The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 4 No. 4 Summer 2001

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From the Editor

Suggestions for "Things to Tend to This Summer" include renewing membership due as of September 1; using zip + four codes to help the society save money on postage; and getting involved with the society by donating copies of documents for the Archives and/or writing an article or submitting photographs for the Heritage.

Lawrence County Tennessee Plat Map Part III (Conclusion), by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

This list of names of landowners, found on a microfilm copy of an undated plat map of the county, is continued from the lists presented in Vol. 4, Nos. 2 and 3. The pages of the map, which covers roughly the period 1820-1870, have been pieced together by Donna Ramsey to form each whole range and section of the County. Part III (Conclusion) covers names Moore, T.M.-Yokley, Hough. Included in this index are the page numbers where each piece of property can be found.

Minutes of the LCGS Board Meeting, Saturday, March 17, 2001

The meeting was called to order with Chairperson Mary Nell Franks presiding. A balance of $5,921.20 was reported in the society's bank account with $3100 in the Certificate of Deposit, making a total of $9021.20. Fund raising ideas were presented and discussed. Other topics discussed were mailing of journals in advance of quarterly meetings; punching holes in journals for notebook storage, and binding journals in 2-yr. bundles to sell.

Minutes of the LCGS, Saturday, March 17, 2001

The meeting was called to order with President Wallace Palmore presiding. The financial report gave the balance of funds in the Society's bank account and Certificate of Deposit as $9021.20. Discussion followed on the upcoming Family History Fair scheduled for Saturday, June 23rd. Fund raising ideas were discussed and developed. A report was presented by Reita Burress on the redesigning of the archive's and society's combined web page. Wallace Palmore, assisted by Kathy Niedergeses, presented the program for the evening on researching land records, including definition of terms and explanation of surveyor's systems then in use.

Cottrell and Lovell Families of Lawrence County, Tennessee, by Wayne Vaught Horton

The author traces his Cottrell/Lovell ancestry for three generations and claims descendancy from Thomas Cottrell, born 1690, in New Kent County, Virginia. Census records place the families in Lawrence County, TN; Lauderdale County, AL; Limestone County, AL; and VanZandt County, TX from 1850-1910. Tennessee Marriage and Land Grants Records are also cited. A photograph depicts Alice Virginia Lovell Vaught (1873-1930) with her children, Jeffrey; Raily (Bud); Lillian Mae; Neeley; Lela; and Andy. Alice Virginia Lovell Vaught is the author's grandmother.

The Different Types of Land Transactions and Other Terminology Found In These Records, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

This list of terms and their definitions provides a valuable reference tool for researchers encountering terminology associated with land grants, deed transfers, survey records and measuring systems. A final section explains the Surveyor's Districts as established by the State of Tennessee in 1806. These defined areas created a system of section and range lines and brought some order to the state's older system of "metes and bounds". The author then explains how this system is applied to Lawrence County's 7th and 8th Surveyor's Districts. Sources for the data are given.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills, January 1829-October 1847, abstracted by Wallace Palmore

These abstracts of wills and other estate records continue from Vol. 4, Nos. 2 and 3 of the Heritage. Names included are widow Murphey, 1840; Elizabeth Montgomery, 1840; John McAnally, 1870; C.J.Bailey, 1839, 1840; W.A. Edmiston, 1840; William Runnels, 1840; Martin Gaither, 1840; George White, 1839, 1840; Jonathan McMasters, 1835.

Mystery Families and Photographs

The first picture shows a school with a group of children and adults. We don't know who, where, or when. The second picture is of the Lawrenceburg, TN, Volunteer Fire Department taken in front of the "old" Lawrenceburg Hotel. The date is probably 1930-1940. The fire department members as well as the date are unidentified.

The Book Nook, reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

Robert Samuel Brashears and Some Descendants in TN and KY, by Charles Brashears, c2001.

The McLean Family of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, by Joy McLean Hendrix.

History of Lawrence County, TN Vols. 4, 5, and 6, by Bobby Alford, 1999-2001.

Obituaries 1999-2000, by Josephine Pickard, 2001.

The Beelers of Lawrence County, Tennessee, Part 2, by Susan Beeler Anderson

Part 1, published in the Lawrence County Heritage Vol. 4, No. 2, Winter 2000, offered the segment called "Daniel Beeler, Intruder". This continuation includes the following: Daniel Beeler returns to Grainger County; War of 1812; Back To Lawrence County; Daniel's Land; Daniel's Marriages; Daniel's Children; The Beelers and McLean Cemetery; Daniel's Will and the Lawrence County Chancery Court (names heirs, including grandchildren); Daniel Beeler's descendants. The author provides a Descendancy Chart offering the known descendants within the first three generations and welcomes additions and corrections to this history and chart. Copious notes with complete citations support the data provided. Photos include one of John Daniel Beeler (1845-1938), grandson of Daniel, and three Beeler headstones at McLean Cemetery, Lawrence County, TN: Daniel Beeler (d. 13 Nov 1842); Elizabeth Beeler (1797-6 Feb 1852); and John H. Beeler (7 June 1819-8 Feb 1852).

Lawrence County 1868 Tax List, Part III (Conclusion), comp. by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

This list continues from Vol. 4, Nos. 2 and 3, and includes names Satterfield-Young. This transcription from the original book, housed at the Lawrence County Archives, shows the name of each person who owned property and/or paid poll tax, and the district where the owned property was located. The original book shows acreage and its value, number of polls and amount of tax paid. Original spellings are retained.

Queries, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

People are seeking information on the following names: Goff; Hardiman; Robertson/Clark.

LCGS Membership Update

The update includes new members and/or changes since the last issue.

About the Front Cover
, by Kathy Niedergeses

The front cover of this issue depicts the Central Hotel in Summertown, TN, which was first called the Cornell House. The hotel was torn down around 1960. The date of the photo is not identified. This description gives a brief history of the area around Summertown.

Index, Vol. 4 Number 4, (Summer 2001)

All names mentioned in this issue are included in the Index.

List of Letters at Post Office in 1846, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

A "dead letter" file for January 1, 1846, first published in the Academist newspaper, includes 59 names.

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