Lawrence County Historian

Role of the County Historian

The County Historian is appointed by the county executive and voted into office by the county commission. Lawrence County has only had three officical county historians since the beginning of the county as far as can be determined. Mr. John F. Morrison, Jr. and Virginia Freeman Lindsey were the first two. From the time of appointment, past county historians have served in their position until their health no longer allowed them to continue. Other reasons to appoint a new historian would be if the current one no longer desires to serve in this position or the county executive decides someone else would better fit the requirements of this position.

The county historian is not a paid position. Some counties provide an office in the courthouse or elsewhere, the supplies or other materials for the historian's correspondence and access to a copy machine for assisting in copies of requested material.

A person being considered for this position must be interested in history, culture, the preservation of both, and is very knowledgeable about the county's past history and genealogy. Typically the county historian encourages the preservation of records, performs research for requests of information on families, churches, schools, and any other aspect of history or genealogy.

The County Historian also serves as the County’s Historic Preservation Officer and maintains a record of all historic sites and structures within the county.

The current Lawrence County Historian is Kathy Niedergeses. She may be contacted at her email or by phone 931-762-6338 (please leave a message if no one answers).


Updated February 18, 2019 by Kathy Niedergeses