The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 4 No. 2 Winter 2000

Table of Contents

by Pat Milnes and Irma Kaslow


From the Editor

The Editor calls for volunteers to assist the Society in doing research, preserving records, indexing, planning and/or presenting programs, writing articles and submitting pictures.

About our Front Cover, by Kathy Niedergeses

Pictured on the front of this issue of the Journal is the courthouse used by the county government from January 1821 term to 1904 when it was torn down to make room for a new courthouse.

Minutes LCGS Meeting September 16, 2000, by Kathy Niedergeses

The meeting was presided over by President Mary Nell Franks. During the business meeting the time for future meetings was changed from 2:30 pm to 1:30 pm. Wallace Palmore and Lila Gobbell were elected to the Board, replacing Shirley Hollis and Reita Buress. The program on tracing your families' medical history was presented by Lila Gobbell, and Mary Nell Franks spoke on the First Families of Lawrence County, applications and documentation.

Results LCGS Board of Directors Meeting September 16, 2000, by Kathy Niedergeses

New officers elected as follows: President, Wallace Palmore; Vice-President, Randy Hughes; Treasurer, Travis Henderson; Secretary, Kathy Niedergeses; Chairperson, Mary Nell Franks; Publicity, Lila Gobbell. The Family History Fair is announced for June 23, 2001. Other actions: The number of Journals printed will be changed from 500 to 400. Explorations are being conducted into the feasibility of and the process to become a non-profit entity with tax-exempt status.

Lawrence County 1868 Tax List - Part I, by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

This presents a transcription of the original book housed at the Lawrence County Archives. The list shows name of property owner or payer of poll tax and the district where the individual owned property. Original also shows acreage, value, number of polls, and amount of tax paid.

The John Gobbel Family - Ancestors and Descendants, by Lila Lee Gobbell

This history starts in 1691 in Rhineland Palatinate, Rabach, Germany, and follows the Gobbell family to Holland and Pennsylvania. Their travels through Maryland and North Carolina finally brought them to Bedford County, Tennessee, by 1821. The 1850 Census finds them in Lawrence County. Photos include: Isaac Harrison and Eliza Jane Murphy Gobbell; Nancy Rebecca Gobble Kelly and daughter Ann Kelly Gobble. Included is a copy of an 1861 guardian bond for Amanda Nowlin Gobbel, wife of James R.C. and daughter-in-law of John Larkin Gobbel. Sources include census and marriage records and family histories.

Queries, by Kathy Niedergeses

Researchers seek information on King/Mitchell; Bailey; Bullion; Counce/Estes.

The Book Nook, by Kathy Niedergeses

Reviews of : Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858, by Gale W. Bamman, C.G. & Debbie W.

Spero; c 1985

Maury County, TN Deed Books A-F 1807-1817, compiled by Virginia Wood

Alexander; 1965

Some Descendants of Alexander Miller, by Patricia Hillhouse Motes

Descendants of William M. Thompson, by Kenneth and Patricia Hillhouse


Some Descendants of Hiram Sutton, by Patricia Hillhouse Motes

Guardian Angels, A History of The Killen Family, by Vickie Regina Rumble;

c 1995

Samuel Noblit, A Revolutionary War Soldier, School Teacher, Poet and Farmer

of Pennsylvania and South Carolina - 1744 - ca 1834, compiled by Welch

Noblit and Mae Murph

Richard Ratcliff of Lancashire, England & Talbot Co., Maryland, and his

Ancestors and Descendants - 1066-1978, by Clarence Earl Ratcliff, c 1963,

updated 1978

A Story of Our Family, Part 1, by Bernard J. Gieske, 1996

A Story of Our Family, Part 2, by Bernard J. Gieske, 1998

Gieske and Wissman, by Bernard J. Gieske, 2000

Marriage Index for Lawrence County 1960-1999, by Nancy Crowder, 2000

LCGS Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday in March and September, the first Saturday in December, and the fourth Saturday in June. All meetings are at 1:30 pm at the Lawrenceburg Public Library, except the June meeting which will be combined with the Family History Fair, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Lawrence County High School, 1800 Springer Road

The Beelers of Lawrence County, Tennessee, by Susan Beeler Anderson

The author shares her research into her ancestor, Daniel Beeler, the progenitor of the Lawrence County Beeler family. Of great interest is the saga of the first settlers in the territory where historically they have been known as "Intruders" upon Indian land protected by the government prior to the Chickasaw land cession of 1816. The wealth of background data, including maps, government documents and Cherokee Indian Agency Records in 1809 is located at the Lawrence County Archives and is available for review. The author's graphics include two photos taken at 1986 Bicentennial production of Lawrenceburg's Community play "The Gentleman from the Cane" and two maps showing Cession #64 - Cherokee Cession of January 7, 1806; Cession #55 - Chickasaw Cession of July 23, 1805, and Cession #80 - Chickasaw Cession of Sept. 20, 1816.

LCGS Membership Update, by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

A list of 13 new members and 8 members whose data have changed.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Two photos of the Kimbrough family of Lawrence County or Giles County need identification of the individual members. On the back of one of the photos is written "W.H. Kimbrough".

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills January 1829 to October 1847, by Wallace Palmore

This list is continued from Vol. 4 No 1 and includes actions for the following individuals: May, Daniel; Wasson, Able; Warren, Thomas; McLaren, Daniel; Bumpass, James; Hill, Rufus Marrion and Anderson Perry; Hill, Robert J; Choate, Thomas; Choat, Susan; McCanally/McAnally, M.

Lawrence County Tennessee Plat Map - Part I, by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

This list is a transcription from microfilm found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives of names found on a plat map of Lawrence County, Tennessee, date unknown, but assumed to be 1820-1870. By printing each page and piecing parts together, whole ranges and sections have been reconstructed. This list is an Index to these re-constructions with identifying numbers. The data can be viewed at the Lawrence County Archives, or copies can be ordered.

Index Volume 4, Number 2 - Winter 2000

Includes surnames of all individuals appearing in this issue.

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