Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 10 No. 3 Spring 2007

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From the Editor:

Please submit articles and family reunion information in a timely fashion in order to be published in this quarterly. Guidelines for article submission to the "History of Lawrence County, Tennessee" book are found in the Winter 2006 issue. All local members and out of town members are encouraged to support the society by attending our quarterly meetings.

History of Lawrence County Schools: 1817 – 1996 – Part VII (continued from Winter 2006) by Kathy Niedergeses.

Cloverdale School, Copperas Branch School, Flatwoods School, Herrin College, Holloway School, Kelso School, Knob Creek Colored School, Leoma School, Leoma Jr. High School, Mt. Horeb School, Mt. Nebo School, New Hope School, New Salem School, Ovilla School, Peach School, Pennington School, Pennington Colored School, Peter Cave School, Piney School, Pleasant Grove School, Poplar Top School, Porter’s Chapel School, Pumpkin Center School, Red Hill/Pleasant Grove School, Revilo School, St. Mary’s Catholic School, St. Truitt School.

(To be continued in the Summer 2007 issue of the Journal)

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills, January 1829 to October 1847, Conclusion (continued from Winter 2006) abstracted by Wallace Palmore.

Lindsey, E.N., sale bill and inventory of notes.

Higgs, Simon, executor settlement.

McMasters, John, guardian settlement.

Blythe, Jacob Jr., guardian settlement.

Smith, Jo. H., guardian settlement.

Stephenson, Joseph., administrator settlement.

Appleton, James, guardian settlement.

Martin, James, guardian settlement.

Wood, Curtis, sale bill.

Bailey, John W., guardian settlement.

Pickard, Mrs., sale bill.

Pickard, Henry, value of slave and executor settlement.

Kidd, George, Estate and guardian settlements.

Editor’s Note: This concludes this series of articles abstracting the Lawrence Court Clerk Wills for the period January 1829 to October 1847.


About Our Front Cover: Harlan Ice Company by Jim Crowder.

This history of the Harlan Ice Company in Lawrenceburg, TN includes the author’s memories and research. It summarizes past research by Bobby Alford and Kathy Niedergeses. The photo was taken c1922.

Genealogy Found in Deeds for Lawrence Co., TN – Part I compiled by Kathy Niedergeses.

This series will only contain names taken from deeds that state where at least one of the parties arrived from another location other the Lawrence County or migrated to another location. The deeds will also be included if the deed lists the heirs of a deceased person. Request copies of the actual transactions from the Lawrence Co. Archives or Please refer to the paper copy of this issue for more complete citations. Only last names are given here.

Deed Book A, August of 1819 –January of 1825:

Blackburn to Kendrick, Green to Wisdom, Irvine to Irvine, Falls-Stewart-McKnight-Young to Simonton, Simonton to Simonton, Woods, Watts, Fall heirs: Stewart-McKnight-Young-Davidson-Simonton, Farmer, Craighead, Williams to McClendon, Alvis to Hail, Musgrave, Crockett-Crisp, Farmer to Beeler, Walker, Manuel-Crum-Spencer, McDonald – Day, Cunningham to Stribling, Edwards to Hail, Cowen to Cunningham, Fall heirs, Helton heirs, Edmundson, Cunningham to Toler, Stribling to Toler, Gilbreath to Fugate, Harris to Wisdom, Perkins, Angling (Anglin) to Bramlett and Jones, Byler to Rackley, Winn to Walker, McElroy, Campbell heirs, Tipton, Kilcrease, Vanzant and McMinn to Stribling, Gibson to Gibbins, Graves to Voorhiers, Simonton to Williams,

Deed Book B, February of 1825 – December of 1829:

Wasson heirs, Harris to McClough, Buchanan to Walke, Holland to Ross, Tipton to Beatty, Alsup to Poteet, Chambers and Locke to Hamilton, Wright to Locke, Hamilton heirs, Crosby heirs, Batts to Stockton, Kilcrease to Brown, Swafford to Keese, Hanks to Sharp, Stockton to Newston, Patton to Bergin, Bynam (Binam) to Brown, Patton to Edmondson, McIntyre to Stewart, Sessums to Johnston, Belew to Comer, Smith to Walker, Polk and Catron to Catron, McLish to Catron and McLemore, Eskew to Eskew, Robson to Robson, Prince to Yarbrough, Orr to Weir, Pike to Walke, Smith to children.

Would you Like to Have Your Family’s History Published Free? By Kathy Niedergeses.

The author gives tips and guidelines for writing family histories to be included in the forthcoming book "The Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee."

Queries by Kathy Niedergeses.

Curry/Cross in Lawrence County, TN.

The Family of John Hodges Linam by Lina J. Owens Boyd.

John Hodges Linam, fifth child of George Linam and Mary "Mollie" Hodges, b. 1787 in SC; died 1876 Lawrence County, TN. Photos accompany this multi-generational history of Linam, his wife Judith Teague, and their ancestors and descendants.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Four unidentified photos from the Archives and Spence Collections. One with note "Mrs. C.E. Jackson Waxahachie, Tex." And one of an infant with the imprint "Townall".

The Book Nook reviews by Lila Gobbell and Kathy Niedergeses.

The Partnership, Community-Company-Employees, The first thirty years of Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company in Lawrence County, Tennessee, G. Cromer Smotherman, 2004.

Index for Supplement I of "At Rest Cemetery Records of Lawrence County, Tennessee." The book and/or CD can be purchased from the Archives.


The Jennings Family By Way of Denmark, England, VA, NC, GA, AL and Tennessee – Part II – Conclusion by Kathy Sudduth Niedergeses.

Part I of this history was published in Vol. 10 No. 2 of this journal. This second article focuses on John P. Jennings, the 1st child of Wm. C. and Mary Jennings. It includes a history of all six children of John P. Jennings and Sarah Emerline Jennings and their families.