The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 4 No. 3 Spring 2001

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From the Editor

The Editor reports that the Society now has income tax-exempt status from the federal government as well as sales tax-exempt status from the state of Tennessee. Benefits that accrue with the status are a savings of approximately $175 per year on the production of the HERITAGE and a savings of approximately 80 cents per copy on mailing under bulk mailing procedures. Fees are, however, levied by the postal service on those copies of the HERITAGE that must be forwarded or returned. The Editor requests that you help us save more money by keeping your address up-to-date with the Society and by providing us with your Zip + 4 code if you have not already.

Lawrence County Tennessee Plat Mat Part II, by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

This list of names of landowners found on a microfilm copy of an undated plat map of the county is continued from the list presented in Vol. 4, No. 2. The pages of the map, which covers roughly the period 1820-1870, have been pieced together by Donna Ramsey to form each whole range and section of the county. Part II of the index to this very valuable resource covers names Crosthwaite-Moore. Included in this index are the page numbers where each piece of property can be found.

About our Front Cover, by Jim Crowder

The front cover of this issue depicts the "new" courthouse of 1905 on the Public Square in Lawrenceburg, County Seat. The article names the building committee, James Garrett, M. Richardson, and J.A. Welch, as having been appointed at the January 1905 term of the court. The new courthouse was reported completed at the Quarterly Court of January 2, 1906, at a cost of $36,383.03. A debate on construction of the new courthouse at a site closer to the jail was defeated.

The Book Nook, by Kathy Niedergeses

Reviews of: Sevier County, Tennessee and Its Heritage, by the Sevier County Heritage Book

Committee and Don Mills, Inc.; c1994.

The Family of John & Mary "Polly" White, 1790-2000, by Josephine Willis Packard

Thesing 1741-2000, A Family Roadmap, by Buck Thesing, 2000.

A Story of Our Family, Part 4 , by Bernard J. Gieske, 2000.


Mystery Families and Photographs

The first picture is of one of the old depots. It is inscribed on the back with the name "J.W.White" and the numerals "254". The site of the depot as well as the names of the men standing in front and the date of the picture are unknown.

The second picture shows a two-story home with a picket fence and 5-6 individuals. It is unidentified as to when, where and who.

Lawrence County 1868 Tax List, Part II, comp. by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

This list of taxpayers continues from Vol. 4, No. 2 and includes the names Kelsey-Sanford. This transcription from the original book housed at the Lawrence County Archives shows the name of each person who owned property, or paid poll tax, and the district where the taxpayer owned property. The original book shows acreage and its value, number of polls and amount of tax paid. Original spellings are retained.

LCGS Membership Update, compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

The update includes new members or changes since the last issue.

How Do I Find Obituaries in Lawrence County Newspapers, by Kathy Niedergeses

A list of newspapers for the county that can be viewed at the archives is included, as are the time periods covered, missing issues and the microfilm roll numbers. The newspapers are not indexed. The staff is available to provide the research at $5 per hour plus 25 cents per page and postage. The Tennessee State Library & Archives in Nashville also has the microfilm rolls for viewing. Some tips for researching this resource few people could afford the fee for an obituary prior to 1900. Such information is often found in the "gossip" column. An official obituary may be tucked in anywhere in the newspaper including the classified section. Many items of interest, other than obituaries, can be found while scanning the newspapers.

The John Miller Family of Lawrence County, Tennessee, by Janet Claire Porterfield

A well documented history follows the John Miller family from the appointment of John Miller as the county's first County Register in May of 1818 to his death in 1858. The eleven children of John and Dorcus Holloway Miller known to have reached adulthood are identified as: Charlotte Miller Wagoner, James Miller, Alexander Miller, Lewis Miller, Henderson Miller, Henry Miller, John Lafayette Miller (the writer's

great-great-grandfather), Eliza Louisa Miller Alsup, Minerva Jane Miller McMasters, Jefferson Miller, Amanda Miller Hargrove. The writer states that most of the Miller descendants (many of whom she identifies) traveled westward and settled in Missouri, Arkansas and Texas.

Minutes of the LCGS Board Meeting, Saturday, December 2, 2000, by Kathy Niedergeses

The meeting was called to order with Chairperson Mary Nell Franks presiding. A balance of $7,094.88 was reported in the society's account with a $3100 balance on the CD. A motion was approved to move monies from the account to bring the CD up to $5000. A motion was approved to purchase a toner cartridge and printer paper for the editor of the Heritage. A calendar for the year 2002 to be used as a fund-raiser will be produced with art work of historic places in the county enlisted from local artists. The meeting was adjourned by the chairperson.

Minutes of the LCGS, Saturday, December 2, 2000, by Kathy Niedergeses

The meeting was called to order with President Wallace Palmore presiding. New members and visitors were acknowledged and welcomed. The financial report reflected the $7094.88 in the bank account and the CD balance of $3100. It was reported that the Board had approved moving monies from the account to bring the CD up to $5000. Discussion followed on the production of a calendar as a fund-raiser, DNA testing as a program and public relation ideas. Programs for the evening were "A Walk Down Memory lane" and "Sayings We Grew Up With", by Lila Gobbell, and a presentation by Pat Motes on how to store, display and preserve old photos.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills, January 1829 to October 1847, by Wallace Palmore

This list of abstracts of wills and other estate records continues from Vol. 4, No. 2 of the Heritage. Names included are Enoch Tucker, 1839; Thomas Choat, 1839; George and Daniel May, 1839; Rufus Morris and Anderson P. Hill, 1839; William Basham, 1840; Henry Pickard; Nathaniel Christian, 1840; Alford Christian, 1840; Samuel Kelly, 1839; Ellot Lindsey, 1840; R.J. McLean; Bannabus Gable, 1839; Young S. Sanford, 1840; John W. Bailey, 1840; John Simonton, 1840.

My Checklist, by Jim Crowder

The editor shares a checklist of how you can help the society achieve its goal of excellence in genealogical research.

Index Volume 4, Number 3, (Spring, 2001)

All names mentioned in this issue are included in the Index.

Queries, by Kathy Niedergeses

People are seeking information on the following names: Young; Yeager; Welch; Davis/Anthony; Henryville mills in Laurel Hill; Weaver; Crews.

LCGS Fourth Annual Family History Fair, by Kathy Niedergeses

Complete information on the annual fair scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2001 in Lawrenceburg is presented.

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