In the 1930 census, Luther A. age 40; Stella age 38; Aubrey C. age 18; Walton age 7; and Lois age 2 years, 3 months are still in Cullman Co.

Luther’s son Aubrey Carlton Bailey, married June 2, 1933 to Ida Maubee Carter. Ida was born Mar. 12, 1914 in Craigford, Clay Co., AL. Aubrey was born Apr. 11, 1889 and died Apr. 2, 1980 in Cullman Co., AL. Aubrey and Ida’s daughter Jo Ann Bailey, born Jan. 6, 1935, married William Henry Braatz in St. Petersburg, Pinella’s Co., Florida. Henry was born Apr. 25, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois.

b) Ludy Bailey married Charlie Gorham Nov. 28, 1909, Cullman Co., AL (bk. 8, p. 167). They are listed in the 1910 census in Cullman Co. as Charlie age 21 and Ludie age 19. In 1920 Cullman Co., Charlie is age 31 and Ludie age 29. Their children are Dora age 7; Kermit age 4; Aubrey age 4; and Earl age 1 year and 6 months. They lived on Holly Pond/Walter Road.

The 1930 census of Cullman Co. shows them living on Patterson Road with Charley C. age 41 and Ludie E. age 39. They have six children living at home: Delba age 19 ?; Dura (Dora) age 17; Kermit age 14; Earl age 11; Addie L. age 8; and Avenell age 2 years and 5 months. I am not sure where the first child, Delba, listed in this census came from. She was not listed in the 1920 census. Dura/Dora was the first child listed in 1920. Charlie Gorham was born July 9, 1888, died Mar. 13, 1961. Ludie was born Nov. 6, 1890, died Mar. 3, 1985. Earl Clayton Gorham was born July 8, 1918, died July 19, 1996. These three are buried in Holly Pond Cemetery.

c) Elbert N. Bailey age 26 is listed in the 1920 census with wife Maude H. age 21. There is an Ethel L. Braswell age 22 living with them, who might be the sister of Maude.

There is one thing that puzzles me about this family. Rachel supposedly married W. Newton Bailey, but he is never in a census with her. One descendant thinks he died in the Civil War. If he did that creates another problem – Rachel had three children born after the Civil War ended, the last child being only a year old in 1870!

Riley S. Bailey, who married Mary Jane Jennings, the sister of Rachel, had a brother named Newton who was age 17 in 1850 and age 27 in 1860. Eli and Frances (Fanny) Bailey were the parents of both, but it is hard to prove that this is the correct Newton Bailey. Eli, Fanny, Riley, Mary, Newton, Julia A. Bailey are all listed in the records (1838-1900) of Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church near Sanoia, Georgia in Coweta Co. A note by Newton’s name says he died during the Civil War. If this is the correct Newton, then who is the father of Rachel’s last three children?

But, in the Duck River Cemetery in Cullman, where Rachel and some of her children are buried, there is a J. R. Bailey born June 17, 1837, died May 11, 1891. Who is he?? Members of Rachel’s family are the only Baileys buried there. He is the right age to have been the husband of Rachel and they had a son named John Riley. But, where has he been all these years? Can anyone solve these two mysteries?

Mary Jane Jennings

The 3rd Child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

Mary Jane Jennings married Riley S. Bailey Dec. 27, 1864, in Coweta Co., Georgia. In the 1870 Coweta Co., Georgia, census, I found: Riley S. Bailey age 27; Mary J. age 21; 1) Emma N. age 2; 2) John W. age 1. Jessie Thurmond is living with them listed as a farm hand. (Eli Bailey age 62, wife Francis age 63 and daughter Amanda J. age 18 are living next door.)

By 1880, this Bailey family had also moved to Cullman Co., AL, where I found Silvester (Riley S.) Bailey age 39, born in South Carolina; Mary Jane age 33; 1) Nancy (Emma N.) age 13; 2) John age 11; 3) Newton age 8; 4) Emeline age 6; and 5) Emeley age 2. The first three children are born in Georgia and the last two in Alabama.

In the 1900 Lawrence Co., AL census, they are living in the Pin Hook area. Riley S. Bailey is age 60 and Mary J. age 51. Mary had five children and five are still living. Mary E. Bailey age 28 is living with them. She is listed as a daughter, married and has no children, but her husband is not in the household. If she is married, the census taker may have the relationship wrong and she is a daughter-in-law.

In 1907, when Riley S. Bailey applied for a pension for serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, he states he enlisted Dec. 1, 1862. But, there seems to be several conflicting dates in his record. He served as a private and is listed on a Bounty Pay Roll at Camp McDonald Mar. 29, 1862. According to a Company Muster Roll in 1863, he was enlisted in Co. A, 41st Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry May 10, 1862 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Captain Bacon for a term of three years. According to other papers in his record, he was detailed as guard in charge of prisoners from Jackson, Mississippi for the period of Mar. 1, 1863 to Apr. 30, 1863. Riley states he was honorably discharged May 15, 1865.

The report by the Board of Pension Examiners of Lawrence Co., AL states that Riley was 68 years old and in feeble condition. He suffers from angina pectoris and his system is very much debilitated. In July of 1911, Riley states that he is 72 years old, he was born in South Carolina and he is now unable to support himself. Also, that he is unable to secure any other positive proof of his service.

The 1910 Lawrence Co., AL census lists Riley S. Bailey age 78 and Mary J. age 64 living in the Oakville area. I did not find them listed in a census after 1910. They had probably died by then, but I have not found the cemetery they are buried in yet. Mrs. Willodean Burch states that her grandmother, Mary Emiley, was a daughter of Riley S. Bailey. Her grandmother told her that Riley was buried in Lindsey Cemetery. It is assumed that Mary Jane is buried here also. A memorial marker was placed in the cemetery for him by Harold Gene and Curtis Cole in 2000. The cemetery is less than a mile from the farm of Riley’s son, John W., and where Riley lived. It is located in the Speak Community west of Danville in Morgan Co., AL on County Road 206.

First Child of Mary Jane and Riley S. Bailey – Emma Nancy Bailey

Have no further info on her since I do not know who she married yet.

Second Child of Mary Jane and Riley S. Bailey – John W. Bailey

The1900 Jackson Co., MS census shows John Bailey age 30 and wife Sarah age 26. They had been married 6 years and had three children: Alveta age 4, born Sept. 1895 in MS; Loretta age 3, born Dec. 1896 in MS; Newton age 2, born Mar. 1898 in MS.

Living next door to Riley S., in 1910 Lawrence Co., AL census, is his son and family, John W. Bailey age 42 and wife Sarah E. age 38, who had been married 15 years. Their children were a) Lola A. age 14; b) Tissie L. age 13; c) Newton E. age 12; d) Riley R. age 10; e) Sarah J. age 8; f) Lorelia E. age 6; and g) Minnie A. age 1. John= s wife and all the children were born in Mississippi.

John W. Bailey was born Aug. 10, 1868 and died Apr. 7, 1944 (Alabama Death Certificate #8200). His wife, Sarah Estelle Parker, whose parents were John R. and Elizabeth Parker, was born June 8, 1871 in Mississippi and died Apr. 11, 1948 in Morgan Co., AL. Both are buried in Johnson’s Chapel in Morgan Co., AL. His obituary does not list any surviving brother and only one surviving sister, Mrs. Emiley Gillespie.

In the 1920 Lawrence Co., AL census, Mt. Hope, John Bailey is age 53, Sarah age 45, g) Minnie age 11; h) Joseph (E.) age 7. According to cemetery records, John W. and Sarah also had a child born Feb. 3, 1917 and died Aug. 25, 1918 named J. Neal Bailey. Having been born between the census years, he is never listed. By 1930, Lawrence Co., AL census, John W. age 61 and Sarah E. age 55 are living by themselves. John W. and Sarah Estelle are both buried in Johnson’s Chapel in Morgan Co., AL.

a) Alvettie L. (Lola) married John Mullins Black Mar., 22, 1914 (bk. P, p. 161). They are listed in the 1920 Lawrence Co., AL census as Mullin Black age 25 and Alvetta age 24, with daughter Lola May age 2 months. In 1930 Lawrence Co., AL census, Precinct 8, Mullen Black age 34 and Alvada age 34 are listed with children Lola M. age 10; and Webb age 7. They were living in Moulton in 1944 and in Danville, AL in 1948. Mullen Black, born Jan. 15, 1895, died July 13, 1967 and Alvettie Black, born Sept. 24, 1895, died July, 28, 1970 are buried in Aldridge Grove Cemetery (Pinhook) with a double black marker. Their son, Webb Black, born May 18, 1922, died Jan. 3, 1989 is buried there also.

b) Tissie (Tizzie) Loretta married Robert L. Thrasher Feb. 26, 1916 (bk. P., p. 375). The 1920 Lawrence Co., AL census lists them in the Morris Chapel area on Moulton-Decatur Rd. with Robert Thrasher age 21 and Loretta age 23. In the 1930 Lawrence Co., AL census, Robert Thrasher age 33 and Loretta age 35 lived near the town of Kitchens in Precinct 12. Robert was born in AL and Loretta in MS; he married at age 17 and she married at age 19. After Robert’s death in June 9, 1937 (death records Vol. 30, roll 3, #14556), and subsequent burial in Caddo Congregational Church Cemetery, Loretta married W. Parker Bowman March 1, 1939 in Lawrence County, AL (bk. V, p. 123). Parker had been married before to Nola Adair, who died in Feb. of 1938 (death records vol. 8, roll 3, #3809). Parker and Nola had 9 children, but Loretta did not have any children listed in the census. According to the obituary of both John W. and Sarah Estelle Bailey, they resided in Purvis, MS in 1944 and in 1948 in Decatur, AL. William P. Bowman died Dec. 31, 1949 in Morgan County, AL (death records vol. 52, roll 5, #25611). According to cemetery records and death records, Loretta Bailey Thrasher Bowman was born Dec. 24, 1896 and died Apr. 15, 1974. She was buried in Pine Grove Christian Church Cemetery in Lawrence Co., AL.

c) Newton E. Bailey may have married Annie Childers, since I found a marriage record for them Jan. 7, 1917 (bk. P, p. 477). The 1920 census shows his wife as Annie, while the 1930 census lists her name as Emma. They lived in Hartselle, AL. Children listed in 1930 were Virgil age 9, Gladys age 6 and Mildred age 4, but the birth place of the father of the children does not match the birth place of our Newton E. The census show the birth place of the father of VA, but he was born in MS, but this could just be census taker error. Death records show that Annie E. Bailey died Dec. 14, 1959 (vol. 56, roll 5, #27567).

d) Riley Rufus (or sometimes Rufus Riley), born 1900 and died Oct. 30, 1953 (Alabama Death Certificate #20693), is buried in row 21 N. in Mt. Hope Methodist Church Cemetery in Lawrence Co., AL, along with his wife Ada M. (Malinda) Lawrimore, who he married Aug. 20, 1916, bk. p, page 241. She was born in 1897 and died in 1981. Buried here also are Wallace Bailey born Aug. 20, 1925, died July 11, 1990 (World War II Vet) and wife Nell born Nov. 2, 1926, died May 29, 1987. Wallace had married Nell King Oct. 10, 1945, k. x, p. 592 in Lawrence Co. A Mary Fay born Nov. 3, 1934, died Mar. 14, 2002 is also buried here and is possibly a grandchild of Riley R.

f) Lorelia E. married T. Alsie Lowery July 21, 1919 in Lawrence Co., AL (bk. Q, p. 167). Hillsboro Rd. In 1920, they are living in the household with Alsie’s parents, Samuel D. and Francis Lowery. Alsie is age 19 and Arella (Lorella) is age 16. They lived in Arkansas in 1944 where they were still living in 1948, but so far have not found them in the 1930 census.

g) Minnie A. (Inona/Nona) Bailey married Russell E. Nicholson Jan. 8, 1922 (bk. Q, p. 442). Russell Nicholson is age 26 and Nona age 22 in the 1930 Lawrence Co., AL census where they are living in Precinct 7. Russell married at age 19 and Nona at age 15. They have two children: Price W. age 3 years, 4 months and Ruby N. age 1 year and 9 months. In 1944, they were in Athens in 1944 and living in Mt. Hope in 1948. Russell E. Nicholson died July 29, 1950, Limestone County, AL, roll 5, vol. 33, certificate #16298. I have not found a death date for Minnie Inona.

h) Joseph E. Bailey is living in the household of his sister Sallie Lowrimore and her husband Andrew J. J. E. Bailey married Ethel Smith Nov. 10, 1933 (bk. T. p. 84) and lived in Cullman, AL. Ethel May Smith Bailey, born 29 Feb. 1912, died 8 Nov. 1984, is buried in Center Church Cemetery in Danville, Morgan Co., AL. I have not been able to find a death certificate or cemetery listing Joseph.

i) J. Neal Bailey born Feb. 13, 1917 and died Aug. 25, 1918 is buried in Lindsey Cemetery.

Third Child of Mary Jane Bailey and Riley S. Bailey – Newton A. Bailey

1900 Tallahatchie, Mississippi census, has N. A. Bailey age 28; Mattie age 25; 1) Riley age 2. By 1910, Newton A. Bailey is living next door to his father in Lawrence Co., AL. He is age 37, a widower with children: a) James A. age 7; and b) William R. age 1 living in the household of James E. Childress and wife Sarah M. listed as boarders. His children were born in Mississippi also. Riley age 2 in 1900 is missing and most likely had died along with his wife.


Fourth Child of Mary Jane and Riley S. Bailey – Emeline Bailey

I have no information on her since I do not know who she married.


Fifth Child of Mary J. and Riley S. Bailey – Emeley Bailey

I have no information on her since I do not know who she married. In the obituary for her father, she is listed as Mrs. Emily Gillespie, but it does not tell her husband’s name or where they live.


















Willie Ann Jennings

The 4th child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

Willie A. Jennings married G. H. Palmer June 26, 1870, in Haralson Co., Georgia. Living only a few houses down from William C. Jennings in the 1860 census of Haralson Co. is George H. Palmore, Sr. and wife Catherine, with a son George H. Palmore, Jr., age 35 living with them. This is the parents of G. H. Palmer who married Willie A. Jennings. (The name is spelled Palmer and Palmore thoughout many records.)

I found George H. Palmer age 45 and Willie A. age 30 in the 1880 Carroll Co., Georgia census. They have four children: 1) Duvaler age 9; 2) Eassa age 8; 3) Lemuel age 6; and 4) Legen A. Palmer age 1. George= s mother, Catherine Palmer age 85, is also living with them.

By the 1900 census, they are in Cullman Co., AL, Holly Pond area. Willie Ann= s husband, George H. Palmer, had already died. After George= s death, she probably moved to Alabama to be with the rest of her siblings and their families. Children: 2) William E. (Essa) age 28; 4) Legen age 21; and 5) Iula E. (male) age 18 were still living at home. They were all born in Georgia. I have not found Willie Ann Palmer in the 1910 census, but I did find some of her children.

First Child of Willie Ann & George V. Palmer – George Duvaler Palmer

By 1900, George Duvaler Palmer, age 29 had married to Sherley, age 26, and they had two children listed in the census in Cullman Co., AL: a) William age 3; and b) Isula age 1. George’s brother, Lemuel age 24, was also living with them. I found George and his family in Mississippi Co., Arkansas in the 1920 census in the Big Lake area. George was age 48, Sherley age 45, with children: a) Ledger (William) age 16; and b) Isula age 15 or 18. I was not able to find any of the family in the 1910 or 1930 census.

Although I did not find George and Sherley in the 1930 census, I did find their son (William) Ledger, age 29, and his wife Annie, age 25, still in Mississippi Co., Arkansas at Half Moon Lake. They already had two children: Vernon age 4 and Velmer age 2, both born in Arkansas. I think that George and Sherley may have moved.

Unfortunately, the web page for Mississippi Co., Arkansas does not have many records that can be searched. What few records they did have did not reveal any information on this family. I hope to have more on this family at a later date.

Second Child of Willie Ann & George V. Palmer – William (Willie) Eassa Palmer

Living in White= s district of Blount Co., AL, in 1910 are Willie E. Palmer age 38, married 3 years to Ella J. age 31. Their children were: a) Arley F. age 2; and b) Ollison (Oliver) age 7 months. In 1920 Blount Co., AL, William E. age 47 and wife Ella J. age 40 have children: a) Arley age 12; b) Oliver age 10; c) Ruby M. age 9; d) George M. age 5; and e) Clarence D. age 3.

William and family are still in Blount Co., AL in 1930, but are now living in the Selfville area. William E. is age 59 and Ella J. is age 51. Arley has already left the household, but living at home are b) Oliver H./A. age 20; c) Ruby M. age 18; d) Milton H./A. age 16; e) Clarence E. age 14; f) Rufus E. age 10 or 13; and g) Anna R. age 10. (It was hard to determine some of the letters and ages since there was a white line down the middle of them.)

I was unable to find Arley in the 1930 census, but I did find who I think is our Arley and his wife buried in Philadelphia Cemetery in Locust Fork, Blount Co., AL. Arlie C. Palmer born Aug. 4, 1907, died Oct. 10, 1968 and Lorene born Apr. 9, 1914, died July 12, 1994.

Third Child of Willie Ann & George V. Palmer – Lemuel Palmer

Evidently Lemuel remained a bachelor throughout his life. In 1900 he age 24 and living with his brother George in Cullman Co., AL; in 1910 he is in West Carroll Co., Louisiana living with his other brother Ledger at age 35. I could not find him in 1920, but by 1930 he is living in Mississippi Co., Arkansas as a boarder in the household of Thomas and Liddie Miller listed as Lem. Lemuel is age 56 at this time.



Fourth Child of Willie Ann & George V. Palmer – Ledger Azet Palmer

1910 finds Ledger A. Palmer in West Carroll Co., Louisiana, age 31, with wife Ann (Annie) L., age 27. Ann was born in Mississippi. They have not been married a year yet, so have no children. As mentioned above, Lemuel is living with him. In 1920, they are still in West Carroll Co., Louisiana living in Kilbourne. L. A. is age 40, Annie age 34 and children a) Mattie is age 3; and b) Millard age 5 months.

Ledger A. age 51 and Annie L. age 47 are residing in Jackson Co., Mississippi in 1930 with two children, both born in Louisiana. They are: a) Willie Mae age 13; and b) Millard age 10.

According to draft records for World War I, Ledger’s middle name is Azet and he was born Jan. 10, 1879.

Fifth Child of Willie Ann & George V. Palmer – Iula V. Palmer

Iula U. Palmer age 27 and wife Jane C. age 28 are also living in the same area of Blount Co., AL as William E. in 1910. Their children are a) Mary E. age 5; b) Willie A. (female) age 4; c) Henry L. age 3; and d) Iula U., (female) age 0, all being born in Alabama.

In the 1920 census, Iuler Palmer age 37 and wife Jane C. age 33 have children: a) Mary E. age 15; b) Willie A. E. age 14; c) Henry L. age 12; d) a female age 9 (name unreadable, but probably Iula U.); and e) a male age 7 (unreadable, but possibly Lemuel Azet – named after two of his brothers?); f) Ezrans age 6; g) James age 3 years, 8 months; h) Irene age 1 year, 5 months; and i) Elenora age 3 months are still in Blount Co..

The 1930 Blount Co., AL census gives Iuler age 47 and wife Jane C. age 43 living in Blount Springs. The children living in the household with them at the time were: f) Ezrans or g) James (unreadable) age 15; h) Irene age 13; i) Elenorie age 11; j) Buelie age 9; k) Bertie W. age 7; and l) Jessie age 6.

Henry L. has already married and is living in Blount Co. near Rock Springs with wife Bertha O. Henry is age 23 and Bertha is age 18. They have on daughter, Juniata, who is 8 months old. Henry’s brother, Ezra age 17, is living with them.

Unfortunately, I did not make a note of where I found the following information. Possibly it was from information posted on a web page by a descendant of Iula and Jane.

Iula’s wife, Jane’s full name was Jane Clara (Jennie) Standridge and she died in Jefferson Co., AL. According to this, their daughter a) Mary Etta married a Higgenbothan; b) Willie Ann Elibeth married Homer Lee Jones; c) Henry Lee married first Bertha Ann Jones and second to Dixie Jaunell McNalley Gurley; d) Eula U. married first Julius Henderson and second to a Newson; e) Lemuel Azzet married Augustin Terry; f) Ezra Owen (Red) married Dollie Margarite Mote; g) James Iuler married Evelyn Alma Baker and they had children: Ralph; Donald who married Betty Wilson and had a child named Donna; Harold; Bobby James; Perry; and Tammy; h) Irene; and i) Jessie (Laynson).



















Margaret Amanda Jennings

The 5th Child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

Margaret Amanda Jennings, born Apr. 22, 1855, married John Andrew Walton June 26, 1870, in Haralson Co., Georgia, where they, and their children, remained in Haralson Co. for the rest of their lives. John Andrew was the son of Abner R. and Martha Walton. John (called Jack) was born Jan. 19, 1845. John age 35 and M. Amanda age 23 are listed in Walton District 1225, in the 1880 Haralson Co., Georgia census with two children: 1) Andrew P. (Pierce) age 8 and 2) (Austin) Asbery/Asbury age 5.

John and Amanda were only married a short time before he died July 19, 1887, leaving Amanda a widow to raise two boys. Amanda died May 30, 1921, from congestive heart failure and a heart attack, and both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery (East) in Tallapoosa, Haralson Co., Georgia, along with their two sons, Austin Asbery and Andrew Pierce Walton, their wives and many of the grandchildren. Margaret’s death certificate number is 12242.

First Child of M. Amanda and John A. Walton – J. Andrew Pierce Walton

J. Andrew P. Walton, married Bertha Carmean Mar. 7, 1895, in Haralson Co., Georgia. In the 1900 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Tallapoosa District, Andrew age 28 and Bertie M. Walton age 25, who was born in Ohio, have one child: Steven D. age 1, born 1899, with one child having already died. Mary Jennings age 70 is living with them. She is the widow of William C. Jennings and the aunt of Andrew P.

In the 1910 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Buncumbe Militia District, A. P. is age 37; Burtha age 35; b) Mrytle age 9; c) Gertrude age 7; d) Alva/Alve age 5; and e) Dale age 3. Bertha had six children, with only four still living, meaning Steven listed in the 1900 census had died as a small child. (According to Pleasant Hill Cemetery East records, Steven (Dewey) was born Nov. 12, 1898, died Dec. 24, 1901.) The mother of A. P., Manda Walton (Margaret Amanda Jennings), age 55 , who is a widow, is living with them. She has been widowed for 13 years, had two children and two are still living.

The 1920 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Buncumbe District, lists A. P. age 47; Burtie age 44, b) Myrtle age 19, c) Gertrude 17, d) Alvie age 15, e) Dale age 13 and f) Harold age 7. Mandy (Jennings) Walton age 66 is still living with them.

In the 1930 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Tallapoosa City, J. A. Pierce Walton age 57 and Bertha age 54, are living on Meadow Street with two children still at home: f) Harold age 17 and e) Dale age 23. Dale’s wife, Mary, age 20, and their daughter Myra age 1 year are also living with them.

J. Andrew Pierce Walton was born in 1872 and died in 1935; Bertha M. was born in 1875 and died in 1958. They are both buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery (East) in Haralson Co., Georgia.

d) A. P. (Alvie) Walton, Jr. married Grace Waldrop Dec. 27, 1925 in Haralson Co.. He is age 25 and wife Grace age 23 with children Fredia age 3; Wayne age 1 year 10 months; Bobbie (D.?) age 5 months in the 1930 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Buncumbe District. A. P., Jr. was born Sept. 26, 1904 and died Dec. 20, 1974; Grace was born Sept. 7, 1912 and died Dec. 6, 1965. Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery (East).

Some of the information for b) through f) below came from Pleasant Hill Cemetery (East) records, census and from the web page on the Walton family.

b) (Bessie) Myrtle born Dec. 26, 1900, died July 7, 1970, married Ira Monroe Thompson born 1895. Children: Joan Thompson married Charles Hidebrande;

Juanita Thompson born 1926 married Ken Roberts. They lived in Carroll Co., Georgia, Flint Corner District, Mt. Zion-Jake Road area.

c) (Verna) Gertrude born Sept. 19, 1902, died July 19, 1989 is buried Cedar Town, Polk Co., Georgia.

e) (Francis) Dale born Nov. 13, 1906, died Aug. 31, 1987 in Gadsden, AL, married Mary (Louise) born 1910; child: Myra Jo born Feb. 1929.

f) Harold (Dean) born July 15, 1912, died Dec. 6, 1965, married Aug. 20, 1933 Imogene Bates Walton born June 11, 1911, died May 19, 2000 in Birmingham, AL.

Second Child of M. Amanda and John A. Walton – Austin Asbury Walton

Austin Asbury/Asbery Walton married Octavia Vonnie/Bonnie Bentley Jan. 15, 1899, in Tallapoosa, Haralson Co., Georgia. By 1900 Haralson Co., Georgia census, Asbury age 24 and Vonnie age 18 had one child a) Effie M. age 4 months.

The family is still in Haralson in the 1910 census. Listed are A. A. age 34 and Octavia age 28 with children a) Effie age 10; b) Hubert age 8; c) Clarence age 5; d) Mina age 3; and e) Nina age 4 months. Octavia had five children with all still living.

1920 census Haralson Co., Georgia census, Buncumbe, lists A. A. age 44; Octavia age 37; a) Effie age 19; b) Hubert age 18; c) Clarence age 14; d) Mina age 12; e) Nina age 10; f) Howard age 7; g) Milo age 5; and h) Donnie age 1 yr. 5 mos.

The 1930 Haralson Co., Georgia census shows Austin A. age 53; Bonnie O. age 38; b) Hubert age 27; c) Howard age 19; d) Milo age 15; h) Donnie age 12; i) Frances age 10. Their children Effie, Clarence, Mina and Nina had already left the household.

Clarence P. Walton, possibly the son of Austin Asbury and Octavia V., was living in Jefferson Co., AL by the 1920 census in Birmingham in the household of James M. and Minnie Johnson. (This is not proven to be our Clarence yet.)

Some of the information for a through j below came from Pleasant Hill Cemetery (East) records, census and marriages. The names in parenthesis and a few dates were taken from the web page on the Walton family. (Some of the info he has on the web page is proven wrong by my research, but hopefully the few dates I used are correct.)

a) Effie M. born Jan. 28, 1900, died Jan. 14, 1978.

b) Hubert (B.) born 1901, died 1937.

c) Clarence (P.) born May 21, 1905, died Nov. 16, 1995, married Mary Shew born Feb. 21, 1909, died 16 Feb. 1998.

d) Mina (V.) born 1907, died 1937.

e) Nina born 1909/1910, married D. J. Busby June 7, 1928.

f) Howard (Austin), born 1913, married Ethel Dorothy Drew June 13, 1937.

g) Milo, born 1915, married Louise Collins Henry Oct. 16, 1936.

h) Infant born 1917, died as infant.

i) Donnie, born 1918/1919, married Ona Faye Bennett, 3 children: 1 married a Cole, 1 married a Davis, and 1 married a Posey.

j) Frances, born 1920


Martha Prisilla Jennings

The 6th Child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings

The last child of William C., Martha Jennings, married Marcus A. Fell Aug. 31, 1873, in Haralson Co., Georgia. According to census, Martha was born about 1857 and Marcus Henry Alexander Fell was born about 1853. Possibly both died before the 1920 census, since I did not find them listed.

1880 Cullman Co., AL census lists Marcus Fell age 27, his wife Martha age 23 and children 1) William age 6; and 2) Mary Jane age 2. Both children were born in Alabama, so they had migrated to Cullman by 1874 – probably the same time as her brother John P. moved.

By 1900 census, they had moved to Newburg, Franklin Co., AL. They appeared in the census that year with children 3) Johney age 19, born Oct. 1880; 4) Henry age 18, born Feb. 1882; and 5) Isabell age 7, born June 1892. Two of their children, William D. and Mary Jane, had already married and left the household. Martha is listed as having five children with only four living. The census shows Marcus was born in Aug. of 1852 and Martha (Mattie) was born Dec. 1855.

In 1910, Marcus and Martha were in Kimbro(ugh), Marion Co., AL living by themselves. I did not find them in a census after this. In 1910, two of their children were also living in Marion Co.

First Child of Martha and Marcus A. Fell – William David Fell

William D. Fell married Martha J. Hulsey Aug. 14, 1894 in Cullman Co., AL, bk. 3, p. 10. William Fell and Martha J. lived in the Kimbrough area of Marion Co., AL most of their life. William D. and Martha are listed in the 1900 Marion Co., AL census as being age 26, born Dec. 1873 and age 27, born Feb. 1873, respectively. Their children were: a) James R. age 4, born July 1895; b) William O. age 2, born Oct. 1897; and c) Hettie L. age 3 months, born Feb. 1900.

In 1910 Marion Co., AL census in Kimbro, William D. Fell is listed age 37, wife Martha J. age 37; a) James R. age 14; b) William O. age 12; c) Hittie (Hattie) L. age 10; d) John T. age 6; and e) Elzie C. age 3. Martha= s grandmother, Sarah E. Tucker, age 74 is also living with them.

1920 Marion Co., AL census in Kimbrough, shows William D. age 47; Martha J. age 46; d) John Thomas age 16; e) Elsie Chester age 12; f) Etta age 8; and g) Erlene age 5. William= s daughter c) Hettie L. Fell Harp (or Hack) age 19 and her son Paul Ralph Harp age 2 are also living with them on Delmer Road. William D. Fell died Apr. 2, 1947 and Martha J. died Apr. 1930 in Winston Co., AL, according to 1908-1959 Alabama death records.

Living not far from William D. in 1920 is his son a) James R. Fell age 24; Rosa age 24; Lorine age 4; Odis age 3; and James Thomas age 3 months. J. Richard Fell age 34 and wife Rosa E. age 33 are still in Marion Co., AL in 1930. Their children include Lorine age 15 (believed to have married Oct. 1938 in Marion Co.); Odes A. age 12; J. Edward age 11 (listed as James Thomas in 1920); Douglas H. age 9; V. Maxine age 6; B. Roland age 5 years and 4 months; and Frank E. age 9 months, all born in Alabama. James R. Fell died June 7, 1943 in Winston Co., AL according to Alabama death records 1908-1959.

b) William Oscar, another son of William D., has also moved out of his household and is living a short distance from him. William O., age 22, is married to Susie age 19 and has a daughter Pearline age 1, in the 1920 Marion Co., AL census in Kimbrough. In 1930, William O. age 32 and wife Susie E. age 27 are still living Kimbrough in Marion Co., AL. William was age 19 and Susie age 15 when they married. They have children Pearl L. age 11 (believed to have married May 1937 in Winston Co.); Maggie T. age 6; and Junior age 2 years and 3 months.

The 1930 census shows that William D. Fell and wife Martha have moved back to Cullman Co., AL. Both William and Martha are age 57, with daughter Earlin age 16, are living in Haleyville, where William is a merchant in a general store. William D. Fell died Apr. 2, 1947 and Martha J. died Apr. 1930, both in Winston Co., AL, according to Alabama death records 1908-1959.

d) John T. Fell age 26 and wife Ethel age 23, along with their daughter Ruth age 5, are living in Haleyville in the same area.

e) William’s son, Elzy C. (Chester) Fell, age 23 and wife Loretta age 19 are living next door. He married at age 18 and she married at age 14, but there are no children listed.

Third Child of Martha and Marcus A. Fell – John Brown Fell

Also, in the 1910 Marion Co., AL census, Kimbro, are newly weds John C. Fell (should be John B.) age 30 and wife Nora I. age 21. They were married Sept. 22, 1909 in Lawrence Co., AL. I could never find them listed in 1920 or 1930 census. According to a descendant, John Brown Fell moved to Puyallup, Washington and was never heard from again. The majority of the following is information I found on a family tree on the internet. I contacted the person who placed the information on the web page and she stated he was her grandfather and she had proof.

John Brown Fell was born Oct. 3, 1879 in Haleyville, AL and died June 22, 1959 in Tacoma, Washington. Nora Inez, the daughter of John Hamilton and Martha V. Douglas Parker, was born July 30, 1888 in Haleyville, AL and died 25 July 1965 in either Noel or Mt. Vernon, Missouri. In 1917-1918 WWI draft records, John B. is shown as living on 160th Sixth Ave., Morgan Co., AL working for the railroad. They had the following children:

a) Stella Gustava Fell – nothing else is known about her.

b) Price Owen Fell was born July 22, 1910 in Haleyville, AL and died 6 Nov. 1986 in Seattle, Washington. He married Eva, who was born 9 Feb. 1899 and died Jan. 1985 in Bremerton, Washington.

c) Preston Guen Fell was born July 13, 1912 in Haleyville, AL and died June 26, 1985 in Panama City, Florida. His wife, Vada, was born Apr. 12, 1909 and died Jan. 1984.

d) Female Fell, still living married a Biggs.

e) Marcus Elton Fell was born Apr. 1, 1916 in Haleyville, AL and died June 17, 1971 in Guanajuato, Mexico. His wife’s name was supposedly Mayme.

f) Charlcie Queen Fell was born Sept. 23, 1919 in Sheffield, AL. She married Howard Allen Cates, son of Edward and Eliza May Pefferly Cates, who was born Feb. 15, 1914 in Neck City, Missouri and died Oct. 17, 1988 in Little Rock, Arkansas. They had 4 daughters and 3 sons.

g) Clarence Lindon Fell was born Nov. 7, 1921 in Town Creek, AL and died in 1954 in San Francisco, California.

h) baby Fell born and died 1924 in Sheffield, AL

i) baby Fell stillborn in 1924 in Sheffield, AL

Fourth Child of Martha and Marcus A. Fell – Henry J. Fell

Henry Jackson Fell was born in Arab, Cullman Co., AL Feb. 9, 1881. He married Annie Rebecca Janie Kidd Dec. 7, 1900 in Lawrence Co., AL. Janie was born Sept. 26, 1883 in Alabama to Asbury Ambrose and Sarah Elizabeth Ailer Kidd. Henry died Apr. 8, 1981 and Janie died May 13, 1956. Both died in Tishomingo Co. Mississippi and are buried in Hopewell Church of Christ Cemetery in Colbert Co., AL.

Henry J. Fell was age 29 living in Montgomery Co., Arkansas in 1910, Parks township, which is located in the Arkansas Forest Reserve. His wife Anna J. age 27 and children a) Elga age 6 (male); b) William A. age 4; and c) Marcus R. age 2 are living with him.

By 1920, Henry J. Fell and family had moved back to Alabama and were living in Colbert Co., AL, Poplar Creek Precinct, according to census. Henry J. age 39; Anna R. age 36; a) Elvin age 16; b) Anderson W. (William A.) age 14; c) Macuz age 11; d) Mary P. age 8; and e) Auston J. age 5.

Henry J. Fell age 49 and wife A. Janie age 46 have relocated to Tishomingo Co., Mississippi in 1930. Children: b) W. Anderson age 24 and e) Austin J. age 16 are still at home. A granddaughter, Lessie M. Fell age 5, born in Mississippi, is living with them also.

a) Elgen B. (Berry) Fell age 26, another son of Henry J., and wife Vela A. (Artesia) age 25 are also living in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi in 1930. They married Feb. 16, 1923 in Iuka, Mississippi when Elgen was age 19 and Vela, born in Mississippi, was age 17. Four children listed are Gladys A. age 6; Lottie D. age 5; Elgen Jr. age 3; and Mildred V. age 1 year and 9 months, all born in Mississippi. Elgen runs a grader for the State Highway Department.

Elgen Berry Fell was born July 3, 1903 in Lawrence Co., AL and died June 28, 1973 in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tennessee. He married Febuary 16, 1923 in Iuka, Tishomingo Co., Mississippi to Vela Artesia Frederick, born Mar. 25, 1905 in Prentiss Co., Mississippi to William Penn and Lena Bell Davis Frederick. Vela died July 2, 2001 in Southaven, Mississippi. Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Iuka, Mississippi, along with their deceased children. Their children were:

Gladys Artesia Fell, born Jan. 24, 1924 and died Oct. 9, 1968 in Colbert Co., AL is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. She married William Thomas Brewer whose was born Aug. 9, 1924.

Lottie Pauline Fell, born Mar. 15, 1925 married June 1, 1946 in Colbert Co., AL to Leo Clayburn VonBoeckman, who was born Jan. 3, 1920.

Elgen Berry Fell, Jr. was born Sept. 6, 1926 and married Lola Young June 1947 in Colbert Co., AL.

Mildred Virginia Fell, born Sept. 20, 1928, married Joe H. Schulte Jan. 3, 1949 in Colbert Co., AL, who was born Apr. 10, 1928.

Auvie Dale Fell was born in 1930 and died as a small child in 1933 in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Billy Ruburl Fell was born June 21, 1932 and married Nov. 27, 1948 to Lillian Frances Rhodes in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.

Boyce Kent Fell was born July 30, 1938 and died Aug. 24, 1970 in Huntsville, AL. He married Janet Dean Weaver in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi, who was born Oct. 24, 1939. Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Iuka, Mississippi.

Betty Jane Fell wa born Oct. 28, 1941 in Tuscumbia, Colbert Co., AL. She married Jimmy Wayne Marlar Nov. 1961 in Iuka, Mississippi. Jimmy was born Apr. 25, 1944.

Starting here continue with the info I found on the Henry Fell family.

b) William Anderson Fell, son of Henry and Janie, was born Sept. 1, 1905 in Lawrence Co., AL. He died Nov. 18, 1992 in Alabama and is buried in Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens in Alabama. He married Elsie Borden June 4, 1936. Elsie was born June 8, 1915.

c) Russel M. Fell age 21 (Marcus R. in previous census) and wife Josie M. age 20 are living next door to him in 1930. They have one child at this time: Markus H. age 0, born in Mississippi. A cousin Ellis H. Kidd age 14 is living with them also.

Marcus Russell was born Aug. 15, 1908 in Lawrence Co., AL. He married Mildred Josephine Tyler Nov. 18, 1928 in Colbert Co., AL, who was born Dec. 7, 1909. Marcus died Oct. 4, 1953 in Memphis, Tennessee and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis.

d) Mary Pearlie Fell was born Dec. 5, 1910 in Colbert Co., AL. She married J. D. South May 1, 1927 in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi. They had three children: Alford Bill South, Ray Gene South and Tinsey South. Mary Pearlie married second to Woodrow Cornelison Feb. 17, 1943 in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi.

e) Austin Jessie Fell was born Mar. 1, 1914 in Lawrence Co., AL. He married Clara Borden July 4, 1941 in Tishomingo Co., Mississippi, who was born in 1921. He died Jan. 2, 1994 in Alabama and is buried in Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens.























Children of Elgen and Vela



Henry Jackson and Anna Janie (Kidd) Fell



Elgen, Vela and children Gladys A., Pauline (Polly) and Elgen, Jr.

The picture of myself and my brothers and sisters is the last picture we had made.  This was when my Mom died in 2001.  My brother Billy is bedridden in a nursing home in Southaven, MS and my sister Polly VonBoeckman is in a retirement home in Huntsville, Ala where her son lives.  She has alzheimers and her husband is in such bad shape he is in a nursing home so this is probably the last picture we will have of all of us together. The Fell  Boys is my Dad, and his brothers, Marcus, William Anderson(Red), and Austin (Pete).


Kathy, Thanks for the info that you shared with me.  I didn't have some of the information.  I have Family Tree Maker 2008 and it does not do the reports that the old versions did.  I have tried to send you some information, but I am going to put the old version back on my computer just so I can have it for reports.  I have been meaning to do so but haven't and now I am more determined than ever.  I hate this part of the 2008. Look over what I am sending and I will send better versions soon.  I am also sending some pictures in a separate e-mail.

It is so exciting to find kin on this side of my family, especially living so close. We usually come to Lawrenceburg a couple of times a year.  I did find my Dad's first cousin who now lives in Missouri.  She is in her 90's and still in good health.  I have been corresponding with her daughter.  She found me through  Her grandfather (John Brown Fell) had moved to Puyallup, Wash and we had never heard from them again. 

Elgen, Marcus, William Anderson (Red), Austin P. (Pete)








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Information from Betty Marlar

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Carroll County was one of five counties created by the General Assembly on June 9, 1825. The counties were not actually named until Gov. Troup signed an act of Dec. 11, 1826. The act of 1825 established boundaries and is considered the date of Carroll County creation.

Campbell, Douglas, Haralson and Heard Counties have since been created from parts of the original Carroll boundaries.


Harralson County was formed in 1856 from Carroll and Polk Counties and was named for Hugh Anderson Haralson