Lawrence County (Tennessee) Genealogical Society

The Lawrence County Genealogical Society (LCGS) is a legally chartered not-for-profit organization, functioning under the laws of the State of Tennessee. Established in 1997, the society is "dedicated to the research, collection and preservation of genealogical and family history information pertaining to families who have lived in and/or continue to live in the Lawrence County area."
The Society’s primary goals are:

* To make available such genealogical and family history information as may be accumulated, both at the local libraries, the county archives, and through a regularly published journal,

* To foster local and regional interest and support for the collection and preservation of family, local and regional histories.

* To support original research and scholarly publication of relevant research works.

* To provide a clearinghouse for researchers from other geographical locations to access and to submit family and historical information of interest to LCGS members and supporters.

* Research services are available through the Lawrence County Archives at (615) 852-4091 or via email ( We will forward all written requests mailed to LCGS to them.

Publication Policies

* Neither the Lawrence County Genealogical Society, its board of directors, nor its designated agents accept responsibility for accuracy of material submitted to Lawrence County Heritage for publication.

* The LCGS requests the submission of original documents (diaries, letters, obituaries, photographs, etc.) for publication in the Lawrence County Heritage. We suggest that such documents be copied using a professional quality photocopy process that preserves the original detail of the document. Photographic or half-tone copies of original photographs are welcome.

* The Society invites publishable articles based on original research. If the submitted work has been previously published, please indicate in full the title of the work, date published, the publisher’s name and address, along with any written permissions that are legally required by prevailing copyright laws.

* All works cited, referenced, or quoted must be credited in an appropriate footnote, endnote or bibliography. The LCGS is committed to an anti-plagiarism policy and may elect to refuse publication of any work not properly documented. Articles lacking adequate documentation may be returned to the author with a request for documentation. Personal interviews, family tales, letters, diaries, and all other forms of communication are considered reliable sources; they should simply be noted as such. Our staff will be glad to work with you, by mail or e-mail, to put together the needed documentation.

* We would like for all work submitted to be typed so that we avoid errors, or if necessary please provide a legible hand-written copy. If you use a word processing program, please submit your work on a 1.44 mb diskette, in Word Perfect, Word, Work, or ASCII, along with a printed copy of the submission.

* The Lawrence County Heritage will publish queries and comments in each issue. Queries up to 100 words in length are free to subscribing members. The cost of publishing all other queries is $2.00 for each 100 word query. We request that all respondents to queries submit copies of replies to the LCGS for inclusion in our family files.

* We will review all original published works or republication of previous works submitted to the Society. Reviews will be published in the Lawrence County Heritage “Book Nook” on a first come, first served basis, and the submitted work will be housed in the Lawrence County Public Library Genealogy Department or the Lawrence County Archives, as appropriate.

* The Lawrence County Heritage is no longer accepting commercial advertisements for publication.  The Board of Directors was afraid there would be more and more advertisements which would take away from the intent of your journal.  Appropriate announcements for historical or genealogical meetings, genealogical fairs, family reunions and such will continue to be announced in your journal. Instead of advertising your book, etc., you many donate a copy to the Lawrence County Archives and the review (see review policy above) can serve as your advertisement.  Author's name and purchase information will be included with the review, if you request this. 

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