Lawrence County Archives
Rules For On-Site Researchers

 Our staff will assist you as much as needed and time permits, since we want your stay to be pleasant and productive. Please take a few minutes and read the rules in order to make things run smoothly and keep our records safe.

1. Upon entering the archives, please sign the register (red spiral binder on a metal table to your right) being sure to include name, address and either email or phone number.

2. ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Large brief cases, large bags, computer bags, large purses, etc.  

3. ITEMS ALLOWED: You may bring a medium size purse, note books with your charts, etc., paper and pencil, cell phone, and a laptop computer.

4. As a courtesy to other researches, please TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF OR ON VIBRATE. If you need to make a call, please step outside or in the hallway by the bathrooms. DO NOT wonder into other rooms.

5. CAMERAS: WITHOUT THE FLASH ENABLED can be used on most records.


7. FIREARMS/WEAPON: NOT ALLOWED, except for officers of the law in the course of their duty.

8. NO SMOKING is allowed anywhere in this building or within 50 feet of the building.

9. NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed. Since we do not have a breakroom, you must eat outside or in your vehicle. (We provide directions to various fast food places or restaurants, starting with two in Leoma within walking distance.)

10. COPY MACHINE: STAFF ONLY will make copies. FEE: 15 cents per page, per side letter & legal.  25 cents for 11x17

11. OLD MICROFILM READER: STAFF MEMBERS ONLY will load the microfilm reader. FEE: 25 cents per page. Please DO NOT touch the screen on the microfilm reader with your hand, pencil or anything else. Staff will instruct how to operate the microfilm reader before using. If this machine is damaged, it cannot be fixed since parts are no longer made for this machine.

12. NEW COMPUTER AND MICROFILM SCANNER. Staff will show you how to view records, but it takes longer to learn how to use than the old machine. Any copies made should be by a staff member. If you have not used this type microfilm reader before, we will operate the machine for you. You also have the option of saving the image to a flash/USB drive.

13. The rows of shelves across the back of the research room are known as the stacks section. They contain vertical files on families and all aspects of Lawrence County history. Also, stored here are actual loose court documents found in our indexes - wills, deeds, estate settlements, court petitions, marriages, divorces, along with tax, land survey and entry books, etc.  STAFF MEMBERS ONLY will retrieve these records and files. Please DO NOT follow us into the stacks or into other rooms to retrieve the records unless specifically requested to.

14. Restrooms are located down the hall that begins just past the microfilm readers. Womenís is the first door on your right and menís the third door on your right. 

15. Certificated copies are usually needed for applications for various organizations and to prove birth date for Social Security. Staff can certify these for $1.00 per page.

16. Please credit the archives if you use any reproductions of our material for public use, especially photos and documents, using similar language as this: Courtesy of the Lawrence County Archives, Lawrence County, Tennessee. Or a specific citation stating where the image is located (collection, box, file, folder, etc.) in footnotes, bibliography or acknowledgements section.

17. For published materials and photos in our collection, it is the patronís responsibility to clear reproduction rights and adhere to U.S. Copyright Laws.

Kathy Niedergeses, Director
Lawrence County Archives

Last up dated November 17, 2017 by Kathy Niedergeses 

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