The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 6, No. 1                  Fall 2002

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From the Editor

For those who wish to publish in the Journal, the Editor provides the following guidelines: use a professional quality process for copying documents and photographic or half-tone copies of original photographs; clearly label or identify individuals in pictures; number the pages of your submission and mark each page with your name and address; include a s/a, s/s envelope of appropriate size if you want your material to be returned. The Editor uses MS Works, MS Word, or MS Publisher for text and Adobe Photoshop for graphics. An HP Laser printer produces the pages of the Journal.

Lawrence County Marriages 1926-1929, comp. by Donna Ramsey

This list continues from the Summer 2002 issue and includes names Nix, R.E.-Thompson, Gerald. To be continued Winter 2002.

About Our Front Cover, by Jim Crowder with information provided by Patty Katz Hager

The front cover is a photograph, taken about 1903, of 31 people on the front porch of the home of George and Betty Myers Wade. Ms. Hager has identified 19 of the people.

The Wade House, written by Imogene Hagan; abstracted by Kathy Niedergeses

The original article, from which this is excerpts, appeared in the Lawrence County Historical Society's Winter 1988, vol. X, issue 4 of Yesterday and Today in Lawrence County. The article, about the Wade Family’s home and farm, adds much to the interest of the front cover and to the people appearing in the photograph. The original article in its entirety may be obtained by contacting the Archives.

Mystery Families and Photographs

The four photos of early-mid 20th Century vintage were provided by Kenneth G. Allen of Phoenix AZ.

Reunions and Meetings, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

The HENDRIX-SOUTH REUNION is announced for October 12, 13, 2002, in Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg TN.

LCGS Membership Update, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

The update lists three new members and updates on 10 members.

Minutes To The Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, June 22, 2002, by Josephine Pickard

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Mary Nell Franks. The Treasurer reported $5,270.37 in the account and two CD’s of $3,000 each. A decision was made to pay an honorarium of $25 plus mileage to program presenters. A motion was approved to invite Giles County Board members to a meeting concerning holding a joint Family History Fair next June.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, June 22, 2002, by Josephine Pickard

The meeting was called to order by President, Wallace Palmore. The Treasurer reported $5,270.37 in the account and two CD’s of $3,000 each. Election of Board Members was announced for September. It was reported that Donna Ramsey is transcribing the 1930 Census for sale in 2003.  It was agreed that no journal will be sent to a member who has not renewed. The program was presented by Mary Riley from Lauderdale County AL, on the process of preparing a Family History Book.

How Do I…Find Volunteers For Free Lookups On The Internet, by Kathy Niedergeses

The author explains the volunteer services that are provided by RAOGK, "Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness": 4,414 member volunteers have agreed to do a research task in their local area at least once a month as an act of kindness. There is a charge for any out of pocket expenses incurred, but not to include transportation costs. Lawrence County has three volunteers: Kathy Niedergeses: -; Cheri Caudle: -; Maralyn Maxfield: -

Creation of 15th District in Lawrence County, TN, by Kathy Niedergeses

From the County Minute Bk., Apr 1851-Sept. 1858, p. 345, 367 and 368, dated January Term 1855, the author presents the Commissioners’ Report "to Lay off a new Civil District", and its subsequent approval by the Court in its entirety. As a result of this action a new Civil District, No. 15 "encluding West Point", was established, and the 6th District was given new bounds with a portion of the 7th added to it. This change in District boundaries is important for researchers to be aware of: after 1855, although their property lines have not changed, families are found to be living in different districts. In marking the boundaries the Commissioners, in their report, have named geographical sites such as roads and creeks associated with the local residents’ properties. Some of the names identified at the boundary lines are: McLaren, Tays, Busby, Reddle, Johnson, Grimes, Luker, Shannon, Wisdom, Lancaster, Looney, Boswell, Vandiver and Cummings.

John Lay/Abraham Lay, by Margaret Joann Davis Freeman

This research on the Lay Family begins about 1700 in Cork County, Ireland, with Abraham Lay and Sarah (Grymes) Grimes, d/o Nicholas and Sarah Donaldson Grymes. The author follows the family to Fairfax County, VA; Fayette County, KY; Lincoln County, GA; and, before 1837, to Lawrence County, TN. A picture of the 1912 Franklin M. Lay Family, with the author’s mother-in-law, Rhoda Katherine Lay Freeman Spurgeon, as a young girl, is presented. Ms. Freeman includes sources and extends special appreciation to Mrs. Lucille Hastings of Batesville, MS, who, in turn, cites the material from J. Gilbert Lay and Harold D. Hughuley.

TNLAWREN Mailing Lists and e-Mail, by Jim Crowder

The author explains the TNLAWREN mailing lists, how to subscribe and what you can expect to receive. Membership now includes about 230 individuals. 

Dr. William F. Kellogg’s Medical Journal, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

(cont. from the Summer 2002 issue) The record of births attended by Dr. Kellogg of Lawrence Co, TN, is presented here for the years Apr. 24, 1927—Oct. 23, 1930. The list will continue in the Winter 2002 issue.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills, Jan., 1829 to Oct., 1847, abstracted by Wallace Palmore

(cont. from Vol. 5 No. 4 issue) These abstracts of Estate Records for the above time period include the names: McMasters; Hammonds: Patterson; Davidson; Christian; Pennington; Appleton; Comer; McLean; McCabe; May; Roberts; Johnston; Davis; McAllister; Reynolds.

The Book Nook, reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

Tarkingtons of Tennessee; Genealogy of John G. Tarkington, by Sarah Peery Armistead et al; 2001.

William "Flat River" Clayton and Benjamin Crews; Families of Person County, North Carolina to Lawrence County, Tennessee and Beyond, by Mary Nell Hollis Franks and Shirley A. Hollis, PhD; c2002.

Bailey Trails, by Edna Bailey; c1991.

Index, Volume 6, Number 1, (Fall, 2002)

All names mentioned in this issue are included in the Index.

Queries, comp. by Kathy Niedergeses

Information is requested in the following families: Hardiman/Scott/Springer/McDow/Grace; Emmert/Sturnett/Stamate; Lemay; Jolly.