Maury County, Tennessee
1890 Civil War Veterans Census

Adkisson, Green, 213-1, Pvt Co B, 18th MO Inf., 8-61 to 4-65, Glenns Store PO

Adkins, Robbert, 210-1, Addie G, widow of, Spring Hill PO, Conf

Alexander, Jacob, 197-2, Elise widow of, Pvt. Co B, 101st TN, 62 to 65, Columbia PO

Alexander, Joseph W, 210-1, Pvt Co E, 3rd TN Inf, 4-61 to 4-65, Spring hill PO, shot through right lung, CONF

Allen, Thomas W., 231-1, Pvt Co H, 4th US Mtd Inf TN, 1-64 to 2-65, Glenns Store PO

Amick, Columbus, 209-4, Pvt Co G, 17th TN Inf, 5-15-61 to 5-30-62, Columbia PO, CONF

Amis, Samuel, 196-2, Sgt 110th Reg Inf, Columbia PO, right thumb shot off in service

Amos, Joseph, 205-1, Mary widow of, Sgt Co A, 14th TN Inf, 5-62 to 5-65, Williamsport PO, left hip and right ankle wounded

Armstrong, Benjamin, 205-2, Pvt Co A, 13th TN Inf, 8-12-62 to 5-65, Williamsport PO

Armstrong, Doubling, 199-2, Pvt Co A, 13th TN Inf, Southport PO

Armstrong, Joe, 197-1, Pvt Co B, 14th US, 3 yrs, Columbia PO, shot on the knee and abdomen, now crippled

Arnell, Robert Jane, 189-1, Pvt 44th TN Inf, Hurricane Switch Po

Ayers, Charles V, 209-7, Adjutant Co C, 9th Bat Cav, 5-61 to 5-65, Columbia PO, CONF

Bailey, All M, 210-7, Pvt TN Inf, 5-61 to 5-64, Spring Hill PO, shot through left arm, CONF

Bailey, Dave, 210-2, 1 yr, Spring Hill PO

Bailey, George W, 209-7, Pvt Co G, 1st MO, 61 to 64, Columbia PO, CONF

Bailey, George W, 209-6, Pvt, Columbia PO, CONF

Ball, George, 205-1, Wag. Wheeler Com. Neylers?, 62 to 63, Water Valley PO, stunned by cannon ball striking him, six months wagon in CONF

Bellanfante, Peter, 191-1, 7th Dist

Bellanfont, Jane 209-7, Pvt, Columbia PO

Betty, Si, 198-2, 10th Dist

Bill, Giles, 189-2, Pvt Co A, 101th TN Inf, 2 yrs, 6 mos, Hurricane Switch PO

Binderman, Midlton, 191-1, Cpl Co G, 13th Vol TN, 63 to 66, Bigbyville PO

Bird, John A., 195-2, Sol, Columbia PO

Bishop, Alfred, 210-2, Pvt Co I, 6th KY Cav, 5-14-62 to 6-29-65, Springhill PO , gun shot through body

Bishop, Frank M., 201-1, Sol, 13th Civil Dist.

Black, L.W., 194-1, Columbia PO, this man is away & I canít get dates

Blackwell, John, 210-7, Pvt, PO omitted

Blakely, Harriet, 192-1, widow, 8th Civil Dist

Bonds, Willis, (sic), 193-2, Pvt Co D, 100th OH Inf; 9-15-62 to 3-15-63; PO omited

Booker, Lemuel, 196-2, Cpl Co C, 40th __; ( 2 yrs 2 mos); Columbia PO

Booker, Lige, 189-1, Pvt 7th TN Cav; Hurricane Switch PO;

Bradford, Nathaniel, 200-1, Teamster TN Tnf; 4-63 to 10-64; Mt Pleasant PO

Brinkley, Jerry, 191-, Pvt Co E, 111th TN Vol; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Bigbyville PO

Brooks, Samuel, 213-2, Pvt Co A, US; 5-61 to 5-65; Rally Hill PO

Brown, Albert, 198-2, 10th Dist

Brown, Ben, 198-2, 10th Dist

Brown, Campbell, 210-2, Maj 3rd TN Inf; 61 to 5-61; ( 4 mos sic); Spring Hill PO

Brown , John, 195-1, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Brown, Robbert, 210-6, Pvt Co I, OH Cav; (2 yrs); Spring Hill PO

Brown, Samuel T, 198-2, 10th Dist

Brown, William H, 210-7, Sgt Kellies Escort; 10-21-61 to 5-1-65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Brown, William R, 210-4, Sgt Co A, 48th TN Inf; 61 to 65; Carterís Creek PO

Buford, Hardin, 210-1; Pvt; Spring Hill PO

Buford, William, 195-1, Co A, 110th TN Vol; Columbia PO

Bullard, George A, 193-3 SOL; Columbia PO

Bunch, James W, 210-5, Pvt Co A, 48th TN Inf; 10-62 to 5-20-65 ; Carterís Creek PO; CONF

Burns, Stephen, 213-2, Pvt Co F, 1st US TN Inf; 63 to 65; Rally Hill PO

Burus, John, 195-3, Mary widow OF; SOL; Co C, 57th IL Vol; 62 to 66; Columbia PO

Bulter, Lewis, 190-1, Pvt Co F, 110th Col Inf; 63 to __; Culleoka PO

Caldwell, John W, 209-5, Pvt Co C, 3rd TN Inf; 10-861 to 10-7 65; Darks Mills PO; prisoner 7 mos, Fort Warren, MA; CONF

Caldwell, WilliamA, 209-7, Pvt Co C, 3rd TN Inf; 5-61 to 5-23-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Cales, James, 203-1, 15th Civil Dist

Calvin, Fead, 193-1, Pvt; Columbia PO

Campbell, Al, 191-1, Susan Widow of; Pvt Co G, 13tg TN Vol; 63 to 66; Bigbyvile PO

Campbell, M.C. 210-3, Pvt & Capt Co G, 1st TN Inf; 5-1-61 to 5-1-65; SpringHill PO; shot in right leg; CONF

Cannon, Zachariah, 201-1, Pvt Co G, 40th USC Inf; 12-23-6? to 2-6-66; Mt Pleasant PO

Caperton, John H, 210-7, Marget J. widow of; Pvt Co C, MIS Inf; 62 to 63; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Cartuthers, Lee, 193-1, Pvt Co D, 111th OH Cav; 5-2-63 to 3-15-65; Columbia PO

Cates, Solomon, 200-1, Pvt Co E, 111th USC Inf; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Mt. Pleasant PO

Cecil, Joseph, 203-1, Pvt Co E,12th TN Inf; Mt. Pleasant PO; shot through right ankle

Cecil, Joseph, 203-1, Pvt Co E, 111th TN Inf; 4-20-64 to 4-30-66; Hampshire PO; wagon ran over him, was driving teams, is very much troubled with left hip & index finger of left hand; is almost useless

Ceicle?, Ben, 197-2, Af\daline Frierson formerly widow of; Pvt; 63 to 65; Columbia PO

Chairs, Nancy, 211-1, mother & widow of; Kedron PO

Chairs, Nathaniel F, 210-7, MY 3rd TN Inf; 61 to 5-65; Spring Hill Po; CONF

Chambers, David, 211-1, Com Sgt Co M, 28th IND Cav; 10-15-63 to 7-12-64; Spring Hill PO; crippled in back and heart disease

Chatman, Pombat, 210-2, Cpl Co C, 40th TN Inf; 2 yrs 6 mos, Spring Hill PO

Cheatham, William A, 195-1, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Church, Allen B, 210-4, Pvt Co E, 9th TN Cav; 9-65 to 65 (3mos); Carterís Creek PO CONF

Clark, James, 200-1, Pvt Co D, 13th Inf; 5-1-65 to 1-6-66; Mt Pleasant PO

Cleggette, John, 197-1, Sgt Co K; 12-__-63 to 65; Columbia PO; shot in right side

Clegit, John, 210-7, Annis widow of; Pvt; Spring Hill PO

Coffee, James, 193-1, Jane widow of; Pvt Co D, 63 to 3-15-65; Columbia PO

Coleman, Berry, 210-5, Pvt Co H, TN Cav; 63 to 64; (4 mos); Carterís Creek PO; CONF

Coleman, James M, 211-1, Cpl Co A, 12th Rells? Inf Col; 7-20-63 to 1-16-66; Britton PO; rheumatism, this entry crossed out and written in below is: McKissick, Augustis Col

Colinan, James M, 210-2, Pvt; 61 to 65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Conner, Frank, 196-2, Sgt Co A, 111th US Inf; 1-1-64 to 4-13-66; Columbia PO

Cooper, David, 209-6, Pvt; 7th TX; 62 to 64; Columbia PO; CONF

Cooper, Levy, 205-1, Pvt; 6 mos; Water Valley PO; engaged in building works at Columbia, TN

Corcoran, David e, 195-1, Emaline Widow of; Sol; widow donít know; Columbia PO

Coward, Lot, 192-1, Pvt Co C, 57th IL Inf; 1-1-63 to 7-1-64; Columbia PO; rhuematism in ankle

Craig, Jane M. 191-3, widow; 7th Dist

Crawford, George, 205-1, Jane widow of; Water Valle PO; all papers lost

Crews, Polk, 190-1, Pvt Co A, 14th Col Inf; 12-63 to 66; Culleoka PO; says his papers got distoryed and canít give dates accurately

Crutcher, Samuel, 213-1, Commissary & Pvt; 3-63 to 10-63 ; Glenns Store PO; was Commisary service

Crutcherville, Harrison, 210-1, Cpl Co D, 44th TN Inf; Col troops; 4-26-64 to 5-1-65; Spring Hill PO; captured by Hoodís rade

Daimwood, George G. 209-1, Pvt Co G, 24th TN Cav; Colubia PO; CONF

Dale, Duncan, 210-6, Sgt Co C, 15th TN Inf; 62 to 65; Mallard PO

Damwood, Samuel W, 209-1, Pvt Co G, 24th TN Cav; 61 to 65; Columbia PO; CONF

Davidson, Melvina, 191-1, widow of; 7th Dist

Davis, Charely, 197-2, Pvt Co D, 110th ; 63 to 5-65; Columbia PO; shot in ight leg and left flank and is & is inturnel injured man (sic)

Davis, Dock H, 20-9-5, Pvt Co A, 9th TN CAv; 10-62 to 8-3-63; Columbia PO; prisoner 1 mo. New Orleans; CONF

Davis, Eli, 209-3, Ovt; Columbia PO

Davis, James K. P; 209-5, 9th TN Cav; 10-1-62; 4-16-63; Columbia PO; wounded in the neck; CONF

Davis, Robbert, 210-2, Eliza widow of; Pvt; 2 yrs; SpringHill PO

Dawson, Cato, 200-2, Cpl Co E, 111th TN Inf; 63 to 65; Terry PO

Dawson, Warren, 201-1,Pvt Co E, 111th TN Inf; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Mt. Pleasant PO; pistol shot in left arm; suffers from ____ wound all the time

Dean, David, 196-2, Nancy Johnson formerly widow of; Columbia PO

Debro, Sam, 189-1, alis\as William Vaner, Pvt Co B, 15th Inf; 7-64 to 4-10-66; Hurricane Switch PO

Devine, Harriosn, 10\93-2, 1st Lt, Co E, 33rd IL Inf; 8-19-61 to 11-26-65; PO Omitted

Dexter. John C, 195-1, Ella C. widow of; SOL, wife donít know; Columbia PO

Dickson, Eliza, 200-2, Widow of; Mt. Pleasant PO

Diggs, Dudley, 197-1, Cook, Co I, 12th IL Reg; 4-17-65 to 7-11-65; Columbia PO

Dobbins, Nelson, 210-5, Pvt Co F, 110th TN Inf; 1-63 to 12-64; Carters Creek PO; weak lungs from measles

Dobbins, William A, 209-4, Pvt Co E, 9th Cav; 63 to 65; Columbia PO; CONF

Dodson, Lewis, 198-1, Pvt Co A, 13th US Reg; 63 to 64; Saw Dust PO; right leg wounded

Dooley, Francis M, 194-1, Scout, 14th MI Mtd Inf; 11-1-63 to 1-20-65; Columbia PO

Dooley, John L, 209-6, Mary widow of; Pvt Co G, 9th TN Inf; 3-62 to 63; Columbia PO; CONF

Dooley, Peter J, 209-1, Columbia PO; CONF

Dozier, James, 209-3, Pvt Co F, 138th GA; 5-1-65 to 12-23-65; Columbia PO

Dudley, Perry, 205-1, Pvt Co F, 138th GA US Inf; 8-64 to 5-65; Water Valley PO; all papers lost

Duglis, Ebb, 138-2, SgtCo D, 110th Cav; 63 to 66; Valesville PO

Eddy, Marvin L, 195-2, Sol; Co D, 1st OH Vol; 4-6-61 to 2-65; Columbia PO; exposure pneumonia

Edgar, James, 200-1, Sgt Co G, 9th IN Inf; 4-16-61 to 9-65; New Lothel PO; (Discarrer? Co MI) reenlisted in 87th and 1st US Vet Vol Engineers

Edwards, Polk, 200-2, PvtCo F, 55th US Inf; 5-20-63 to 12-31-65; Terry PO

Epps, Harrison, 210-1, Pvt; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Estes, George, Sgt Co E, 111th TN Inf; Ashwood PO

Evans, JamesF, 209-1, Columbia PO; CONF

Evins, Jack, 198-2, 10th Dist

Farrentine, Robert, 205-1, Pvt Co C, 13th US TN Inf; 1-15-63 to 2-15-65; Jones Valley PO; all papers lost

Farrer, James A, 200-2, Mt. Pleasant PO; wounded in knee

Farris, John D, 209-1, Mollie A. widow of; Columbia PO; CONF

Faster, Joseph M, 210-4, PvtCo G, 1st TN Inf; 3-1-61 to 6-18-65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Finley, Gutherie Sr, 200-2, Mt. Pleasant PO

Fitzgerald, Francis M. 210-5, Lt Co A, 48th TN Inf; 11-61 to 5-65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Fitzgerald, Patrick, 189-1, CarrieE. widow; Pvt; Hurricane Switch PO

Fitzpatrick, Alen, 189-1, Emeline widow of; William Bryant alias, Pvt, TN Tnf; Hurricane Switch PO;

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, 2nd ; 190-2, Pvt Co G, 110th Col Inf; 63 to 3-65; Culleoka PO; this man does not recollect date of enlistment or discharge

Fleming, Jacob, 198-2, 10th Dist

Forbes, Alexander, 210-6, Pvt Co, 8th MI Cav; 8-25-64 to 5-30-65; Mallard PO; lost sight left eye

Foresyth, Daniel, 197-2, Lizzie widow of; Pvt Co C, 9TN; 62 to 65; Columbia PO

Foxhall, John J, 209-5, Pvt; 48th TN; 9-62 to 8-65; Columbia PO

Frierson, Arthur, 198-2, 10th Dist

Frierson, Bill, 197-1, Sallie widow of; Pvt; 63 to 65; Columbia PO; now dead

Frierson, Billy, 198-1. Pvt, 13th US Reg, 63 to 65; Frierson PO; sickness caused by exposurer as a prisoner; wounded in foot, pensioner; wounded at Nashville

Frierson, Chafin, 194-1, Pvt Co E, 15th US Col Inf; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Columbia PO

Frierson,John, 197-1, Pvt; 62 to 65; Columbia PO

Frierson, Peter, 197-2, Pvt; 62 to 3-65; Columbia PO; feet frosted and all his toes came off

Frierson, Shaw, 199-1, PvtCo E, 11th TN Inf; Ashwood PO

Galbreath, John B, 209-4, Pvt Co G; 48th TN Inf; 11-62 to 8-1-65; Darks Mills PO; Sunstroke; CONF

Gartner, Howell, 195-1, was not at home and wife donít know; Columbia PO

Gartner, Micheal W, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Gray, John w, 210-3, Eliza J. widow ofl Pvt, 63 to 63; ( 1 mo); Spring Hill PO; CONF

Gestes, Abe, 198-1, 10th Dist

Gibson, James c, 20-1-1, Pvt Co h, 5th TN Cav; 12-20-61 to 1-1-65; Mt. Pleasant PO

Gilmore ?, john S, 195-2, Sol; Co H; IL Fau? Vol; Fall of __ to 5-4-66; ( 1 yr 6 mos); Columbia PO

Glenn, Osborne, 213-1, Cook, 9-61 to 11-61; Glennís Store PO; no discahrge

Goodloe, Gilbreath, 195-1, Co E, 111th TN Vol; 3-1-62 to 5-3-65; Columbia PO

Gordon, William B, 210-6, Pvt Co E, 1st TN Cav; 61 to captured 63; Columbia PO; shot through both feet; CONF

Gordon, John, 195-1, Lou widow of; Co A, 13th TN Vol; 8-12-63 to 1-10-66; Columbia PO

Gowlace, Ben, 198-1, 10th Dist

Grant, John F, 209-1, Margaret widow of; Pvt ; Columbia PO; CONF

Greenfield, Green, 205-2, Elizabeth Green widow of; Pvt 39th OH Inf; 63 to 65; Williamsport PO; papers lost

Greenlow, William E, 210-7, Pvt Co A, 1st TN Cav; 7-1-62 to 5-65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Gregory, David G, 209-5, Pvt Co A, Gants Bat; 11-62 to 65; Columbia PO; shot in leg at Nashville; CONF

Grundy, Owen, 194-1, Sgt Co B, 15th US Col Inf; 12-4-63 to 4-7-66; Columbia PO

Guess, John W, 205-2, Eliza widow of; Pvt Co B, 1st MS Rifle; Williamsport PO; deranged, died in asylum; papers sent to Washington DC

Guthrie, Antony, 195-2, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Haley, Harvey V, 209-5, Pvt Co G, TN; 2-63 to 10-63; Columbia PO; CONF

Hall, John, 193-1 , Martha Widow of; Pvt; 1-1-64 to 6-1-64; Columbia PO

Hammond, Presley, 190-1, alias Presly Owen, this man was only servant not a soldier; Stiverville PO; contracted hemorrhoids & suffers bably from them, by failure to get back to command; says he was cut off and never discharged

Hannah, Fred, 210-6, Pvt Co A, 9th TN Cav; 10-62 to 64; Mallard PO; CONF

Handen, Joshuwa, 210-6, margett widow of; 20th Dist

Hardin, James D, 210-1, Pvt; Independent PO

Harlan, Thomas, 209-4, Pvt Co A, 14th TN Inf; 10-63 to 3-13-65; Darks Mill PO; shot in left thigh; CONF

Harland, Randal, 200-2, Pvt Co D, 13th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-10-66; Mt. Pleasant PO; back crippled in service

Harries, Mack, 197-2, Chancy widow of; Pvt; 62 to 65; Columbia PO

Harris, George, Pvt; 128th IL Cav; Hurricane Switch PO

Hattlon, Phillip, 213-1, Margaret widow of; Blacksmith, 3-62 to 3-63; Glenns Store PO

Head, Charles G., 191-1, 7th Dist

Helm, Alexander, 189-2, Jane widow of; Pvt Co A, 13th TN Inf; 3 yrs. 4 mos.; hurricane Switch PO

Henderson, John, 190-1, alias John H. English, Pvt Co D, 110th Col Inf; 10-64 to 2-66; Culleoka PO

Hendricks, John, 188-1, Cpl Co D, 17th OH Inf; 3-13-63 to 7-16-65; Parks Station PO

Hicks, Joel W, 205-1, Sgt Co E, 2nd TN CAV; 9-16-62 to 7-7-65; Williamsport PO

Higby, George D, 195-3, Sol; Columbia PO

Higdon, Vecey, 190-1, widow of; Fountain Creek PO; does not know command of husband

Hill, Abe, 198-1, 10th Dist

Hill, Henry, 198-1, 10th Dist

Hill, Thomas J, 197-2, Pvt, 14th Col TN; 62 to 65; Columbia PO

Holman, Daniel, 210-6, Mollie widow of; Pvt; Inf; Millards PO

Holman, William, 209-4, Pvt Co G, 9th TN Cav; 10-61 to 5-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Holmon, 190-2, alias Jack Holman, Pvt Co D, 15th Col Inf; 9-12-64 to 4-7-66; Culleoka PO

Holt, Tobe?, 195-2, So; Co G, 111th TN Vol; 6-63 to 5-66; Columbia PO

Holt, William, 202-1, Pvt Co B, 8th TN Cav; 3-26-63 to 7-27-65; 14th Dist

Holt, William, (dee) 189-1, Pvt Co G, 110th TN Inf; Hurricane Switch PO

Hook, Peter, 205-2, Williams, Catherine formerly widow of; Pvt; Williamsport PO; papers in Washington DC

Housen, Lewis, 198-1, 10th Dist

Hummel, Frederick, 193-2, High Pvt, 79th OH; 7-62 to 6-65; PO omitted

Hurt, Claiborne, 213-1, Pvt Co K, 12th TN Inf; 8-7-63 to 4-65; Glenns Store PO

Hurt, John, 213-1, Susan J. widow of; Pvt, 15th MI Cav; 7-12-61 to 4-1-64; Ralley Hill PO

Hurt, John Jr., 213-1, Pvt Co K, 12th TN Inf; 8-7-63 to 1-65; Ralley Hill PO; feet frost bit, now suffering from rheumatism

Hutchison, Charles, Col; Columbia PO

Irvin, Lucas, 210-5, alias Lucius Hamlet, Pvt Co I, 111th US Col Inf; 2-1-64 to 64 ( 7 mos 25 days) Spring hill PO; taken prisoner 9-25-64 at Sulphur Branch, TN

Irvine, Nicholas, 196-1, Sgt co C, 40th Reg, 5-64 to 66; Columbia PO

Irwin, Cal, 197-1, Pvt Co B, 15th Col Inf; 64 to 4-12-65; Columbia PO; shot in both legs

Isbell, James R., 199-1, Pvt co B, Cav; Mt. Pleasant PO

Jack, Samuel E.G, 210-5, Pvt; Mury Art. Infp Co; 10-61 to paroled 7-63; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Jackson, Elijah J, 213-2, 2nd Sgt Co A, 47th NC Inf; 5-61 to 7-65; Hardisonís Mills PO; CONF

Jameson, Thomas E, 210-4. Maj Co A, 48th TN Inf; 11-27-61 to 7-27-65; Carters Creek PO; shot through left thigh; CONF

Jameson, William A, 210-4, Pvt Co C, 9th TN Cav; 62 to 64; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Jarratt, Cy, 210-5, Pvt Co A, 12th TN Inf; 8-63 to 1-16-65; Carters Creek PO; weak eyes from smallpox

Johnson, Asa, 196-2, Sgt Co C, 15th Reg; Fall 63 till mustered out; 2 yrs 4 mos; Columbia PO

Johnson, John, 190-1, Pvt Co D, 8th MI Cav; 4-14-63 to 6-10-65; Fountain Creek PO

Johnson, John, 197-1, Pvt CO E, 9th TN; 62 to 64; Columbia PO; crippled right leg; CONF

Johnson, Thomas, 200-1, Sofronia P. widow of; Pvt; Terry PO; has never recd. Pension

Johnson, Wiley W, 199-1, Pvt Co H, 5th TN Cav; 8-16-63 to 8-14-65; Ashwood PO

Johnson, William, 195-2, Mollie widow of; Sol; Columbia PO

Johnson, William H. 209-6, Pvt, 1st TN Cav; 3-64 to 12-64; Columbia PO

Jones, Alex, 209-5, Pvt, Co D, 1st TN Inf; 62 to 65; Columbia PO; prisoner 2 yrs Camp Morton, IN; CONF

Jones, Eli, 192-1, Pvt Co D, 44th TN Inf; 4-16-64 to 5-26-66; Columbia PO; not wounded

Jones, Jason, 198-2, 10th Dist

Jones, Silas M, 209-6, Pvt Co G, 9th TN Cav; 3-64 to 9-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Jones, Silus M, 209-1, Pvt Co G, 9th TN Cav; 9-64 to 3-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Jones, Stephens, 191-1, Pvt Co E, 111th TN vol; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Bigbyville PO

Karz, William J.M.G, 210-4, Pvt Co E, 2nd TN Cav; 61 to 5-65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Kemp, Crosby, 193-1, Pvt; Columbia PO

Kemp, Webster, 203-1, Pvt Co F, 13th TN Inf; 2-20-65 to 1-10-66; Hampshire PO

Kerr, James P, 210-7, Pvt Co H, 48th TN Inf; 12-12-61 to 3-1-63; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Kerr, Robert M, 210-6, Pvt Co H, 48th TN Inf; 12-12-61 to 12-14-64; Mallard PO; injured rheumatism: CONF

Kincaid, John L, 109-4, Pvt Co B, 3rd TN Inf; 10-10-61 to 5-5-65; Columbia PO; prisoner, Camp Morton, 7 mos; CONF

Kinnard, David M, 210-5, Ophelia E., widow of; Pvt CO B, 2nd KY Cav; 4062 to 5-65; Carters Creek PO; dropsy; CONF

Kinzer, John H, 197-2, Sgt Co D, 44th Col __; 3-64 to 64; Columbia PO; frosted feet

Kippas, Mathew, 194-1, Drummer Co A, 17th US Inf; 4-7-62 to 2-7-65; Columbia PO

Kittrell, Hardy, 198-1, Pvt Co A, 111th US Reg; 1-10-64 to 9-12-64; Canaan PO; gunshot wound in leg in the army of US

Knuckles, Jerry, 210-4, Pvt Co F, 138 GA Inf; 4-65 to 12-65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Krisly, John W, 207-1, Pvt Co H, 12th TN Inf; 1-63 to 12-65; Loco PO; misplaced discharge

Lancaster, John C, 197-1, Pvt Co A, 63 to 65; Columbia PO; CONF

Lane, Joseph, 193-2, 53rd IL Cav; 3-15-62 to 3-15-65; PO omitted

Lane, William M, 210-2, Pvt, 2nd TN Inf; 5-1-63 to 8-3-65; Spring Hill PO

Lenire, Andrew, 191-1, Cpl Co A, 15th TN Vol; 11-63 to 2-12-66; Bigbyville PO

Larkin, Joseph, 197-2; Pvt Co E, 49th __; __ to 64; Columbia PO

Lee, Aleck, 213-2, Pvt Co A, 12th US TN Inf; 62 to 65; Rally Hill PO

Lee, Alsa, 210-2, Pvt Co G, 11th TN Cav; 3-61 to 4-65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Lee, William, 211-1, Pvt; 62 to 65; Britton PO; rheumatism

Lee, William J, 210-2, 2nd Lt. Co A, 48th TN Inf; 11-20-61 to 4-65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Lee, William J, 195-3, Columbia PO

Lent, James M. 193-1; 2nd Lt. Co F, 10th OH Cav; 9-14-62 to 1-14-65; Columbia PO

Lewis, James, 209-6, Pvt Co A, 48th TN; 61 to 63; Columbia PO; prisoner 7 months, Johnson Island; CONF

Limane, Thomas M, 210-5, Pvt Co F, 3rd TN Inf; 5-18-61 to 10-9-62; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Lipscomb, Samuel, 196-2, Columbia PO

Lockridge, Porter T, 209-3, Martha A. widow of; Pvt Co I, 11th Inf; 62 to 65; Columbia PO; prisoner 8 monts; canít tell where

Loftin, James J, 209-7, Columbia PO; CONF

Loftin, John W, 209-6, Pvt Co G, 9th TN Cav; 62 to 63; Columbia PO; CONF

Loftin, Lovick, 209-7, Sgt Co G, 5th MO Cav; 6-3-61 to 6-16-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Loftin, William, 209-6, Sallie A. widow of; Pvt Co C, 48th TN Cav; 12-1-63 to 12-1-64; Columbia PO;

Lollar, Cabean, 210-3, Mary F., widow of; Pvt; Cav; 61 to 62; Carters Creek PO; discharged on account of bad health

Long, Caesar, 199-1, Hester widow of; Pvt Co E, 46th US C I; Columbia PO

Lyle, William, 20-5-2, Pvt Co C; 11th TN Inf; 63 to 65; Williamsport PO; 3rd finger wound, papers lost

Lynch, Henry, 210-1, Harriet widow of; Co I, 44th Inf; ( 3 yrs); Spring Hill PO; wounded in left hip

Mack, Alexnader, 190-2, June Moore daughter of; Culleako PO; she does not know command of her husband

Mahon, James, 209-4, Pvt Co e, 9th TN Cav; 6-1-63 to 3-1-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Mallard, John R, 210-6, Pvt Co A, 4th TN Cav; 6-17-61 to 5-24-65; Mallard PO; shot through hip; CONF

Mangrun, James N, 209-5, Pvt Co A, 9th TN Cav; 10-1-62 to 7-1-63; Columbia PO; CONF

Marlin, Robert, 209-7, Pvt; Columbia PO; CONF

Marshall, Lewis O, 190-1, Capt Co D, 30th WI Inf; 8-18-62 to 9-21 -65; Orderly Sgt Co F, 1st WI Inf; 8-28-61 to 62; Culleako PO

Martin, Harvey, 199-1, Pvt Co A, 13th TN Inf; 8-12-63 to 1-10-66; Ettaton PO

Martin Robert, 209-3, Pvt; Columbia PO

Mathews, James, 193-1, Carolline widow of; Pvt; 63 to 65; Columbia PO

Mathis, James, 200-1, Pvt Co F, 13th TN Inf; 63 to 65; Summertown PO (Lawrence CO) ankle and shoulder dislocated in service, made proof in 1888, recd. No pay

Matthews, Martin, 199-1, Pvt Co E, 110th TN Inf; Mt. Pleasant PO

Mayes, Sidney, 195-2, Nannie widow of; Co a, 13th TN; Columbia PO

McCarmel, Edmund, 190-2, alias Edmound Alexius?; Pvt Co G, 110th Col Inf; 10-63 to 2-65; Culleako PO; this man was mustered in at Kington, GA and mustered out Huntsville, AL

Carroll (alias Boyd), Gilbert, 196-2, Sgt Co E, 17th OH; 3-63 till mustered out. 3 yrs 2 mos; Columbia PO

McClannahan, Benjamin F, 209-7, Malinda widow of; Pvt Co C, 1st TN Cav; 6-1-61 to 6-65; Columbia PO

McCady, John R, 210-6, Pvt Co K, 1st TN Cav; 1-62 to 63; Spring Hill PO; CONF

McDowell, Malcolm, 209-1, Pvt; Columbia PO

McKay, James A, 210-4, Cpl Co E, 1st TN Cav; 61 to 4-65; Carters Creek PO

McKelvey, Mathew G, 188-1, Lt Co D, 1st AR Inf; 7-20-62 to 1-6-63; Bryantís Station PO; ankle throne out of place

McKissack, Alany, 210-7, Sgt Co F, 3rd TN Inf; 5-61 to 5-65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

McKissack. Orville W, 210-2, Pvt in Gen. Forestís Escort, __ to 65; Spring Hill PO; wounded in left leg; CONF

McKissack, Levi, 210-1, Harriet widow of; Pvt Co G, 110th Inf; __ to 65 (3 yrs) Spring Hill PO

McPherson, John, 190-1, Pvt co B, 111th Col Inf; Fountain Creek PO; donít know where he was enlisted but was mustered out at Chattanooga, TN

Mc Roberts, William C, Pvt Co A, 66th OH Inf; 10-11-61 to 7-11-62; Columbia PO

Meadows, William D, 210-1; Spring Hill PO; hired a substitute; CONF

Meaks, Frank; 197-1, Dansey widow of; Pvt Co C, 63 to 65; Columbia PO

Miller, Abe, 193-1, Orderly Co A,; 1-15-63 to 1-1-65; Columbia PO

Miller, John G, 210-3, Pvt Co A, 10th TN Inf; 11-14-64 to 4-9-66; Spring Hill POí Milner, Eliga, 197-2, Pvt Co F, 138__; 5-63 to 65; Columbia PO; shot in right arm and left side

Mitchel, William H, 209-1, Pvt Co B, 3rd TN Cav; Columbia PO

Mitchell, Aleck, 200-1, Adaline wife of; Cpl, Co E, 111th USC Inf; 2-10-64 to 4-30-66; Mt Pleasant PO

Mitchell, William T, 209-6, 1st Lt Co B, 33rd TN; 5-61 to 5-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Moffet, Patrick H, 195-1, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Moody, Jones, 209-5, Columbia PO; prisoner 3 mos at Murfreesboro; CONF

Mooningham, James H, 188-1; Pvt Co K, 115th OH Inf; 64 to __; Parks Station PO; taken prisoner, paroled

Morgan, Lot, 192-1, 8th Civil Dist

Morgan, Rufus, 195-2, Sol; Co C, 57th IL Vol; 3 yrs. Columbia Po; wounded at Corinth; canít bet about at times

Moseley, Samuel s. 209-5, Capt, 1st TN Cav; 4-61 to 4-62; Columbia PO; CONF

Mullen, Rueben, 213-1, Cook; Glenns Store PO; Pressed into service as cook

Nelson, James F. 211-1, Scout for 24th Army Corpse; 12-17-62 to 8-63; Lava PO

Nicholas, Bennett A. 210-4, Sgt Co C, 9th TN Cav; 62 to 65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Odell, William, 209-5, Capt Co B, 1st KY Cav; 4-61 to 4-64; Columbia PO

Odell, William A.J. 209-3. Sarah E. widow of; Cpl Co B, 1st KY Cav; 4-61 to 4-64; Columbia PO

Odil. John C, 210-6, Pvt Co, 9th TN Cav; 2-14-63 to 5-12-65; Mallards PO; CONF

Ogilvie, Elijah, 209-6, Pvt, Columbia PO CONF

Orman, Robbert L. 210-2, Pvt CO F, 3rd TN Inf; 4-61 to 65; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Ostis. Henry S, 210-2, Mary N., widow of; Lt, 11th MS Inf; 4-61 to 4-10-65; Spring Hill PO; wounded in leg

Padgett, William S. 209-7, Pvt, Co C, 1st TN Inf; 62 to 65; Columbia PO; CONF

Parks, Milus, 213-1, Blacksmith, OH Cav; 2-61 to 3-64; Rally Hill PO; cut on arm by horse

Paton, Angeline, 197-12, Macedonia PO

Patterson, Thomas, 200-2, Terry PO; canít tell nothing of service

Perry, Foster, 193-2, 62 to 65; PO omitted

Phillips, Martha A, 210-4, Carters Creek PO

Pierce, John R, 199-1, Eliza C. widow of; Pvt Co I, 2nd TN Inf; Campbellsville PO

Pillow, George, 189-1, Pvt Co A, 15th TN Inf; 4 mos. Columbia PO

Pillow, Sam, 197-1, Cpl Co E, 15th Col Reg; 4-63 to __; Columbia PO

Pinder, George, 192-1, Pvt Co G, IN Inf; 7-1-62 to 9-1-65; Kirbyville PO; foot shot

Polk, Samuel, 207-1, Theta PO; away from home and not seen, his family could not tell nothing

Porter, Allen, 195-2, alais Carter, Allen, Sol; Co A, 15th TN Inf. 12-2-63 to 4-7-65; Columbia PO

Porter, John L. 209-6, Pvt Co C, 48th TN Inf; 12-1-61 to 6-1-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Porter, John L, 209-1, Pvt Co C, 48th TN Inf; 12-61 to 1-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Potter, Ezra, 200-1, Pvt Co D, 110th TN Inf; 12-4-62 to 2-7-65; terry PO

Pratt, William Jm 193-2, Courier, 12th TN Cav; 9-15-63 to 3-15-65; Columbia PO

Quarterman, William A, 195-3, Col; Co C, 48th OH Vol; 10-3-61 to 6-20-65; Columbia PO

Rainey, Thomas, 196-1, Celia widow of; Pvt Co A, 100th __; Columbia PO

Rankans, Martin, 19702, Pvt Co A, 13th US; 8-12-63 to 1-66; Columbia PO; shot in the right foot

Reece, Wilson, 210-2, Susan widow of; Pvt, 12th TN Inf; 2 yrs; Spring Hill PO

Ricks, Mose, 205-1, Linda widow of; Williamsport PO; papers lost

Riley, James, 194-1, Cpl Co A, 100 KY Inf; 5-22-64 to 1-1-66; Columbia PO

Rivers, Alfred, 195-2, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Roberson, James, 201-1, Mt. Pleasant PO

Robertson, Zedoc F. 210-2; Pvt; 61 to 65; Carters Creek PO; enlisted at beginning & served during the entire war

Robinson, David, 190-1. Pvt Co A, 2nd TN Mtd Inf; 9-15-63 to not discharged; Culleaka PO; does not have his papers and donít know date of enlistment or discharge

Roddy, Holston, 210-5, Pvt Co C, Ths. Ley Inf; 8-4-62 to 3-31-65; Carters Creek PO; CONF

Rodgers, Henry, 196-1, Pvt Co B, 13th Reg; 5-61 to 63; Columbia PO; left arm

shattered by bursting gun in the army

Oth, Martha, widow of; Sol; Mt. Pleasant PO

Roundtree, Albert, 210-4, Mary widow of; Sgt Co C, 13th TN Inf; 3 mos. Carters Creek PO; died of smallpox

Samuel, Norman, 189-1, Pvt Co d, 45th US Cav; 5-2-63 to 11-6-66; Columbia PO

Sanders, David, 193-1, Pvt Co D, 111th OH Cav; 5-2-63 to 9-6-63; Columbia PO

Sanders, Henry, 193-1, Pvt; 1-1-63 to 3-1-5-65; Columbia PO

Sanders, James A., 195-1, Pvt Co G, 1st TN Inf; 5-1-61 to 5-65; Jidian PO; shot through left leg; CONF

Satterfield, John, 195-1, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Scruggs, D.S. 197-1, Pvt Co C, 111th US Inf; 63 to --; Columbia PO

Seattles, Jos., 196-1, discharge is out of seattles hands just now; Columbia; one eye shot out

Sellers, Bob, 210-5, Pvt Co A, 13th TN Inf; 8-62 to 65; Mallard PO; shout though finger

Sellers, William, 210-5, Pvt Co D, 3rd TN Inf; 64 to deserted 65. (5 mos) Carters Creek PO

Sewill, Doss, 205-1, Adelaide widow of; 15th TN Inf; Williamport PO; papers lost

Shack, James, 192-1, Pvt Co A, 1st TN Inf; 1-26-62 to 7-1-63; Bigbyville PO; not wounded

Sheddan, William F, 202-1, Nancy J. widow of; Hospital Steward, Co B, 4th TN Inf; 4-1-63 to 8-2-65; 14th Civil Dist

Shegay, Anderson, 191-1, Pvt Co A, 12th TN Vol; Bigbyville PO

Sheppheard, Alfred R, 199-2, Pvt Co E, 14th MI Inf; Mt. Pleasant PO

Sherald, Mariah, 197-2, Macedonia PO

Smith, George, 200-2, 12th Dist

Smith, James, 209-4, Pvt; Columbia {P

Smith, Robbert, 210-1, Pvt Co A, 7th GA Inf; 9-21-61 to Leeís surrender 1865 ;Spring Hill PO; CONF

Sowell, James A, 209-7, Pvt Co E, 27th TN Inf; 8-18-61 to 4-26-65; Mallard PO; CONF

Spence, Robert, 210-1; Marian widow of; Pvt; Spring Hill PO

Spencer, James K.P., 1991-, Pvt Co H, 5th TN Cav; 7-15-62 to 8-14-65; Mt. Plesant PO

Staggs, George B, 200-1, Susan widow of; Sgt Co H, ? TN; 64 to 4-17-65; Terry PO; shot through left foot; on pension, No: 159232, date 4-26-1879

Stephenson, Grant, 198-2, 10th Dist

Stephenson, John Jackson, 211-1, Pvt Co F, 113th OH Col; 3-63 to 6-65; Britton PO; disease of side

Stewart, Charles S, 209-6, Pvt Co A, 9th TN; 61 to 65; Columbia PO; CONF

Stratton, Peter L. 196-1, Pvt Co A, 14th Reg; 8-62 to 63; to 66; Columbia PO; eye shot out (right eye)

Stratton, Watking, 198-1; 10th Dist

Strayhorn, Phillip. 205-1, Pvt Co E, 111th MS Inf; 63 to 5-65; Williamsport PO; middle finger of right hand wounded

Stults, Lonzo D, 205-1, Pvt Co F, 40th OH Inf; 4-61 to 5-65; Water Valley PO; detached locomitive engineer

Taner, Nathaniel, 188-1, Pvt Co K, 5th TN Inf; 3-26-62 to 6-65; Grovelin PO; shot in left leg

Tanner, James K, 195-1, Sol; wife donít know; Columbia PO

Taylor, Wesley, 190-2, Pvt Co E, 110th Col Inf; 11-63 to __; Culleoka PO; deserted

Thead, john T, 188-1, Pvt Co J, 4th TN Inf; 2-11-65 to 8-25-65; Bryants Station PO; rib broke

Thomas, Isham, 191-3, 7th Dist

Thomas, Richard, 205-1, Pvt Co A, 101st TN US Inf; 8-63 to 1-65; Water Valley PO; papers lost

Thompson, Edmund, 196-1, Pvt Co K, 12th Reg; __ to 66; (2 yrs 6 mos) Columbia PO

Thompson, Horace E, 210-2, Emma widow of, Sailor; 4 years; Spring Hill PO

Thompson, James. T.S, 210-7, Leanora W. widow of; Lt; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Tidwell, James, 193-1, Susan widow of; Pvt; no dates; (2yrs); Columbia PO

Tidwell, William B, 209-5, Pvt Co A, 35th AL Inf; 4-62 to 65; Columbia PO; prisoner 4 months New Orleans; CONF

Tierson, Geroge, 198-2; 10th Dist

Tierson, Monroe, 198-2; 10th Dist

Travis, Jacob, 205-2, Pvt Co E, 98th OH Inf; 7-24-64 to 5-65; Manlyville PO

Tucker, Wilson M, 210-6, Pvt Co G, 1st TN Inf; 2-6-63 to 64; Spring Hill PO; CONF

Tyler, Jasper F, 190-1, Pvt Co D,1st AL Cav; 2-22-63 to 7-1-63; Culleoka PO; chronic diarrhoea, chronic bronchitis

Underwood, James J, 209-4, Pvt Co A, 48th TN Inf; 12-61 to 5-65; Columbia PO; prison, Camp Douglas; skull fractured; CONF

Underwood, John W, 210-6, Pvt Co B, 2nd TN Cav; 10-15-62 to 5-10-65; Mallard PO; CONF

Vanleer, Reuben, 194-1, Pvt Co f, 16th US Col Inf; 1-1-64 to 7-1-66; Columbia PO; shot in right shoulder and left hip, transferred to 101st Col Inf

Vaughan, Calvin, 189-1, Pvt Co F, 1st TN Inf; no dates; (2 yrs 4 mos) PO omitted

Voorheis, William M, 209-5, Col, 48th TN; 7-61 to 8-65; Columbia PO; CONF

Waddle, James S, 210-4, Pvt Co A, 1st TN Cav; 5-61 to 65; Carters Creek PO

Walker, Calvin, 193-2, Pvt Co D, 111th OH Cav; 1-15-63 to 3-15-65; PO omitted

Walker, Harvey, 192-1, Celia widow of; PO omitted; papers lost; widow drawing pension

Walkins, Henry, 197-2, Dollie widow of; Pvt, 12th __; 63 to 65; Columbia PO

Warren, Samuel, 196-2, Pvt Co c, 42th Reg; 7-63 to 10-65; Columbia PO; struck by lighting within service; now paralyzed and can not walk scarely without sticks

Washington, Louis, 196-1, Susan widow of , Pvt Co A, Lt. Art; 2 yrs 11 mos; Columbia PO

Watkins, Daniel, 198-1, Pvt Co A, 13th Col TN Reg; 8-25-63 to 1-25-64; Canaan PO; side, shoulder and leg caused by falling off a log while building breastworks

Webster, Martin, 196-1, Cpl Co B, 13th Reg; 2 yrs 9 mos; Columbia PO

Weller, John, 190-1, Pvt Co H, 106th OH Inf; 10-3-64 to 7-17-65; Culleoka PO

Wheatly, Daniel W. 209-4, Cpl Co ?, 48th TN Inf; 10-1-61 to 7-1-64; Columbia PO; prisoner at Fort Donelson, TN 2 mos. ;CONF

White, John, 203-1 alais White, Scott, Pvt Co I, 14th TN Inf; 12-10-63 to 12-20-65; Hampshire PO

Wiley, Ben, 190-2, alais Ben Abernathy, Pvt Co D, 110th Col Inf; 62 to 65; Culleoka PO; this man has lost discahrge appers and does not recollect date of enlistment or discharge

Wiley, John F, 213-1, Mary J. widow of; Lt; __ to 65; Glenns Store PO

Williams, Hardin, 194-1, Musican, Co G, 14th US Inf; 11-1-63 to 3-26-66; Columbia PO

Wilson, John L, 194-1, Sallie E. widow of; Major, Co K, 21st IL Inf; Columbia PO; canít find out when enlisted or discharged

Wingfield, Albert, Fifer, Co H, 13th Reg; 9-21-63 to 1-10-66; Columbia PO; flesh wound in groin

Winston, John, 196-1; Pvt Co I, 12th REG; 3 yrs 6 mos; Columbia POí eye sight weakened from smallpox caught in the army

Yokley, Charissa A. M, 191-3; 7th Dist

Young, Lewis, 196-2, Minerva Jestis formerly widow of; 111th US Inf; Columbia PO

Young, Simon, 193-1; Pvt; 1-63 to 3-14-65; Columbia PO

All spelling is taken like it was written. At the time of the 1890 U.S. Census, the Census Office undertook an enumeration of all veterans who had served in the Union forces during the Civil War. In addition to names of the veterans (and their widows, if deceased) the schedules were to include branch of service, unit served with, dates of enlistment and discharge, current post office address, disability incurred plus "other information necessary for a complete statement of the veteran's term of service. Unfortunately the schedules are far from complete or correct.

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