Read 6 September 2003 by Sue Hendrix Davis and Linda Jo Hendrix Dean

Location: From Five Points go east to Box Road, turn left, go past a dairy barn, at the top of the hill turn left up a lane. The cemetery, surrounded by a chain link fence, is on the left side of lane at the bottom of hill before you get to the home of Jim and Helen Williams, which was once the Sexton/McMasters farm.

         HARRIS, Mary b. 27 Feb 1829 - d. 5 Mar 1888
         W/O W. C. Harris {married 19 April 1847 in Lawrence County TN}
         D/O ________ and ________ Yerger/Yeager {sister to Elizabeth Y. Sexton}

         HARRIS, Virginia Edna 1860
         D/O William and Mary Catherine Yerger/Yeager Harris {grave unmarked}

         HARRIS, William Aug 1824
         H/O Mary Catherine Yerger/Yeager {only marker was field rock with WMH on it}

         McMASTERS, J. D. {John Dickey} b. 25 Sep 1847 - d. 1 Feb 1923
         H/O Martha C. Sexton {married 3 October 1872 in Lawrence County TN}
         S/O William and Mary Annie Ross McMasters

         MCMASTERS, J. R. b. 20 Apr 1874 - d. 2 Apr 1900
         S/O John Dickey and Martha Sexton McMasters

McMASTERS, Martha C. b. 14 Nov 1850 - d. 29 Nov 1918
W/O John Dickey McMasters
D/O John J. and Elizabeth Yerger/Yeager Sexton

McMASTERS, T. B. Sexton 6 mos. b. 20 days 2 Mar. 1882 - d. 22 Sep 1882
S/O John Dickey and Martha Sexton McMasters

SEXTON, Elizabeth b. 30 Jan 1824 - d. 19 Aug 1889
W/O                     and                      Yerger/Yeager
D/O ____________ and ____________ Yerger/Yeager

SEXTON, John J. b. 1820 - d. 28 Oct 1868
H/O Angeline Elizabeth Yeager {married 4 Oct 1841, Lincoln Co., TN}
S/O ?                                                                

SHAY, Lizzie b. 5 Apr 1899 - d. 2 Nov 1900
S/O W. O. "Ollie" and E. L. "Ella Myres" Shay {married 10 Oct 1897, Giles Co., TN}

SHELTON, Cassie {unmarked grave} abt 1883 - 1935
W/O [1] R. L. Sakers {married 2 Sept 1899, Lawrence Co., TN}
W/O [2] Stephen Benjamin Shelton {married 23 July 1909, Lawrence Co., TN]
D/O James M. Childress and Virginia Edna Harris

SMITH, Jane E. b. 20 Feb. - d. 17 Feb 1935
W/O John Harrison Smith
D/O John and Mary Myers Shay

SMITH, John H. b. 23 Feb 1868 - d. 10 Dec 1925
H/O Jane Elizabeth Shay {married 9 Oct 1883, Giles Co., TN}
S/O ?

Information received while researching Sexton Cemetery

William Harris, born August 1824, died _____, married 19 April 1847 in Lawrence County, TN by W. R. Jones, J. P., to Mary Catherine Yerger/Yeager, born February 1829, died 8 March1888. Both are buried in Sexton Cemetery near the Williams house, looking across to the cemetery, their graves are toward the back.

Children of William Harris and Mary Catherine Yerger/Yeager Harris:

[1]. James Austin Harris, b. 1848. He once visited his sister Martha when she lived at Anderson, Alabama. My mother remembers him. Only saw him once.

[2]. John B. Harris, b. 1854, married 17 January 1878 by M. E. Erwin, M.. G., Lawrence County, TN Amanda Hays

[3]. Sarah Jane Harris, b. 25 March 1857, died 9 November 1933, married 18 November by D. G.

Harrison, J. P., James Patton Williams, b. 30 March 1852, d. 24 August 1922. He was the mailcarrier at Appleton, TN at one time.

[4]. Virginia Edna Harris, b. 1860, d. before 1939. This is Cassie Harris’ mother. Cassie’s father was James M. Childress {below}

[5]. Martha Angeline Harris, b. 11 July 1863, died 30 April 1928, married 18 February 1880 by C. C. Lawrence, M. G. , Lawrence County, TN to James M. Childress, b. _____, d. 30 October

1891 {probable date given by Wm. Henry Childers/Childress}. Wm. Henry changed the spelling of his name from Childress to Childers. Martha A. Childers/Childress buried in Corum Cem.

Mrs. Helen Williams told me when we visited the first time: "I was present when Miss Cassie was buried. She had always asked to be placed near her mother. There was another grave beside Miss Edna’s, but I don’t know who that was." No one in the family knows either. No rocks mark burial places of Cassie or her mother, Edna. The spot pointed out as Cassie’s resting place was just inside the gate to the cemetery, a step or two to the left after entering the gate.