Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 10 No. 4 Summer 2007

Table of Contents


History of Lawrence County Schools: 1817 – 1996 – Part VIII (continued from Spring 2007) by Kathy Niedergeses

Chisholm School, Clack’s Branch School, County Line School, Ethridge Citizen’s School, Ethridge Elementary School, Ethridge Jr. High School, Hudson Academy, Hudson School, Lodi School, Mt. Lebanon School, Mt. Vernon School, Mt. Zion/Zion School (Sugar Creek), Mt. Zion/Knob Creek School, O.K. School, Oehmen School, Pleasant Point School, Ramah School, Springer School.

To continued in the Fall 2007 issue of the Journal


Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part I, First Civil District by Wallace Palmore.

List includes names (A – H), acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, county tax, school tax, RR tax and Hwy tax for each entry.


Genealogy Found in Deeds for Lawrence Co., TN – Part II (continued from Spring 2007) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses.

Deed Book C, December of 1827 – December of 1829

Swafford to Keese, Roberts to Bailey, Winn for Walk to Hall, Townsend to Weir, Walke to Winn, Burns to Anthony, Newton to Newton, Rogers to McKinny, Buchanan to Loyd, Terrell heirs and Hayl, Thomas to Hall, Pennington heirs – Burns, Matthews, Smith to Reed, Webb to Craig, Cheek heirs, Alsup to Fisher, Catron to Catron, Davidson to Catron, Pennycuff & Martin to Dowlin, Stockton to Smith, Harris to Choate, Pennington heirs – Matthews & Burns, Brooks to Cunningham, Boswell to Robinson, Kilcrease estate & Brown, Williams to Parker, Perkins to Olmstead, Herron to Ridley, Catron heirs & English to Catron, Jones to Jones, Jones & White, Leath to Brownlow, Ridley to Ford, Crisp to Crisp, Cayce & Little to Woods, Cook to Perkins, Stockton to McGee, Phenix to McCrackin.

Deed Book D, August 1829 – February 1834

Jones to Shackleford, Harris to Spain, Irvine to Davis, Hunter & Johnston to Davis, Mitchell to McGuire, McGee to Irvine, Cayce to Woods, Reed to Melton, McDonald to Springer heirs, Shull to Smith, Hicks & Wasson to Cobbs, Stockton to Bell, Terrill to Bowdri, Stockton to Perkins & Smith, Brown & Townsend & Kilcrease, Holland to McClenden, Croft to Bumpass, Tutt to Parchman, Bassham to Roper, Campbell to Kidd, Fly to Tutt, Wright to Warren, Davidson to Catron, Jones-Davidson-White-Catron-Kerr-Connor-Thompson-Martin- Cymonds- Boyd-Caldwell-Rogers-King-Knox-Henderson, Calhoon to Howard, Mitchell to Fly, Hicks & Kelly to Alexander, Stockton to Hagan-Jones – Bramlet - Anglin, Young to Haynes, Rackly to Baily, Bird – Smith – Franks – Jordan, Brashears to Brashears, Simonton to Kidd, Randall to Brashers, Brewer to Butler, Maberry to Tucker, Armstrong to Buchanan, Matthews to MaGuire, McLemore to Sharpe, Vick to Norman, Buchanan & Bumpass to Arrington, Wooten to McCane, Waldrip to Wisdom, Simonton to Simonton, Nolen to Gabel, Pearce & Dalton to Gabel, McLemore to Haynes, McKnight to Bowdry- Rayl – Terrell – Irvine, Mitchell to Richards, Sharpe to Davis, Pearl to Aldrich, Cole to Arrington, Welch to Patterson, Robson to Stephenson, Hunter to Hunter & Craig, Ratliff to Curles, Hagan to Bramlett, Isom to Catron, Davis-Foster, Gant to Gant – Woods – Webster, McCain to Smith, Kidd to Kidd, Bumpass to McGee, Haynes to Toler, Harralson to Chronister, Dickson & Warren-Martinville to Davis.


The Story of James Hollis, III "Pioneer" in Middle Tennessee by Shirley A. Hollis, PhD and Mary Nell Hollis Franks.

This history follows the Hollis family from Virginia to Sullivan Co., TN to Middle Tennessee. Traces the lives of James Hollis Sr., James Hollis II and James Hollis III through military history, land and Bible records. Includes photos.


About Our Front Cover: Appleton Department Store by Sue Hendrix Davis and Linda Jo Hendrix Dean

A history of the Appleton Department Store in Appleton, TN from the early 1900’s to 2007. Photos show the original Hall, Kelton Store in 1902 and the building in 2007. Includes a detailed written description of both the exterior and interior, past owners, and events held in this building.


Mystery Families and Photographs

Three unidentified photos from the archives show 1) a group of men standing on a horse drawn wagon 2) a family and 3) 3 children.

From the Files of H. F. Powell, Funeral Director in Chinubee, TN – Part I transcribed by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses

A chart shows the entries for the purchase of items (coffins, robes, etc.) from Mr. Powell’s Funeral Home located a short distance south of the Chinubee School. Records begin with April 30, 1915 and include the name of the deceased, item purchased and price. Please refer to the journal issue for complete names and information. Only the last names are listed here. Part I spans April 30, 1915 to Nov. 20, 1918:

Kimbrell, Kilburn, Downing, Johnson, Barnett, Swinnea, Hunt, Kelly, Hassle, Melton, Springer, Bates, Prince, Shook Bumguard, Hardrick, Davis, Luker, Alsup, Maxvill, York, McCrackin, David, Brison, Phillips, Williams, Gibson, Riley, Dile, Wards, Baley, More, Smith Wisdom, Downing, Green, Holice, Harden, Weaver, Ezell, Bivens, Gambrel, Waters, Hamp, Prince, Stutts, Smith, Welch, Hethcoat, Burch, Willis, Roach, Roberds, Darnel, Spurgeon, Title, Bauge, Lop, Pery, Blair, Barkely, Andrews, Welch, Rhodes, Adams, Stutt, McCorkle, Williames, Martones, Hunt.

(To be continued in the Fall 2007 issue of the Journal)


Queries compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Please refer to the journal issue for complete information. Only last names are given here:

Williams, Allen/Alexander, Hardiman/Wilburn/Crowder, Wiley/Crunk/Gist/Grisby, Pullen/Childer, Dye, Appleton/Adams/Hinson, Hamilton.


Burch Family in Lawrence County, TN In 1850 – 1880 by Bettye Seaton Liberty

This history includes information on Agnes Stuart and Henry Burch married 1807 in Caswell County, NC, their children: Sarah, Catherine, Annie, Elizabeth, Stephen, and Agnes Jane and their families.