Lawrence County Heritage 

 The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

                                            Vol. 5  No. 3                        Spring 2002

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From the Editor                                                                                    

The Editor reports a new membership total of just over 300.  Subscribers to the TNLAWREN Mailing List, which you are invited to join, receive, by email, all messages directed to the list.  To subscribe, send an email to:  The word <subscribe> must be the captioned subject as well as the only word in the text. The Editor continues to welcome articles/pictures for the Journal.

The Battle of Sullivan's Island, June 28, 1776, by Bobby Alford       

This article recounts how the colonists' victory at the Revolutionary War Battle of Charleston, South Carolina, under the command of Major General Charles Lee, freed the entire lower south from the King's troops for more than two years.  Mr. Alford's ancestor, Hickman Williams, rendered service at the age of 13 by holding the Army horses and thereby qualified his female descendants for membership in the DAR, "Daughters of the American Revolution."

Dr. William F. Kellogg's Medical Journal, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses (cont. from winter 2001)

The records of births attended by Dr. Kellogg continues with the time period 1899-1939.  The list will continue in the summer 2002 issue.                                      

Charles Joel Herrin, by Chris Cliburn                                           

The subject of this account was an early settler in Lawrence Co., TN, appearing on the 1826 County Tax List.  From 1839-1856, he was an active surveyor for the county, and his history appears in Goodspeed's records.  His ancestry is traced to a Joel Herring who died testate in 1812, Wayne Co., North Carolina.  Surnames mentioned in the well-documented history are FLUGHUM, PIERCE/PEARCE, OVERTON, ALLEN, BLAIR,, ABERNATHY, TRIP, ALFORD, ETHRIDGE, PULLEN, MARTIN, WILLIAMS HALE, LUMPKINS, HOLLIS HOPKINS, KELLEY, DAVENPORT/DEAVENPORT, THORNTON, WELCH, McMACKIN, McLEAN, JOHNSON.

How Do I...Get My Children Involved in Family History? by Kenn Pearson  

It is necessary, advises the author, to start a child at any early age in order to develop in him an appreciation for and a curiosity about his family story.  sharing family photographs, anecdotes, memories and events provides the foundation which can be enhanced by such activities as creating a personal history book, utilizing library resources and construction a timeline.

Hunt Ancestors At Ancestor Fair, by James Johnston

The North Arkansas Ancestor Fair, announced for May 30-June 1, 2002, in Marshall and Leslie, Arkansas, claims to be the oldest and longest continuing Ancestor Fair in Arkansas, regularly drawing 400 or more people at the 3-day event.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, Dec. 1, 2001, by Josephine Pickard, Secretary                    

Presiding was the Chairperson, Mary Nell Franks.  The minutes were reviewed from the journal.  A balance of $6,845.76 in the account was reported by the Treasurer.  Funds in the amount of $50 were approved for Barbara as guest speaker from the Maury County Archives.  A $50 gift certificate was approved for Kathy Niedergeses in appreciation of her contribution to the society.  Mary Nell Franks presented her new book Lure of the West: Franks, Smith, and Bird to the archives.

LCGS Membership Update, by Kathy Niedergeses & Donna Ramsey

The update reports two new members and eleven changes since the last issue.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, Dec. at, 2001 by Josephine Pickard, Secretary                    

The balance of $6,845.76 in the account was reported by the Treasurer.  A program was presented by Barbara Garrett, guest speaker from Maury Co., TN, Archives.

Lawrence County Marriages, 1926-1929, compiled by Donna Ramsey     

This list continues from the Winter 2001 issue covering names Cross, Jape-Holt, Claud.  To be continued in next issue.

The Book Nook, reviews by Kathy Niedergeses                                    

Lawrence County Court Wills: January 1829 to October 1847, abstracted by Wallace Palmore (cont. from Vol. 5 No. 2)                     

Names included in these abstracts of  estate records are: Reynolds; McAnally; Roberts; Choat; Grissom; McLearen; Holland; Baily; Simonton; Edmiston; Davidson; Day; McCann

Mystery Families and Photographs                                          

The first of two photographs presented on this page has as the subject four unidentified women.  On the back of the picture is written "Uncle John Johnson's (Johnston's?) family".  The picture was produced by Sink Studios in Vernon, TX.  The second picture is a farm scene which includes a buggy in the background.  In the foreground is a middle-aged, well-dressed gentleman with wide-brimmed hat on horseback leading a younger horse.

Mystery Picture Identified, by Fred  Johnson 

The middle-aged couple pictured in Vol. 5 No. 2 of the journal has been identified by Mr. Johnson of Lexington, AL, as William Wesley Belew (4 Sept. 1855-17 Aug. 1921) and Harriet Pettus Belew (5 Aug. 1856-15 Feb. 1936), husband and wife.  They were residents and store owners in the late 19th century near present day Rascaltown on Blue Water Creek of this county; and, after the turn of the century, of Loretto.  Early in the century they retired to Lexington, AL.

About Our Front Cover, by Kathy Niedergeses

The photograph on the front cover of this issue is the Buchanan/Crews house known as "Pine Grove", and built as part of an 846 acre estate on current Highway 43 by the Buchanans before 1850.  The estate was sold to the Jonas Crews family after the Civil War.  The article describes the house and its history and lists the family names of those originally buried on the property.  The remains of those buried here were re-interred in Pleasant Grove Cemetery by 1993 when the property was purchased by the Rogers Group and the house torn down.

Index Volume 5, Number 3  (Spring, 2002)

All names mentioned in this issue are included in the index.

Queries, compiled by Kathy Niedergeses                                        

Information is requested on the following families: Allen/Goff; Reynolds/Powell; Griffen/McMasters; Carlile/Carlisle/Poulter/Warren


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