Norwegian Cemetery

(Also called Zion Cemetery)


Location: The cemetery is now within the city limits of Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee. From the square in Lawrenceburg, go west on Waterloo St. When the road divides, follow the right fork (Buffalo Rd.) rounding a curve and going up a slight incline to the traffic light. Go through the traffic light and travel a little over a mile. The cemetery is on your right on a slight rise. There are a great number of unmarked graves easily found because they are slightly sunken in. Some monuments are leaning and others are broken with names and dates unreadable. One stone has appeared for many years as if it would topple off the bank and into the road. Although overgrown for many years, the cemetery is now taken care of by the City of Lawrenceburg.


ANDERSON, Holver, died 13 June 1903, age 70 yrs., 5 mos., 7 days

ANDERSON, Anna, died 16 June 1894, age 59 yrs.

ANDERSON, Lennonard, born 22 Aug. 1895, died 14 Aug. 1819, son of A. A. & L.

ANDERSON, Everd Norman, born 25 Apr. (?), died 24 Sept. (?) son of J. H. & I. (Stone broken       where dates are)

ANDERSON, Thomas, died 18 Oct. 1894, 18 yrs., 9 mos., 18 days

ANDERSON, Mrs. Lena, died 9 Apr. 1947, 83 yrs. old


ELLINGSON, Thomas D., born 11 Dec. 1893, died 23 Aug. 1907

ELLINGSON, Olina P., born 25 May 1880, died 27 Oct. 1898

ELLINGSON, Ingeborg Larson, born 28 Mar. 1857, died 31 Oct. 1898, wife of E. O.

ELLINGSON, Rudolf B., born 6 Jan. 1895, died 30 Apr. 1895


HEEN, Andrew, born 26 Jan. 1855 in Rakkestad, Norway, died 30 Aug. 1897. ďA Husband, Father Dear, a faithful friend is buried here.


LARSON, John N., born 13 Sept. 1858, died 3 Aug. 1917


PAULSON, J. O., died Aug. 1904 (Information came from obituary in Lawrence Union Newspaper)