The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 6 No. 3      Spring 2003

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From the Editor

The editor makes a plea for members to send in family articles, or perhaps provide a presentation for one of our meetings of the genealogical society. A special thank you to Patricia Clayton Milnes and Irma Kaslow for abstracting and formatting journal information to be placed on the internet. Also an apology for not getting the "James Berry Family" in the last issue. You will find it in the current issue.

Lawrence County Genealogical Society’s Meeting Saturday, December 7, 2002 by Mary Todd

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Travis Henderson gave treasurer’s report. The 2004 calendar as a fund raiser was discussed, and the history book on Lawrence County families was also discussed. Lila Gobbell did a reading on the Christmas season, and Jason Goodrich presented a very good program on how to join the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

December 2002 Board of Directors Meeting

Generally everything discussed above was covered in the Board of Directors Meeting.

The Family and Ancestry of Andy Wayne Kelley – Part 1 by Andy Wayne Kelley

Andy Wayne Kelley, Great-Great Grandson of Richard and Martha Ann Eaves Kelley prefaces his genealogy by explaining how he researched and came to the conclusions which he presents here.  Starting with the Revolutionary War Pension record of William Kelley born July 11, 1758 in SC, he follows the movement of the family to McMinn County, TN in 1824. There are census charts for McMinn County, TN for 1830, then for his wife, Elizabeth in the 1840 Cass County, Georgia Census, also for three married sons and a daughter. There is also a very good family photograph of Great-great grandfather Richard Kelley, Great grandfather, William N. Kelley and Great grandmother Sarah Kelley with several other descendants. (To be continued in the Summer 2003 issue)

First Families of Lawrence County

This program offered by the Lawrence County Genealogical Society might be of interest to members. Check for requirements and membership application.

Profile of Richard Kelly introduced by Jim Crowder, Editor

This article, which appeared in the The Citizen newspaper of Wayne County, TN was published about 1906.

Oldest Man in Wayne County
Mr. Richard Kelly, a citizen of Butler Creek, and the oldest citizen of our county, visited the news office. Mr. Kelley was 98 years old the 25th day of last December. He raised a family of 12 children. His children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren living, number about 480.

Old Bible Record of Lawrence County Families (continued from Vol. 6 No. 2) compiled by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

Alley Family starts with J. E. T. Alley born Oct. 26, 1849 and his marriage to Agnes S. Ashmore in 1872. J. E. T. departed this life Apr. 12, 1930.

Ashmore and Merideth Bible Records – This bible record torn from the pages of a bible and received by Mrs. D. E. Beard of Van, Texas. The marriage of J. N. Ashmore and N. J. Ashmore June 1, 1848 through the death of J. C. Ashmore March 21, 1889.

How a Lawrence Countian Relates to the Mayflower by James Richards.

George Price Reynolds born Jan. 16, 1862 in Iron City, Lawrence County, TN was the son of George Riley Reynolds and Elizabeth Hamm Reynolds. George Riley’s parents were Hugh Riah and Elizabeth L. Hamm Reynolds. Hugh and Elizabeth had six sons to serve in the Confederate Army in the Civil War. The Mayflower connection was a couple named Stephen and Elizabeth Fisher Hopkins. Stephen was born about 1578 and came on the Sea Venture to America in 1609.

One of Stephen’s sons was Giles Hopkins. He and wife, Catherine were the parents of Caleb Hopkins who born about 1684 in MA. Their son, Caleb Hopkins, Jr. and wife, Mercy Freeman had a son named Simon who married Betty Cobb in 1755. This lineage follows on down to where Martha Rebecca Hopkins, daughter of Thomas and Mary N. Chambers Hopkins, marries George Price Reynolds in Pope County, AR. And so that’s how a Lawrence Countian related to the Mayflower.

Mystery Families and Photographs

The top photo appears to be a lady operating an early telephone switchboard.  The bottom photo is five young ladies with an older gentleman. The inscription embossed upon the picture is "ORR Photo Montrose, Colo."

Why by Vance J. Anthony

Mr. Anthony relates how he became hooked as he collected pictures and stories of by-gone days. Eventually he began to check out all the stories by doing personal research and learned that much of what he had been told was true. He states that he will be researching his family history for the rest of his life. The pedigree chart that accompanied his article starts with Henrey Anthney b. 1807 m. Rebecca b. 1812 through five generations to where he was born in Ann Arbor, Mich. on March 26, 1934 to Roy Eugene Anthony, Sr. and Choice May Smith.

The Lawrence County Genealogical Society’s Family History Fair by Kathy Niedergeses

The Family History Fair, Saturday, June 28, 2003 at Lawrence County High School. Admission $1

Table reservations free to researchers and vendors. You do not have to be a society member to attend or to reserve a table.

James Berry’s Family by Wallace Palmore

James Berry was Clerk of the Third Circuit Court of Giles County, TN in the June Term of 1810. John Berry was one of his heirs in the 10th voting district on the Fayetteville road. John M. Berry married Emily C. in the 1830’s. In the 1840 census, John M. Berry is listed in Lawrence County, TN. with wife and two children. In 1850, John M. and Emily C. Berry are in Lincoln County, TN Census along with Alfred Berry and wife, Rebecca. John M. Berry was in the 1860 Giles County, TN Census with possibly eight children listed. His son, James Frank Berry and wife, Rebecca Jane McMasters are also in Lawrence County, TN 1860 Census having married Jan. 27, 1858 in Lawrence County. 

James F. served in B Company of the 54th Infantry of the Confederate Army. The 1870 and 1880 Census charts for Lawrence County list John M. and James F. Berry. James Franklin died on Jan. 22, 1891. He and Rebecca had nine children. Youngest daughter, Amanda.  Josephine Berry born July 27, 1875 married George Washington Timmons Johnston on Sept. 12, 1897. It has been passed down in the Johnston Family that James Franklin Berry was the man that got James D. Vaughan interested in singing.

Queries by Kathy Niedergeses

Wright/Atkerson – North/Lemay – Hudspeth/Beeler – Seaton – Staggs/Douglas/Whitworth/Gideon

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills January 1829 to October 1847 abstracted by Wallace Palmore (continued from Vol. 6 No. 2)

Wills from the July and August term of 1843 for K. C. Williams Sale Bill, George Kidd, Estate Inventory, Nancy N. Kidd, Widow Allowance, William Davis, Estate Inventory and Sale Bill of Library, John Ramsey, Last Will and Testament, George Kidd, Sale Bill, Frederick May, Guardian Settlement, Jesse Hammonds, Guardian Settlement, Mary Robertson, Administrator Settlement, Daniel McLaren, Guardian Settlement.

LCGS Membership Update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

New Members: Melody L. Cox, Sherry Greenleaf, Freddy Hardy, Cathy Rhodes, Ellen H. Crowder Roe, and several changes in addresses and e-mail.

In Memoriam compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Nancy Elizabeth Almond, Muscle Shoals, AL and Helen Lawrence, Helena, MT

The Book Nook reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

The Descendants of Elisha Milton, Sr. born about 1755 in VA by Daniel E. Page.

Rackley, A Southern Colonial Family; The Descendants of Edward Rackley of VA by Eloise Fretz Potter and Timothy Wiley Rackley.

Obituaries of Lawrence County, TN 2001-2002, by Josephine Pickard.

Obituaries of Lawrence County, TN 1990-1994, by Nancy Lanning Crowder - Both obituary books can purchased at the Lawrence County Archives.

Past Doctors of Lawrence County, Tennessee – Part I compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

In this article Kathy has provided a little history of doctors in Lawrence County, the laws governing them, and other interesting items. Lawrence County had its own medical college at Summertown in the late 1880’s. There is a large bound ledger at the archives which contains a list of doctors licensed by the State Board of Medical Examiners for the period 1889-1947. Listed in the Heritage are doctors Allen through Crump. (To be continued in the Summer 2003 issue of the Journal)

About Our Front Cover – The Southern Normal College (Also Known as the Iron City Institute) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Erected in the early 1890’s, George L. Kelley was the Superintendent of School, 1893-1895. There were dormitories for boarding the students from out of town. The first principal was Robert L. Sutton. The school closed not long after the mines ceased to operate. Materials from the old Iron City Institute was used to build the store house near the depot when the new elementary school was erected in 1931 in Iron City, TN. (Picture provided by James Richards).

Index Volume 6, Number 3, (Spring, 2003)

What We Could Use And How We Could Get It by Jim Crowder

Family articles to publish in the Heritage, Pictures to go with articles and for use on front cover, also "Mystery Pictures and Families" page. Any ideas for "How Do I" feature. Volunteers for the Archives would be appreciated.