The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 7 No. 1 Fall 2003

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From the Editor

Having completed the 2004 Calendar, the editor acknowledges that it went to press with the wrong option and all the months began on Thursday. The society will continue to sell them at a reduced price for the historical art work. Our Family History Fair was a success. Check the following pages for pictures in this issue. Our membership year ends on August 31. If you have a family that settled in Lawrence County between 1817 and 1900, and can document it, you would be eligible to join the First Families. If you change your address or e-mail address, please let us know. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact Jim at <>

LCGS Membership Update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

New Members: Annie M. Adams; Teddy A. Adams; Gail Albright; Rebecca Brewer; Kathleen Daniel; Ricky Gray; Jo R. Holt; Jimmy P. and Linda Ann McCoy; Donna Medlin; Pam Newton; Fred Rutledge; Dallas Shay; Billy Sherrell; and Jack Watson. There are several changes in addresses and e-mail addresses.

The Buie Family – Lawrence County, TN and Smith County, TX by Teresa Bland

Daniel Buie arrived at Cape Fear River in Moore County, NC around 1756. He was born 1735 in Scotland and died 1795 in Moore County, NC. There is an immense list of descendants, but the author concentrates on her direct line. Daniel’s children: Alexander b. 1770; Daniel ; Gilbert; Angus b. 1775; William b. 1778 NC d. 1833 Lawrence County, TN; Rebekah; Mary; Margaret; and Effie. William and wife Nancy moved to Lawrence County in 1825. Their children were: Daniel b. 1799; Catherine b. 1803; Margaret b. 1805; Duncan b. 1808; Mary b. 1810 and John b. 1821, all born in NC. Daniel born 1799 NC married Rachel, b. 1804 NC and d. Lawrence County, TN. Their children were: John Elias b. 1827; Thomas Jefferson b. 1828; Daniel S. b. 1830; Nancy M. b. 1832; Elizabeth M. b. 1834; Mary C. b. 1837; Duncan D. b. 1840; Rachel M. b. 1842; and James A. b. 1844, all in Lawrence County, TN. John Elias and his brother, Thomas Jefferson were blacksmiths in Henryville. John Elias married Missouri Brock. The author descended from # 3 child: Thomas Jefferson Buie born November 14, 1852 married Malinda Narcissus Ratliff on November 13, 1876. Jeff and Narcy were the author’s Great-Grandparents. This couple left Henryville, TN and settled in Smith County, TX before 1888. They had 12 children of which the author’s grandfather was David Laffayette Buie b. Jan . 29, 1890 who married Annie Laurie Hoskins on December 20, 1914. As this family gathered together in TX, they loved to share their memories of TN and stories of the old home place and the beautiful fall season in TN.

How Do I ….. Document Sources by Jim Crowder

Editor, Jim Crowder acknowledges Melinda Thomas who has been a great help in assisting him with the journals. In your research, keep a record of all the references. When writing the article, from your many choices such as sources, footnotes, bibliography, works cited, others may want to review the same works. If you submit an article for publishing in the journal, at the end of the article, use the word "Sources" and then list your resource documents. The information needed in a correct format would be 1.) Author, 2.) Title of the article, 3.) date of the article, 4. location if the article has been published. The editor gives several examples.

Reynolds Family Reunion taken from e-mail

All descendants of Hamilton Reynolds who settled in Lawrence County in 1815 are invited to participate in the reunion held in Florence AL on Oct. 10-12, 2003 for information, e-mail at

Diary of Blanche Gallaher Olive – Part I transcribed by Donna Ramsey – introduction by Kathy Niedergeses

Three notebooks made up the diaries of Mrs. Olive. These were loaned to the Archives for transcribing. Personal items and gossip were not included in the finished work, just births, deaths and marriages that she had recorded. Mrs. Olive’s comments are invaluable to researchers. The deaths begin in 1923 and continue through 1949. This part I has four pages of items such as number 1. Baby son of Joe and Louise Dishongh died Saturday 11 A.M., June 29, 1940. He was born June 22, 1940. Burial at Nebo. Didn’t go, was sick. Baby had spasms from birth. These items include, Wayland Springs, Holly Creek, Butler Creek, Collinwood, Alabama, or someone she was familiar with who had moved several states away.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Top photo: Boys on a mule with an older gentleman at head of mule. Bottom photo: Family at homestead, probably three generations.

Old Bible Records of Lawrence County Families compiled by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

Benson Family Bible Records – Warren Jasper, son of Mary Ann and Richard Allen Benson, was born March 24th 1839 Robertson County, married Susan Mildred Woodard Feb. 27th, 1867 - through the death of Willie Mack West Nov. 14, 1926.

Campbell and West Bible Records – Hamilton C. Campbell, Sr. b. Sept. 21, 1786 ending with the death of Margaret M. Morris Aug. 26th, 1840.

Campbell Bible Records – Clifford Grover Campbell 6/10/07(birth) to the death of Vernon Campbell Sept. 1987.

Johnston Bible Records – John Johnston was born in the year of our Lord 1879 January the 7th. Children of Samuel C. Johnston b. Nov. 13th, 1804 and Margaret Springer Johnston b. Jan. 9th, 1809.  Listed are their ten children and dates they were born. Also the children of Samuel C. (Carter) Johnston and Mary M. McGuire, son of Samuel C. and Margaret Springer. This bible contains marriages and concludes with deaths, the last one listed is John Johnston who died the 17th of Dec. 1857

Killen Bible Records – This Bible was presented to S. A. Killen 1887. Henry A. Killen was born Jan. 31, 1837 - through the death of Nettie Jane Killen Wlliams March 2, 1967. Henry A. Killen and Sallie A. Roberson were married at the residence of Henry D. Allen on the 26 day of July, 1866.

The Editor thanks all who have responded by membership renewals, mystery photos, family articles, assisting at Family Fair, and donates their time at the Archives.

Mystery Picture Identified by Jim Crowder

Estha Cole, a member of the genealogical society has identified the top picture in the Summer, 2003 edition of the Heritage. The picture was taken around 1920 at the residence of A. D. Cole and family on Commerce St. in Loretto, TN. Vera Darnell, Frank Arthur, and Estha Cole are on the bumper, behind Frank is Lena Arthur Cole, Estha Cole’s mother, and Eva Cole Copeland and Mildred Darnell are sitting on the hood.

Obituary of Mrs. Narsie Buie – Tyler Daily Courier Time, September 24, 1914

Born in Tennessee, August 30, 1858, she died at her home in New York, TX.

Family History Fair by Kathy Niedergeses

The Family History Fair had over 100 people in attendance. A total of 184 surnames were on display. The society wants to thank volunteers who worked at the fair this year: Reita Burress, Lawrence Niedergeses, Jason Goodrich and Sons of Confederate Veterans, Lila Gobbell, Barbara Hidgon, Laura and Charles Dial, Josephine Pickard, Mary Todd, Mary Ann Kelton, Priscilla Jones, Wallace Palmore, Rosemarie Cothran, and Hazel Franklin. Thanks also to the teachers who volunteered their time: Ronnie Bonner, Aaron Pope, Jo Ogg and James Richards.

The County Poor Farm compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

The first Poor Farm was established in Lawrence County in 1820. Before that, the court appointed individuals to take care of the indigent. Orphaned children or parents without enough to support their family, these children were bound out to heads of household for a certain amount of money. In return for food, clothing, and a minimum education, these children did manual labor for their new family. There was usually a superintendent or overseer that lived with the paupers. They usually raised every thing they ate. There have been many poor farms over the years in different areas of Lawrence County. Starting with court records of May 1818 – April 1822, County Court Minute Bk. Oct-1828 – Oct. 1834, and County Court Minute Bk. Jan. 1835 – Dec. 1846, the author covers the list of paupers and care takers. In April 1839, The commissioners reported that they "had purchased 25 acres of Granted Land and 175 acres of Occupant Land. This is the first actual mention of a poor farm or pauper home. This part lists County Court Minute Book January 1847- April 1951, then County Court Minute Book Apr. 1851 – Sept. 1858. On January 6, 1852, ordered that C. J. Herrin, S. A. Carrell and William Chaffin be appointed commissioners to sell the Poor House and lands that belong to said county, and to purchase another situation for a Poor House for said county. The 1860 census of Lawrence County, 8th district, list John White age 44 as Superintendent of the Poor House and his wife, Elizabeth age 46. Paupers listed living in the Poor House are: S. Arrington age 65 b. VA; Elizabeth Ham age 80 b. NC; Mary Glover age 80 b. NC; Sally Glover age 46 b. NC; and William R. Osburn age 8 b. TN.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills January 1829 to October 1847 (continued from Vol. 6 No. 4) abstracted by Wallace Palmore

October Term 1843 through March Term 1844. John Ramsey Sale Bill; Martin McAnnally Minor Heirs, Guardian Settlement; Martin McAnnally, Administrator Settlement; Daniel Beeler, Sale Bill; Daniel Beeler, Estate Inventory; Felix Goff, Widow Allowance; William Basham, Guardian Settlement; John Ramsey, Sale Bill; Nathaniel Christian, Guardian Settlement; Robert F. Walker, Inventory of some accounts; George Kidd, Sale of the crop; Burgess Burkett, Last Will; Isaac Grissom, Guardian Settlement; Jesse Hammonds, Guardian Settlement.

The Book Nook reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

Pullen /Richardson Family History by Earl Wesley Pullen; 2003 The genealogy of Elisha Pullen, born 1781, and Thomas Richardson, who married Jane Willis. Joseph Pullen b. 1806, first child of Elisha and Jane is the Pullen that is found the most in Lawrence County. Related lines are White, Burkitt, Glover, Adams, Hickman, and Kidd.

History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus H. Harlan; c1914. Research for this large volume was begun in 1881, and follows the descendants of James Harland b. abt. 1625 in County Durham, England, through their migration throughout the United States. Most of the Lawrence County Harlans are descended from Samuel’s son, James Harlan who married Betsey Ezell.

History of St. Clair, Alabama by Mattie Lou Teague Crow; c 1973 The book gives the history of different communities of St. Clair County and mentions many families that settled there early. Several pictures of early homes included.

The Heritage of St. Clair County, Alabama compiled by the St. Clair County Heritage Book Committee; c1998 This book is a basic history of the county and its people. Several families migrated on to Lawrence County, TN.

Queries by Kathy Niedergeses

Holland/Ross; Cross/Moss/Curry/Giddens; Seaton; Freemon/Gaines/Lynch

First Families by Jim Crowder

If you are interested in this program, the editor lists several ways to learn more about it.

About Our Front Cover – Pleasant Garden Church compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

This church was established in 1819 on land donated by John Newton Crosthwaite. Soon after the Civil War, the church burned, destroying the original records. The last church was erected in 1889. A bell was donated by Nancy Corsthwaite Walker in 1890. After this church was burned by person or persons in Feb. of 1992, the bell was donated to the Lawrence County Historical Society. This church was situated almost on the banks of the Buffalo River approximately 2 1/2 miles from Summertown. In 1983, only 116 graves were marked that were readable in the cemetery. The cemetery is open to the public for burial and Decoration Day is held the last Saturday in May.

Index Volume 7 Number 1, (Fall, 2003)