Lewis County, Tennessee
 1890 Civil War Veterans Census

English, Henry J, 118-1, Pvt Co D, 110th TN Inf; 12-8-63 to 2-6-64; Pallistine PO

Garner, Isaiah, 118-1, Manerva widow of; Pvt, TN Inf; 61 to 62; Newburg PO; cannot get the dates

Gilmore, William, 119-1, Charity A. widow of; Pvt; Strathmore PO son has husband's discharge and papers, Riley Gilmore, Dallas, TX

Grover, George P, 118-1, Pvt; Hakenwald  (Hohenwald) PO

Harlow, John, 119-1, Pvt Co G, 10th TN Inf; 5-9-62 to 6-9-64; Chief PO; chronic rheumatism & diarrheah

Hensley, Daniel, 119-1, Mary E. Beckurn formerly widow of; Simmestown (Summertown) PO; chronic diarrheah form which he diedí it is supposed discharge on surgeons certificate, all discharge are lost

Hensley, Joel, 118-1, Pvt Co B, US Cav; 6-13-66 to 9-24-66; Hakenwalk (Hohenwald) PO; chronic diarrhea

Hooks, Ammons H, 119-1, Pvt Co E, 9th MI Inf; 2-20-65

Lee, Henry N, 119-1, Pvt Co A, 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 10-13-63 to 10-13-64; Strathmore PO; leg fractured, drawing pension since Feb 1886

Payton, Robert, 119-1, Pvt Co F, 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 2-20-64 to 3-4-65; Strathmore PO; bronchitis

Sison, John, 118-1, Pvt Co K, 173rd OH Inf; 8-64 to 7-65; Aetna PO; CONF

Staggs, James N, 119-1, Pvt Co H, 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 2-20-64 to 3-4-86; Strathmore PO

Staggs, Willis D., 119-1, Pvt Co A, 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 10-2-63 to 10-14-64; Strathmore PO; bronchitis & spinnatorhoea; discharged by Comdy Colonel

Wyrick, James H, 118-1, Pvt Co G, 5th TN Cav; 9-4-62 to 8-14-65; Rockdale PO