The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 7 No. 2 Winter 2003

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From the Editor

Thanks to all that are helping by submitting articles, mystery pictures, reviewing books, and thanks for the stipend for material as I prepare the journal. The editor includes ideas about posting and receiving on the mail list (TNLAWREN-L and (TNLAWREN-D). If you are a subscriber and wish to send a message concerning research in Lawrence County send your e-mail to ( If you are responding, you would address your response to ( If you’re having problems, here might be some of the reasons: User mailbox not found, user mailbox full, account disabled or discontinued, host unknown, spam attack detected and often the subscriber has changed internet provider.

Diary of Blanches Gallaher Olive – Part II transcribed by Donna Ramsey – introduction by Kathy Niedergeses (continued from Fall 2003)

From the period of 1941 through 1945, in part II, Mrs. Olive has included births, deaths, and marriages of many that she knew personally, and others that she got from newspapers, and word of mouth. An example: "Jim Olive was killed this A.M., June 6, 1943, about 2 by a north bound freight train. Wasn’t found till about 8 A.M. Was about 300 yards from his house. His body was said to be in an awful bad shape, cut and torn almost past recognition. He was buried this P.M. about 5 or 6 o’clock. He was said to be a bad man and stayed away from home all night drunk maybe. No one but God will ever know the truth I guess." Another example: "Mr. Bob Green of Loretto died this A.M. November 8, 1942 of T. B. Has been sick a long time." Part II has five pages of the journal of Mrs. Blanche Gallaher Olive with a continuation in the spring issue of 2004.

LCGS Membership Update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

New members: Terry D. Boggs, Jo Karen Kobeck Combs, Mike and Linda Higgs, Paul B. Hubbard, Andy Kelley, John (Jack) McAnnally, Martha Norman, Bill L. Phillips, James Pilkinton, Diane Slagle Sheridan, and Karen Marie Wilson. Some of the names these new members are researching are: Vandiver, Foust, McMasters, Hicks, Fox, Mason, Halberstadt, Herndon, Marston, Springer, Bates, Renfro Speegle, Shaffer, Harshbarger, Golden and Womack. There are a number of changes in addresses and e-mail addresses.

In Memoriam compiled by Jim Crowder

The Lawrence County Genealogical Society has been notified of the death of these members.

Ruth Elizabeth Shields Dickey; Summertown, TN; July 10, 2002; 91 years, 11 months, 27 days.

Wanda Ledwell, Dallas, TX; September 9, 2001

James Lee Stooksberry, Lawrenceburg, TN; April 19, 2003; 54 years

Theodore Vandiver, Charles, MO; February 13, 2003

Mystery Families and Photographs

The top photo is of a graduation class of seven men and three women. The bottom photo is of a large group of men with one perhaps holding a bible.

Mystery Picture Request by Jim Crowder

In the top mystery photo, the owner of the photo thinks this is a graduating class for teachers. The back row has been identified as: Clinton Madison Sills, Andrew Freeman, Virgil Griffin, George William "Will" Hendrix and Alonzo Sills. One of the ladies in front could be Virginia Conway. In the bottom photo, three men have been identified: Arnold Pettus, first man in first row; Jesse Miller, the third man, first row; and James T. Locke, the seventh man, first row. Can anyone help complete the identification of these two photos?

Mystery Picture Identified

This is the home and family of William Thomas Cole with several relatives. The picture was taken around 1900. The home is in the Puncheon Community, Giles County, TN.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills – January 1829 to October 1847 (continued from Vol. 7 No. 1) abstracted by Wallace Palmore

Pages 307 and 308 are missing from the microfilm for this Will Book. The information here is from the WPA Works. All information is from March 1844 through May 1944. Elizabeth Matthews, Administrator Settlement; Richard Vawter, Administratrix Settlement; Benjamin Crews, Administrator Settlement; Susannah Sullivant, Executor Settlement. Pages 309-316 are from the Will Book: Willis Richardson, Estate Inventory; Burgess Burkitt, Estate Inventory; Daniel Pollock, Estate Inventory and Sale Bill.; Daniel May, Guardian Settlement; Thomas Choate, Guardian Settlement; John McMasters, Guardian Settlement; Alexander McDougal, Estate Inventory; Alexander McDougal, Estate Sale; Alexander McDougal, Widow’s Allowance; Burgess Burkitt, Estate Sale; Judith Tomblin, Sale Bill. (to be continued in Spring 2004 issue of the Journal)  (The archives has copies of the pages 107-308 and 33-34 that are missing from the microfilm.)

Hollis Book Coming Soon by Mary Nell Hollis Franks

James Hollis, born 22 June 1759, Bedford County, VA died 1843 in Wayne County, TN. If you have pictures, information, etc, please contact the author at 35 Dana Rd., Leoma, TN, 38464.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting – Saturday, September 20, 2003 by Josephine Pickard

New officers: Kathy Niedergeses, Chairperson; Wallace Palmore, President; Lila Gobbell, Vice President; Josephine Pickard, Secretary; Ricky Fleeman, Treasurer. The board voted to pay out of county speakers the amount of $50 to compensate their travel expenses and time. Local members will not be compensated for their time if they present a program. It was announced that Terry Williams would present a program on the last battle in the Civil War in Tennessee for our next meeting.

Special Session – Lawrence County Genealogical Board Meeting

All board members voted in favor of giving Jim Crowder $150 for supplies (toner, printer paper, etc.) and $450 to the Lawrence County Archives to up-date the computer system at the archives. Membership database, some articles for the journal and the web page for the society are kept on Kathy’s computer at the Archives.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting – Saturday, September 20, 2003 by Josephine Pickard

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. Treasurer Travis Henderson reported a total of $16,043.93 in accounts. Ideas for the Journal and for future programs for our meeting were discussed. Wally Moore brought the lst volume of class pictures of Lawrence County High School graduates and teachers for the years 1910-1955. (This set of five volumes is housed at the Archives.) There was an election of board members with Ricky Fleeman, Wallace Pallmore and Lila Gobbell getting the most votes. Bruce Price presented an interesting program on "What’s in a name".

Life Story of Calvin Wesley (Reddell) Riddle by Jean Riddle Willis

John David Reddell and (unknown wife), who was born about 1768 in Maryland, was the first Reddell to come to the Lawrence County, TN area. He was the son of John and Eleanor Daughtry Reddell of Maryland. There have been about 18 children of John David Reddell identified so far. The descendants continue through John David’s son, William Henry Reddell born about 1810 and married Mary Ann McCracken. Calvin Wesley Reddell was the eighth child born to Henry and Mary McCracken Reddell. He was born Sept. 18, 1858 and married Mary Elizabeth Zettler. Calvin Wesley was born in a log cabin just off the West Point road. Calvin and Mary Zettler Reddell had 11 children. Around 1893, he moved his family to Loretto, TN. In 1903, he remarried to Stevanna Roser. In 1914, he and Stevanna, born August 18, 1898, the daughter of William Henry Riddell, built a house that the author, currently lives in.

The Book Nook reviews by LCGS Members

The Bishop Book by Patsy Bishop Vance 2003 This book focuses on the descendants of Wiley Bishop. It also contains information on the following surnames: Cowens, Coins, Samples, Voss Shipley, Brewer and Rodgers. The book has many photographs, family worksheets, researched material, and several obituaries.

Abstracted Deed Books – Lawrence County, 1819-1836; Hardin County 1835-1838; Hardin County 1851-1854; Hickman County 1807-1835; Hardeman 1834-1838; Carter County 1796-1815; Carroll County 1831-1840; Fayette County 1825-1835; Fayette County 1835-1837. All of the above books were compiled by Vicky Hutchings; 2001, 2002 and donated to the Lawrence County Archives. Contact the archives for ordering information to purchase these books from Ms Hutchings.

McCloud and Rouse Families by Patsy Bishop King Vance; 2003 In addition to the McCloud and Rouse families, this book contains information on Wilsford, Bishop, Fleeman, Brewer, Farmer, Arnold, Perkins, and Haddock Families.

Tennessee Genealogical Records and Abstracts, Vol. 1: 1787-1839 by Sherida K. Eddlemon; Heritage Books, Inc. 1998. This book is records dating prior to the 1840 census. Marriage records for several counties make up two-thirds of the book. She also included some tax lists and court records.

Smith Family – The Smiths and Other Relatives compiled by Glenda Cleo (Flatt) Franklin; 2003. James Benjamin Smith born 1790 in VA and wife Sarah Frances settled on Big Shoal Creek near Pleasant Point, TN about 1834-5. The book contain 322 pages of information on descendants and many pictures including one of the original home place.

Forged in a Country Crucible by Joseph C. White; c2003. The author tells about growing up as one of seven children in the late 1920’s through the early 1940’s after his parents, Joseph Clark and Ida Reeve White moved from Winston County, AL, to Lawrence County, TN in 1925.


Ervin/Irvin Irwin; Haynes/Pennington; Slagle/Harshbarger; McAnnally/Arwood (Harwood).

About Our Front Cover – by Donna Ramsey

A boarding house called the Sowell House was operated by Miss Nannie and Miss Lillie Sowell in the years 1897 through 1928. Meals were also served to townspeople. It was located on the north side of Pulaski Street.

Old Bible Records of Lawrence County Families compiled by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

Stout Bible – D. C. Stout wase bornd August the 13th in the yer of our lord A.D. 1836 through the death of R. J. Stout died Aprial the 21d 1918

C. P. and Eugenia L. Rice Henderson Bible – C. P. Henderson and Eugenia L. Rice was married Oct. 5th 1865 through the death of C. P. Henderson died April 10, 1924.

Patrick W. and Mattie A. Hood Henderson Bible – Patrick W. Henderson Sept. 14, 1868 through the death of Mattie A. Feb. 7, 1967

Key Bible Records – M. C. Key was born in the state of North Carolina County of Moore on the 11th day of November, 1831. The last death was W. L. Newman died May 1st 1924, 61 yrs 4 mos 26 days. Marriage Certificate: W. L. Newman and S. T. Key were married on 25th Nov. 1887 at Wayland Springs by Rev. John Haggard.

Smith Family and Other Relatives – Part I by Glenda Cleo Flatt Franklin

Kathy Niedergeses, with Glenda Franklin’s permission has used excerpts from the Smith book that Glenda donated to the Archives. The children of the first generation have been used and a list of their children with birth and death dates that are know. James Benjamin Smith born 1790 in VA, died March 30, 1873. He and Sarah Frances, his wife are buried in the Old Belew/Old Smith Cemetery between Long Branch and Shoal Creek near Pleasant Point, TN. The author’s grandparents, William Greenwood and Georgia Ann Oliver Flatt lived at Cedar Hill, Pleasant Point, TN. Glenda shares wonderful memories of playing in the surrey, of playing a game of horseshoes, of playing in the old Cedar Hill Church House. Both grandparents are buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, where many other relatives are buried. (To be continued in the Spring 2004 issue of the Journal)

Index Volume 7 Number 2, (Winter, 2003)