Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

                        Table of Contents                        Vol. 3, No. 2 Winter 1999                      

From the Editor . . . .

The editor would like to extend his congratulations to Estha Cole and Viola Carpenter for being selected as Permanent Honorary Board Members of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society. He also welcomes Travis Henderson, our new Treasurer and Randy Hughes, the new Publicist. He reminds us about the First Family project, the upcoming Family History Fair, and appeals for volunteers to abstract/transcribe old records, and/or persons interested in writing feature articles.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Meeting . . . .

On Saturday , September 18, 1999, the LCGS met at the Lawrence County Library with President Mary Nell Franks calling the meeting to order. The new editor, Jim Crowder was introduced, and new members were welcomed. Kathy Niedergeses reported on the Accounts, and it was decided, by vote, to keep the meetings on the third Saturday of each quarter, except in December. Judy Fisher McKennon, a volunteer for The Latter Day Saints Library in Columbia, presented a program on how to use their facility for research.

About Out Front Cover - - -
A family group photo of the Belew family, submitted by Muriel H. Barnett. Family Members are: Front Row: Effie Estella Belew Howard, Annie Gibbs Belew and Joseph Rainey Belew; 2nd Row: James Murray Belew, Thomas Claude Belew, Robert Eugene Belew and Charles William Belew.

William Robinson by Bobby Alford

A local historian, Mr. Alford combines bits of love story with bits of history of the cotton industry and weaves them into an interesting piece about the William Robinson family. Born in England in 1811, Mr. Robinson followed his Elizabeth across the ocean and after eloping, raised a family that included nine children. The author tracks the family and (seemingly) the cotton industry thru the south, which, eventually included stays in the Laurel Hill and Flatwoods regions of Lawrence County.

Mystery Picture Identified . . . Kathy Niedergeses

A photo that appeared in our last issue has been identified. The gentlemen are members of a group called the Knights of Pythias, an organization formed during the Civil War with the purpose of promoting friendship among men and to relieve suffering.

The Whitworth Family (Part 1) by Mary Ann Moore Million

Straightforward account of the Whitworth family, beginning with the birth of Abraham Whitworth, born in Tennessee in 1817. Photos include: Rhoda Addie Whitworth, James Wesley Whitworth, Thomas Jefferson Whitworth (twice) and Daniel Lindsey.

Queries . . .

People need info on the following individuals: Lacher/Locher, Hicks, Green, Morris, Cothran, Calhoun, Pence, Sanders, Drake, Roper, Palmore, Bassham, Legg, Musgrave, Qimby, Ridge, Robinson, Tucker, Wilson, Smith, Graham, Hudspeth, Beeler, Harwell, Buchanan, Prince, Christian, Kilburn, Bailey, Bentley.

Zachariah Belew by Muriel H. Barnett

Offering a brief nugget of history of Union County, South Carolina, the author traces the Belew family from patriarch, Rennie Belue, who began purchasing land in North Carolina in 1769, and through land purchases by his son, Zachariah Belew in the late 1790's, follows them into Lawrence County, where Zachariah bought land in 1827. Photos include: Renney Moses Belew, Henderson Belew, John Jacob Belew, William James Belew, Martha Belew (?), Lydia A. Belew Smith, Annie Leslie Gibbs Belew and Robert Lee Belew.

The Book Nook . . . book reviews by Kathy Niedergeses and Teresa Newton

Books received and reviewed this issue include: A Brashear(s) Family History, Vol. 2, by Charles Brashear; As the Twig is Bent: A Griggs Family Chronicle, by Thelma Tomerlin McGee; The Descendants of Enoch Jackson Johns, 1800-1983, by Dorothy Johns Becker; Fourth Scrap Book, by Stella Benton Vaughan; George Taylor Johnson and Sally Inez Thornton Johnson: Their Descendants & Some of Their Forebearers and Relatives, by James Allen Johnson; Nelson and Related Families, compiled by Sue Robert Moritz; and Bloody Banners and Barefoot Boys: A History of the 27th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, CSA, compiled and edited by Noel Crowson and John V. Brogden.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Photos received this issue include: "The St. Joe Boys", photo of group of men around ox cart submitted by Anna Langley, who identifies one of the men as George Carrel Quillen and wants to know who the others are, and/or what the St. Joe Boys were; second picture held at Archives, found in old house, is a group portrait of man, woman, and four children, inscription on back reads J. H. Foster and family; a third photo, also held at Archives shows three children, inscription reads Marcus, Arlie and Myrtle Crews Anyone with info please contact Kathy Niedergeses at Lawrence County Archives.

The Thornton Family by James A. Johnson

Beginning with William Alexander's family of carpenters and teachers, the author tracks the Thorntons backwards to William's father, Dr. Richard Calhoun Thornton, captured during the Civil War, and on back to his father, Sparling Thornton, then goes even further back to Hosea Thornton, a Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia, who moved to Wayne County, TN in 1810. He then leaps forward, dropping bits about family members and ending the piece with George Taylor and Sally Inez Thornton Johnson and their six children in early 20th century Lawrence County. Photos include: William Alexander Thornton, Ella Houston LeMaster Thornton, Robert Allen, William Alexander III, Berdie Idell, Sally Inez, Thomas Houston (twin to William) and John Minton Thornton.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - September 1838 to January 1839 (cont'd from Vol. 3, No. 1) abstracted by T. Charlotte Arwood, Kenn Pearson and Kathy Niedergeses. Persons and actions included in this issue are: William Foster, Inventory of Estate and Bill of Sale; Jeremiah Allen, Guardian Report (two separate reports); Daniel McLaren, Widows support, Sale of Property and Bill of Sale; Thompson Prier, Inventory and Widow's Allowance; Sarah Day, Widow's Allowance; Henson Day, Inventory of Estate and Sale of Estate; Isaac Grissom, Widow's Allowance; and Martin McAnally, Will.

Belew - Grimes Family Bible

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records listed in a Bible belonging to James Henry Belew and his wife Permelia Allie Grimes. Photo includes: Boyge (?) Belew, Martha Lucinda Belew Griffin, Robert Lee Belew and Mary Elizabeth Belew Gibbs.

How Do I . . .Research in an LDS Family History Center by Judy Fisher McKennon

Informative article explaining the facility, its machines, computer programs, and databases collections, along with how to contact and use the center nearest you. Of special interest is the explanation of the following: International Genealogical Index, Ancestral File, Social Security Death Index, Scottish Church Records, Military Index, and the Family History Library Catalog. Ends the piece with a tidbit about how to do research at a center.

List of Lawrence County Genealogical Society Members, compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

List of members in this issue begins with Peppers and ends with Zelek. Members who signed up after the aforementioned list was created will be published in an addendum in a future issue of the Lawrence County Heritage.