Guidelines For Requesting Research
From The Lawrence County Archives 


I will gladly perform research for offsite requests. Any requests for information to our office by email, regular mail or telephone will be handled as quickly as possible.  However, the waiting period between your initial request and when I actually perform the research could be anywhere from one week to a few months.  I have an overwhelming amount of requests and can not possibly keep up with them. There are also many on-site researchers whose needs must be served first. I also have many daily tasks to do and various projects I am usually working on. IF you need pages copied from a particular surname family file folder (consists of research donated to the archives or copies of research we have preformed for off-site requests), we will still do this as time permits. This link will take you to the web page listing all the family file folders and this link to the web page that has an inventory of the compiled books housed at the archives.

Before requesting a search, and in order to expedite your request, please read all of the information below and follow the few rules listed.

1)  Only submit a request for research on one surname at a time.  After you receive the copies pertaining to your query, then you may submit another request.  The second request will fall in line behind other people who have submitted requests between your first and second request.  This will allow us to provide this service for more off-site researchers so the backlog will not be as large.

2)  When requesting a search, send the names and dates that you know and if you are looking for something specific.  DO NOT request EVERYTHING the archives has on a particular surname.  The information found might only be a few pages, or it could be hundreds of pages and there will be a fee for extensive research. 

3)  If you only want certain records checked, please specify which records you need, not to exceed 3 records for each request.  [Example: census record, marriages, wills and estate settlements, court petitions, and minute books.]

4)  You may also specify if you want us to spend just one hour ($5) researching, or if we am finding additional info, to continue up to a certain amount.

5)  Please be sure to send a list of any records you have checked previously in Lawrence or surrounding counties (Wayne, Giles, Lewis, Maury in TN and Lauderdale Co in AL) so I will not duplicate your search.  Also, state whether you found info in other counties in TN or northern AL, or have already checked the census, marriages, military records, etc. on, or other similar sites.

6)  When I finish the search, I will give you a list of records I have found with the price for each listed beside it.  You can decide which records you need copied or have all of the material copied.

7)  If you just want information copied on a surname that a "family file folder" contains, there is not a research charge. I will count the pages and tell you the cost of copies and postage.  If you request that I search a family file folder for a specific name within the file and the file is very large, I will charge a $5.00 an hour research fee prorated to reflect how much time spent. 

If you decide you need further research and our staff does not have time, there are a couple of people that I might be able to persuade to do this for you. We do not have regular volunteers to assist in this. You also might try one of our volunteers who do lookups in books they own at this web site.

Fees Are Listed Below:

1)  $5 an hour for research.

2)  Copy fees are currently 25 cents per page per side, but this is subject to change. One page for front side, one page for back side = 2 pages

3)  The copies will be mailed to you after I receive a check or money order for the copies, postage and/or any research time.

4)  I normally mail copies and documents first class at the post office, unless you request priority or their is a large amount of material.  Sometimes priority is just as cheap as first class mail.  Postage for shipping is figured by weight and your zip code, so please be sure to include your zip code with your request.

5)  Make your check or money order payable to the Lawrence County Archives, and mail to the archives at 2588 Hwy. 43 S. Leoma, TN 38468.

Kathy Niedergeses, Director
Lawrence County Archives

Last up dated July 12, 2015 by Kathy Niedergeses 

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