Lawrence County
1890 Civil War Veterans Census

This census was originally only supposed to contain information on Union Veterans or their widows, but during the process about 10% of the data gathered was on Confederate Veterans.  This is not a complete list of Lawrence County Civil War Veterans.  As in any other census, the census taker had problems finding people at home and in obtaining the needed information from the veterans.  Later, letters were sent to many veterans, requests made for rosters and queries published in newspapers, but many of the efforts of the census office produced no results.

The order in which information in each entry was recorded is as follows: name of veteran; enumeration of district and page number; name of widow if any; veteran’s alias if any; rank and unit; dates of enlistment and discharge; post office address; disability incurred; and remarks.  Misspelled names have been left as they appear in the book.  The correct spelling has been inserted in parenthesis or a note has been added in some cases.  The same goes for post offices; two of which I have never heard of and found no info on them in Lawrence or surrounding counties.

Andress, Henry A. 117-4; Pvt. 15th Dist.

Andrise?, Henry A. 117-3; 15th Dist. Conf.

Barnerd, Simpson, 117-2; Pvt. Co. F 12th In. Inf. Nov. 18, 64 to Nov. 17, 65; 15th Dist.

Barnes, Joshua, 116-1; Strathmore PO

Bates, Chambers S., 113-3; Cpl. Co. C 83rd Pa. Inf.; Apr. 18, 61 to Nov. 18, 65; Ethridge PO; paralysed & general disability

Belew, Rainey M., 111-1; Pvt. TN Cav.; 4-10-62 to 65; Pleasant Point PO; Conf.

Belew, William James, 117-1; Pvt. Co. C. 32nd  TN Inf.; July 7, 61 to  ?   (4 yrs.); Pinkney PO; died measles; Conf.

Benton, George, 112-2; Pvt. Co. F. 5th TN Cav.; 2-5-64 to 8-14-65; Chisem PO

Berry, James 111-3; Pvt. Co. G 10th TN Inf.; 62 to 9-64; PO omitted

Bettner, Fred, 115-3; Sol. US; Summertown PO

Bisen, Joseph, 113-3; Pvt. Co. F. 2nd MO Inf.; 8-1-61 to 1-19-65; Ethridge PO; one shot left shoulder and right side, prisoner 14 mos. Andersonville

Bittner, Fred, 115-1; Pvt. Co. C. 6th MS Inf; 12-27-64 to 8-8-65; Summertown PO; Conf.

Blair, James A. 113-3; Pvt. Co. A. 14th TN Inf.; Ethridge PO; herenah (hernia); re-enlisted veteran

Blair, James A., 117-1; Pvt. Co. B. 23rd TN Inf; July 9, 61 to ?   (4 yrs.); 15th Dist. Conf.

Blair, Robert C., 117-1; Sgt. Co. B. 23rd TN. Inf; July 9, 61 to  ? ; West Point PO; shot through right leg; Conf

Blakeman, Mason A., 115-1, Pvt.; Henryville PO

Blakesle, Henry M., 115-3, Sol US; Summertown PO

Blandell, Martin 117-3; Pvt. 61 to 65; 15th Dist.; Conf

Blythe, Claley G., 113-1 Pvt. Bat 8; Nov.1, 62 to July 15, 65; Lawrenceburg; all the information could get

Blythe, F. M., 117-3; Pvt. 48th TN Inf.; Jan.2, 62 to May 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Boyd, William Franklin, 11-2; Mrs. Boyd widow of; Pvt.; 62 to 65; Lawrenceburg PO; wounded

Brannajan, Pat, 117-1; Pvt. Co. D. 69th NY Inf; Jun 14, 63 to  ?  (1 yr. 8 mos.) 15th Dist.

Bronard, Edward, 115-3; Cpl. Co. F 10th MS. Inf; Aug 62 to July 65; Summertown PO

Brooks, Daniel D. 115-2; Pvt. Co. F 18th OH Inf; Fed. 23, 64 to May 16, 65; Summertown PO

Brown, Peter W. 108-1; Pvt. Co. K 3rd M? Cav; 2-1-62 to 5-12-65; PO omitted

Burnes, Green, 117-2; Delila L. widow of; Pvt. Co. B 2nd TN Cav; May 63 to May 65; 15th  Dist; Conf

Burtin, John C. 117-3; Pvt. Co. F 1 AL. Mtd Inf.; 2-2-62 to  ?  (1 yr. 5mos. 17 days) 15th Dist; Conf

Clay, William C, 117-3; nothing known; 15th Dist; Conf

Clayton, James M. 112-2; Pvt. 6th TN Cav; Venus PO; now blind in right eye

Clemmons, Arrena M. 112-2; former widow US Sol; 7th Civil Dist; Vengia PO (probably Venus)

Cleveland, Wm. A. 109-1; Musician Co. H 57th OH Inf; 7-61 to paroled 63 (yrs. 6 mos.); St. Joseph PO

Clifton, Nathaniel; 112-1; Pvt. Co F 6th TN Cav; 9-21-62 to 6-26-65; Venus PO

Conner, James, 113-2; Pvt. Co G 27th MI Inf; Aug.10, 63 to July 26, 65; Crowson PO; in prison, Richmon, VA

Copeland Thomas 114-1; Sol; PO omitted

Cox, Giles H. 115-1; Pvt. Co H 9th TN Cav; Aug. 24, 62 to Nov. 6, 63; Henryville PO

Crandall, William H, 115-1; Pvt. Co A 1st MI Inf; April 16, 64 to July 30, 65; Bake's Mill PO; gun shot left hand? and leg

Crews, Daniel B, 113-1; Pvt. July 64 to 64; Lawrenceburg PO; discharge mislaid, cannot answer

Crews, Robert T, 112-1; Scout; 7-1-64 to 11-10-64; Knob Creek PO

Crews, William R, 112-1; Pvt. Co. G 29th IL Inf; 8-11-64 to 11-6-65; Knob Creek PO; kidney disease

Crofferd, George, 115-3; Pvt. Co. G 18th MI Inf; Aug.5, 62 to July 11, 65; Summertown PO

Cross, Joel J., 109-1; Pvt. Co. A 2nd TN Inf; 2-63 to 10-14-64; Loretto PO; husband killed in battle (this may apply to Mary Goolsby, widow); nothing definite

Crum, Peter, 115-1; Louisa widow of; Cpl Co. B 32nd IN Vol; Henryville PO; discharge got lost in this pension office, but he was granted a pension

Curtis, Dearl H, 109-1; did not know anything of his Co., Regt; Loretto PO; chronic diarrhea, could not tell nothing           

Daniels, Martha 117-4; widow; Pvt; 15th Dist

Daughtry, J. W., 109-1; Pvt. Co. F 45th IL Inf; 9-25-64 to 12-8-65, Mockeson PO; diarrhea chronic; served in 7th IL Vol

Davis, Colvy, 115-1; Pvt. Co. H 20th TN Inf; 8-1-64 to 4-15-64; Henryville PO; Conf

Davis, Frank, 115-2; Pvt., Henryville PO

Davis, Jacob D., 111-3; Pvt. Co. O 1st MS Inf; 1 yr 6 mos; PO omitted

Dawson, Charles, 115-2; Pvt. Co. D 111th IN Vol; 9-6-61 to 9-16-64; Summertown PO; Back wound by bayonet

Downing, John G, 117-3; Pvt. Co. K 42nd TN Cav; Oct. 62 to 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Dunn, Thomas, 113-1; Pvt. Co. A 5th KY Inf; 11-1-61 to 11-4-64; Lawrenceburg PO

Eastman, Adonirum?, 113-1; Sgt. Co. F 3rd MN Inf; 10-5-61 to 9-3-65; Lawrenceburg PO; shot in right thigh

Edwards, Charles A., 112-1; Pvt. Co. a 2nd MO? Inf; 6-22-61 to 2-11-64; Abner PO; gun shot wound right hand

Fagan, Robert, 117-3; Pvt. Co. B 90th OH Inf; Sep 62 to June 28, 65; 15th Dist

Finny, James W. 112-1; Arrence M. Gurmely widow of; Pvt; Ulnos PO (probably Venus - Sistler most likely transcribed the Ve as Ul ); died in prison

Finny, Matthew M., 113-2; Pvt Co. I 85th OH Inf; 6-9-62 to 9-23-62; Lawrenceburg PO

Fisher, Freeman, 114-1; Pvt Co. C 21st OH Inf; 6-5-62 to 10-15-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Fluman (Fleeman), James W., 114-1; Pvt. Co. I 4th TN Mtd Inf; 9-21-64 to 8-25-65; Lawrencburg PO

Frae (probably True), T. K., 117-3; Pvt Co. A 48th TN Inf; 1-22-62 to May 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Franks, Green, 111-3; Pvt Co. I TN Inf; 3-63 to 7-65; PO omitted

Franks, John M., 111-3; Pvt. Co. I 10th MI Inf; 6-3-62 to 7-65; PO omitted

Gillespie, William, 111-2; Carolina widow of; Pvt. 9th TN Cav; 2-62 to 4-63; PO omitted; Conf

Gobbel, William A. 112-1; Pvt Co. A 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 10-2-63 to 10-14-64; Knob Creek PO; typhoid fever, damage to left arm

Goodman, Kemp., 109-1; Pvt. Co. A 11th TN Cav; 5-28-63 to 3-2-64; Pleasant Pt. PO; exact dates uncertain

Goodman, Milton J., 112-1; Pvt Co. I 2nd Mtd Inf; 12-15-63 to 1-21-65; Venus PO

Goolsby, Mary, 109-1; Soldiers widow; Pvt; husband killed in US Army; St. Joseph PO

Gorham, Hiram I., 113-1; Sgt Co. I 4th VT Inf; Feb 62 to Jun 65; Lawrenceburg PO

Green, Marion, 111-2; Pvt. 3rd  ?  Cav; 62 to 65; PO omitted; wounded in thigh; Conf

Griffith, Jasper B., 113-1; Pvt Co. E 3rd WI Inf; 4-18-61 to 7-6-65; Lawrenceburg PO; right lung affected

Grimes, William, 117-4; Martha C. widow of; Pvt 48th TN Inf; May  ?  to  ? ; 15th Dist; Conf

Gunies, Dock G, 115-2; Pvt Co. H 14th AR Inf; 6-1-63 to 4-1-65; Summertown PO; Conf

Guthrie, Seborn, 113-1; Pvt Co. B 1st AL Cav; 64 to  ? ; Lawrenceburg PO; discharged lost; cannot answer

Gwattney, John T, 115-2; Cpl Co. G 4th TN Inf; 2-3-64 to 6-14-65; Henryville PO

Hall, Levi H., 109-1; Pvt Co. C 125th OH Vol Inf; 9-21-62 to 2-28-65; Lexington, AL PO; physical   disability

Hammond, Gilbert E., 115-3; Pvt Co. A 31st WI Inf; 8-14-62 to 6-20-65; Summertown PO

Harald, Arnist, 111-4; US Sol; 5th Civil Dist

Hardin, Martin J., 117-2; Cpl Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to 8-62; Pinkney PO; Conf

Hart, Harvey, 113-2; Pvt Co. F 58th Inf; 11-3-61 to 7-17-62; Crowson PO

Heath, Samuel, 116-1; Cono? Co. B 1st AL Cav; 1-10-62 to 3-25-65; PO omitted

Henson, Thomas Iben, 117-3; Pvt Co. A 2nd TN; 10-14-64 to 10-14-64; 15th Dist

Herrin, Charles F,. 117-3; Pvt Co. I 3rd TN Inf; 5-61 to 64; 15th Dist; Conf

Herrin, Jas. L., 117-3; Pvt Co. I 3rd TN Inf; 5-61 to  ?  (4 yrs); 15th Dist; Conf

Hill, Jas. H., 109-1; Pvt Co. C 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 12-10-63 to 5-10-65; Lexington PO

Hodge, John, 113-1; Sarah widow of; Pvt 63 to 65; Lawrenceburg PO; discharge lost, widow cannot answer

Holcomb, C., 109-1; Pvt Co. B 1st OH Lt Art; 2-27-64 to 7-22-65; Lexington, AL PO; heart & breast affected

Hollis, Newton M., 117-4; 15th Dist

Horn, Calvin P., 117-4; Pvt 48th TN Inf; 15th Dist; Conf

Hudson, Lee, 114-1; US Sol; PO omitted

Hughs, Hugh H., 117-4; Pvt Co. F 12th US Colored Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-66; Dickson PO

Hyde, Phineas, 115-2; Pvt Co. I 8th Con Inf; 1 Sept. 64 to 9-1-65; Summertown PO

Ingram, Jessee, 117-3; Pvt Co. A 48th TN Inf; 1-1-62 to 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Johnson, J. S., 117-3; TN Cav; 62 to 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Johnson, John A., 117-4; 15th Dist; Conf

Johnson, John J.; 111-4; US Sol; 4th Civil Dist

Johnston, Jno. W. A., 117-4; Pvt; 15th Dist; Conf

Johnston, Thomas J., 116-1; Pvt Co. H 2nd TN Cac; 12-9-63 to 1-21-65; Strathmore PO

Kelley, Joseph B., 111-1; Pvt Co. H 1st AL Cav; 10-10-63 to 5-11-65; PO omitted

Kelty (Kelly), Samuel Dallas, 117-2; Pvt Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to 6-2-65; West Point PO; Conf

Kidd, Allen H., 115-2; Pvt Co. B 29th TN Inf; 9-15-63 to 3-15-63; Summertown PO; shot left thigh; Conf

Kidd, Joe P., 115-2; Pvt Co. E 9th TN Cav; 2-15-63 to 5-10-65; Summertown PO; shot left leg; Conf

Kimbrel, Alec M., 117-1; Pvt TN Cav; 3-3-63 to _ (1 yr 8 mos); West Point PO; fingers of left hand shot off; Conf

King, Frank, 108-1; Pvt Co. P 16th KS Cav; 63 to 65; PO omitted

King, James M., 113-3; Pvt Co. I 31st OH Inf; 9-19-61 to 10-1 64; Ethridge PO; blindness

King, William R., 117-2; Pvt 33rd OH Cav; 63 to 65; 15th Dist

Lawson, Frank D., 116-1; Pvt Co. I 4th TN Inf; 1-10-63 to 8-25-63; Henryville PO

Liles, David A., 108-1; Pvt Co. G 10th TN Inf; 7-20-62 to 7-3-65; no PO

Loyd, William H., 113-2; Pvt Co. A 1st WI Inf; 10-8-61 to 12-13-64; Lawrenceburg PO; prison, Andersonville

Lumpkins, James M., 111-2; Pvt Co. D TN Cav; PO omitted Conf

Lutts, Joseph W., 112-1; Pvt Co. H 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 1-13-64 to 4-17-65; Abner PO

Mabry, James P., 111-1; Cpl Co. I 1st AL Cav; 7-21-62 to 6-20-65; Pleasant Point PO; black scurvy caused by prisoner at Andersonville 17 mos.     

Martin, Benjamin, 112-2; Pvt Co. A 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 10-2-63 to 10-14-64; Pvt Co. E 8th TN Mtd Inf; 3-9-65 to 9-1-65; Chisem PO

Martin, James P., Pvt Co. M 15th MO Cav; Mar 62 to 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Martin, Louis H.; 110-1 (2); Mary W. widow of; Pvt Co. D 1st AL Ing; 64 to 10-18-65; Appleton PO

McAllister, Charles L., 113-3; Cpl Co. I 10th TN Inf; 8-31-64 to 6-26-65; Ethridge PO

McCrackin, Jas. E., 117-4; Emily J. widow of; 15th Dist; Conf

McFarland, James B., 113-3; Pvt Co. A 110th OH Inf; 8-11-62 to 6-25-65; Ethridge PO

McGee, Daniel K., 112-1; Mary J. widow of; Pvt Co. A 4th? TN Mtd IN; 10-2-63 to  ? : Lawrenceburg PO; killed in battle

McKey, James H., 108-1; US Sol; 1st Civil Dist

McKinn, George W., 113-1; Sgt. Co. A 172nd OH  ? ; 4-16-61 to 8-18-61; Lawrenceburg PO; re-enlisted

McLain, Wyatt, 112-1; Martha A. widow of; Lawrenceburg PO

Milligan, William H.; 108-1; Pvt Co. H 1st AL Cav; 11-1-64 to 10-1-65; PO omitted

Moore, Columbus 117-4; Pvt; 15th Dist; Conf

Mooty, Moses, 113-2; Rhabeca A. widow of; Pvt Co. G 10th TN Inf; 6-14-62 to 6-24-65; Lawrenceburg PO; shot through bowels

Morris, John R.; 114-1; Pvt Co. A 17th R. Cav; 8-25-62 to 6-16-65; Lawrenceburg PO; rheumatism & heart trouble

Morrison, Thomas A. F.; 114-1; Pvt Co. D 67th OH Inf Vol; 11-1-64 to 8-24-65; Summertown PO; ruptured

Murphy, Mrs. Elizio J.; 111-2; widow of sol.?; Pvt Co. H 2nd TN Inf; 12-9-63 to 6-21-65; Pleasant Point PO

Murphy, William F.; 114-1; Pvt Co. A 32nd OH Inf; Jan 1 64 to June 28 65; Elmira PO (have no idea where this post office was located, or if the name was transcribed wrong by Sistler); inf. of lungs, chron. diarrhea

Neal, Dr. W. W.; 117-4; Pvt Co. I 3rd TN Inf; May 61 to July 65; 15th Dist

Nelson, Hezekiah M.; 113-2; Pvt Co. C 14th I A Inf; 9-20-64 to 5-13-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Nelson, Robert, 111-2; Pvt Co. D 9th TN Cav; 2-62 to 11-62; PO omitted; Conf

Newton, William H.; 111-1; Pvt; Pleasant Point PO; Conf

Nolley, Henry M., 111-4; Sol US; 4th Civil Dist;

North, Ira Jr., 113-2; Sgt. Co. A 10th TN Inf; 6-4-62 to 6-2-65; Ethridge PO

Oliver, Daniel M., 111-1; Pvt 23rd TN Inf; 62 to 63; Pleasant Point PO; shot through the head in battle of Shiloh; Conf

Ozmun, Andrew, 115-2; Pvt Co. G 64th OH Inf Vol; 10-19-61 to 10-19-64; Summertown PO; shot right foot

Patrick, John C., 135-2; 7th Civil Dist

Patrick, Mrs. Martha, 111-2; Pvt Co. I 1st AL Cav; 62 to 63 (8 mos); Pleasant Point PO; died of measles

Pegg (Pigg ?), Joel A., 115-1; Pvt Co. C 8th MI Inf; 8-61 to 7-22-63; Henryville PO; gun shot right leg

Poag, Madison N., 112-2; Mary T. formerly widow of; Pvt Co. A 10th TN Inf; 4-21-62 to  ?  (3 yrs.); Pinkney PO; saber wound in right leg

Porter, Cyrus, 115-2; Pvt 23rd IN Inf; 12-6-64 to 5-65; Summertown PO

Pottcotter, Barny, 109-1; Pvt Co. M 28th IN Cav; 10-15-62 to 7-15-63; St. Joseph PO; gun shot wound left hip; prisoner

Potter, Francis M., 115-2; Pvt Co. H 15th IN Inf; 5-8-61 to 7-8-61; Summertown PO

Powell, B. F., 117-4; Pvt 15th Dist; Conf

Powell, M. M., 110-2(2); Pvt Co. E 2nd TN Inf; 11-63 to 5-18-65; Appleton PO; hydwealle

Price, Robert I., 117-1; Pvt Co. A 48th TN Inf; 12-3-63 to ?  (1 yr); 15th Dist; Conf

Pritchett, Joseph; 113-1; Pvt Co. F 10th TN Inf; 2-3-63 to 7-26-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Pugh, Jas. W., 117-3; Pvt 48th TN Cav; 6-3-63 to 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Pyles, Ithmar, 115-1; Pvt Co. E 92th OH Foot Vol; 8-9-62 to 6-10-65; Blake's Mill PO

Quillen, William M., 108-1; Pvt Co. D US Inf; 10-15-64 to 11-25-65; PO omitted

Ramsey, Jas. T., 117-1; Pvt Co. K 53th TN Inf; 11-14-61 to  ?  (4 yrs); West Point PO; shot in left side;   Conf

Randal, Adolphus, 117-4; Co. E 80th OH Inf; 12-18-61 to 12-28-65; 15th Dist

Rhodes, Amercus, 113-3; Pvt Co. B 112th Colored Inf; 62 to 8-62; Ethridge PO; re-enlisted, shot left leg, discharge lost

Richardson, Thomas L., 113-2; Pvt Co. I 4th TN Mtd Inf; 10-10-64 to 8-25-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Richter, Oliver, 113-2; Pvt Co. E 17th OH Inf; 4-61 to 8-61; Lawrenceburg PO

Riggs, Martha A., 114-1; widow US Sol; PO omitted

Roberson, Frank M., La-108-1, Pvt 6th TN Cav; 11-1-63 to 7-1-65; PO omitted

Roberson, Joseph, 117-2; Eliza widow of; Pvt Co. A TN Inf; 61 to  ?  (2yrs); 15th Dist; Conf

Robertson, Samuel S., 112-1; Pvt; Ulnus PO (probably Venus PO)

Rochell, Rufus, 112-2; Pvt Co. H 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 12-7-63 to 1-21-65; Chisem PO

Rodgers, J. C., 117-1; Pvt Co. C 28 MS Cav; 10-62 to  ?  (2 yrs 11 mos); 15th Dist; Conf

Runabaum, Henry, 113-2; Pvt Co. A 58th OH Inf; 1-28-62 to 1-6-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Sandy, Thomas W., 117-1; Pvt Co. I 48th TN Inf; 10-17-62 to  ? ; Pinkney PO; Conf

Schade, John, 113-1; Pvt Co. E 58th OH Inf; 2-23-65 to 9-16-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Schroyer, Jno., 117-2; Pvt Co. C 34th OH Mtd Inf; 4-21-61 to 6-65; 15th Dist

Shaeffer, George W., 112-2; Pvt Co. H 14th IA Inf; 3-23-63 to 3-23-65; Chisem PO

Shelton, Jas. F., 117-3; Pvt 20th TN Inf; Dec. to  ? ; 15th Dist; Conf

Shields, Bazzel, 115-1; Pvt Co. K 2nd MS Inf; 5-1-61 to 3-1-63; Henryville PO; left arm off

Siler, John , 111-2; Pvt Co. G 10th TN Inf; 8-1-62 to 4-1-65; Pleasant Point PO

Simpkins, William G., 111-1; Pvt Co. E 9th TN Cav; 62 to 65 (2 yrs. 6 mos.); Pleasant Point PO; Conf

Skillern, Napolean B., 112-1; Sgt. Co. H 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 12-15-63 to 1-1-65; Abner PO

Smith, Elijah, 111-1; Pvt AR Inf; 4-62 to 65; Knob Creek PO; Conf

Smith, John C., 114-1; Pvt 5th WI Art; 10-1-61 to 10-1-64; Lawrenceburg PO; disability, lungs & eyes

Smith, John D., 111-1; Pvt Co. D 9th TN Cav; 64 to 65; Pleasant Point PO

Smithson, H.P., 117-3; Pvt Co. H 48th TN Cav; 12-63 to 4-65; 15th Dist; Conf

Springer, Aaron F., 111-1; Pvt Co. D 9th TN Cav; 12-3-62 to 5-10-65; Pleasant Point PO; prisoner Rock Island, IL, 4 mos; Conf

Springer, Robert, 117-3; Pvt Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to  ? ; 15th Dist; Conf

Staggs, Joseph, 113-3; Mary A. widow of; Pvt Co. A 10th TN Inf; 4-62 to  ? ; Ethridge PO; died in the service

Starnes, Daniel W., 113-2; Pvt Co. B 10th IN Inf; 10-18-61 to 10-18-64; Lawrenceburg PO; rheumatic & head effected

Starr, John J. W., 113-1; Lt Co. C 48th US Colored Inf; 8-22-62 to 1-4-65; Lawrenceburg PO; all info could get

Stephens, James E., 115-2; Pvt Co. E 75th IN Vol; 8-1-61 to 7-8-65; Henryville PO; sore on right leg

Stewart, Joseph O., 113-1; Pvt Co. F 3rd NC Mtd Inf; 10-16-64 to 8-16-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Stheths, Kenner, 117-1; Pvt Co. B 2nd TN Mtd Inf Cav; 10-15-63 to 10-17-64; Pinkney PO

Stockwell, Charles A., 115-2; Pvt Co. A 83rd IL Inf; 8-1-62 to 7-3-65; Summertown PO

Swain, Elijah, 113-2; Pvt Co. I 7th OH Inf; 12-5-61 to 1-15-65; Lawrenceburg PO

Sweetland, Ovis B., 116-1; Pvt Co. G 6th MI Inf; 8-20-61 to 8-20-65; Henryville PO

Sylvester, Charles W., 114-1; Pvt Co. H 9th MI Inf; 9-30-64 to 7-20-65; Ethridge PO

Teas, Joseph W., 111-4; US Sol; 5th Civil Dist;

Thorn, James T., 114-1; Pvt Co. E 6th IL Cav; 12-17-61 to 12-1-64; Marsella Falls PO

Thornton, L. D., 117-3; Pvt Co. K 1st TN Cav; 1-61 to 65; 15th Civil Dist

Tinsly, Joseph S., 113-3; Pvt Co. C 154th IN Inf’ 3-21-65 to 8-4-65; Ethridge PO

Tredwell (Tidwell??), Darling M., 117-3; Pvt; no dates; 15th Civil Dist; Conf

True, D. H., 117-3; Pvt Co. K 20th TN Cav; 11-61 to 65; 15th Civil Dist; Conf

True, T. K. - see Frae

Viets, Elijah, 115-1; Phebia G. widow of; Pvt Co. I 152nd OH; 7-7-63 to 12-15-64; Henryville PO

Walters, John, 117-3; US Sol; 15th Civil Dist

Washburn, James, 115-3; Pvt Co. H 21 MI Inf; 8-12-62 to 6-8-65; Summertown PO

Weaver, J. J., 117-3; Pvt Co. H 6th TN Cav; 1-62 to 1-65; 15th Civil Dist

Welch, Geo. K., 117-3; Sgt. Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to 4-9-65; 15th Dist; Conf

Welch, Geo. W., 117-2; Lt Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to 5-3-65; 15th Dist; Conf

Welch, Dr. Jno. W., 117-2; Lt Co. B 23rd TN Inf; 7-9-61 to 5-3- 65; 15th Dist; Conf

Weldon, William C., 111-4; US Sol; 5th Civil Dist

Wells, William, 111-1; Sgt Co. H 9th NY Cav; 9-23-61 to 5-23-63; Pleasant Point PO; general disability

Wilhite, J. W., 110-2; (2); Pvt Transporting Dept; 9-64 to 6-65; Appleton PO

Wilkerson, Richard T., 109-1; Pvt Co. H 11th OH Inf; 6-1-61 to 2-13-64; Pvt C 31 OH Inf; 2-13-64 to 7-12-65; Loretto PO; leg scurvy, reenlisted vet, 6 lb cannon ball scalped shoulder, captured, paroled

Wilkerson, Willis, 113-3; Pvt Co. A 14th TN Inf; 11-62 to 3-30-65; Ethridge PO; discharge lost

Williams, William L., 117-2; Pvt Co. K 1st MO Inf; 1-27-61 to  ?  (4 yrs); 15th Dist; shot through nose; Conf

Wills, Jno. M., 117-2; Pvt Co. I 9th AL Inf; 5-2-61 to  ?  (2 yrs); 15th Dist; in prison 9 mos; Conf

Wisdom, Jas. W., 117-1; Joannea widow of; Pvt;  ?  to 61 (8 mos); 15th Dist; Conf

Wood, John R., 113-2; Sgt Co. E 14th MI Inf; 12-1-63 to 7-3-65; Lawrenceburg PO

York, Merida, 117-4; Pvt; 15th Dist; Conf                                     

Abstracted and contributed by Reita Burress from the book 1890 Civil War Veterans Census of TN by Sistler

A few additions and notes concerning certain names and post offices have been added by Kathy Niedergeses.

Last Updated April 14, 2007