Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 11 No. 1 Fall 2007

Table of Contents

From the Editor:

Thanks to those of you who chose to submit your stories to us for inclusion in Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee and to those who chose to purchase the book. We continue to need member’s family stories, including pictures if available, to be included in upcoming issues of our journal. Please help us to continue the journal in its present format and at its current frequency by submitting your stories.

From the Files of H. F. Powell, Funeral Director in Chinubee, TN – Part II (continued from Summer 2007) transcribed by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses.

A chart shows the entries for the purchase of items (coffins, robes, etc.) from Mr. Powell’s Funeral Home located a short distance south of the Chinubee School. Entries include the name of the deceased, item purchased and price. Please refer to the journal issue for complete names and information. Only the last names are listed here. Part II spans January 2, 1919 to February 23, 1922.

Smith, Keeton, Hartrick, Title, Holice, Mcdonel, More, Melton, Plasket, Dishoughn, Clanton, Hammer, Dotston, Bailey, Williames, Penington, Holice, Nelson, Lopes, Tice, York, Cannon, Gibson, Wever, Crowe, Dixon, Dickson, Mattus/Mathus, Grigs, Swiney, Roberts, Rhodes, Gray, Canon, Huble, Lop, Claton, McGee, Aple Gate, Short, McCrory, Roden, Roteshel, Scott, Williames, Hollis, Prince, Reocus, Fisher, Horn, Wisdom, Manley, Huse, Blair, Pery, Grays, Shelton, Weaver, Darnel, Trimmer, Luney, Clay, Lucus or Lucur, Dickson, Franklin.

To be continued in the Winter 2007 issue of the Journal.

Queries by Kathy Niedergeses

Surnames: Gibbons/Loven/Newton.

Mystery Familes and Photographs

Two photos of the B. R. Purnell house. Can anyone give us a location for this house?

History of Lawrence County Schools: 1817- 1996- Part IX (continued from Summer 2007) by Kathy Niedergeses.

Several unnamed Colored Schools are listed and identified and are identified by the location and teacher’s name, Five Points School, Five Points Jr. High School, Hensley Ridge School, Hickman School, Hollander School, Hollis Chapel School, Loretto Elementary School, Loretto High School, Loretto Jr. High School, Mt. Dora School, Rhodes Hill School, Second Creek School, Shady Grove School #1 and #2, Simms Ridge School, Staten School, Steedstick School, Sykes School. Some photos are included.

(To be continued in the Fall 2007 issue of the Journal)

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part II, First Civil District

(continued from Summer 2007) by Wallace Palmore.

List includes names (H-R), acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, RR tax, Hwy tax for each entry.

Squire Edward Choate and His Descendants by Gail McCarley Nichols.

This detailed family history of Squire Edward Choate begins with his birth in 1819 in Lawrence County. It references the will of Edward’s father, Thomas Kyle Choate. Lists of descendants of Edward and first wife, Nancy Catherine Atwell, and second wife, Rebecca E. Atwell, are given. Photos and sources are included.

Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, June 16, 2007 provided by Kathy Niedergeses.

A meeting was conducted by phone in order to transact business that needed to be taken care of by the board. A motion was made to make available up to $500 for use of the Lawrence County Heritage Book Committee, with Don Mills to compensate at a later date, for book committee members to use to purchase ink and paper for printing articles after retyped, postage for brochures. All were in favor.

Genealogy Found in Deeds for Lawrence Co., TN – Part III (continued from Summer 2007) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses.

Deed Book E, February 1834-January 1836

McGee to Bentley, Brown to Blythe, Kilcrease estate/Brown/Townsend to Tucker, McDonald to Williams, Catron to Napier and Catron, Brown to Stribling, McDonald to Woolsey, Pearce/Hoving/Fulgam to Herring, Williams to Coffee, Parchman to Cayce, Powers to Gresham, Melton to Hollis, Walden to Walden and Stiles, McDonald to Hill, McGee to Beeler, McLean to McLean, McDonald to Johnson, Ford to Pillow, DePriest estate to Matthews, Jones/White to Catron, Aldrick to Parkes and Campbell, Royal to Field, Napier and Catron to Catron and Napier, Belew to Horn, Moore to Golightly, Cook to Campbell, Matthews to Stribling, Milstead/McCabe to McCabe, May to Rackley, Pickard to Austin, Smith to Cayce (McKnight), Wisdom to Clifton, Simonton to Stribling, Simonton to Stewart, Lyons to Carmack (Kilcrease, Rackley), McGee to Bumpass, Alsup to Jackson, Simonton to Gaither, Dickson to Craig, Johnson to Wade, Simonton to Simonton, Foster to Davis, Rackley to Rackley, Choate to Liles, Henderson to Goff, Moore to Springer, Deavenport to Stephenson, Dunlap to Jones, Thornington to Tucker, Matthews to Perry, McDonald to Springer, Catron to Napier, Henderson to Williams, Springer to Springer, Blythe to Blythe, Newton to Ezell, Brashears to Brashears, Buchanan to Stribling, Kyle to Cayce.

Deed Book F, March 1836-September 1839

McDonald to Stribling, Springer to Newton, Cunningham to Williamson, Simonton to Buchanan, McLaren to Gresham, Choat to Johnson, Bentley to Deavenport and Yerger, McDonald to McLean, Stribling to Bowdry, Harrelson to Anthony, McDonald to Richardson, Cobb to Walker and Johnson, Kendrick to Morris, McClendon (Null, Risner, Prince) to Yarborough, Michie to Sessons, Vawters to Sneed, Gant to Kidd, Lucas and Hamilton to Old, Hyde to Hyde, Michie to Davis (Pierce), Crisp to McQuigg, McQuigg to Tidwell, Buchanan to Buchanan, Tracey to Taneyhill and Moses, his sons, McGee to Richards, Dickson and Warren to Blake, Matthews to McKnight and Simonton, Bramlett to Smith, Simonton to Edmiston and Denton, Horton to Richardson, McCain to Pullen, Haynes to Field, Pullen to Pullen, Davis to Matthews, McDonald to McGee, Helton to Hail, Stockton to Reed, McDonald to Lucas, Trustees of Jackson Academy to Parker, Dodson to Smith (estate of Daniel May), Davis/Gaither to Richards, Smith to Richardson, McDonald to Whorton, Davis /Gaither to McKnight, Williamson to Johnson, Vincent to Briscoe, McDonald to Horn, Ratliff to Ratliff, Hosey to Hail, Hosey to Lumpkin, Dickson and Davis to Williams, Hendricks to Hendricks, Pillow to Martin and Wood, Fisher to Fisher, Bramlett to Bryant, Holt to Pullen, Lucus and Hamilton to Buchanan and Simonton, Cooper to Fondren.

(To be continued in the Winter issue of the Journal)