Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 11 No. 3 Spring 2008

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Society Goals & Publication Policies

From the Editor:

There is still a great need for members to attend meetings and to submit stories for the Journal. Please consider contributing your family histories and stories.

Genealogy Found in Deeds for Lawrence Co., TN – Part V- Conclusion (continued from Winter 2007) Compiled by Kathy Niedergeses.

The final installment in a series that includes deeds that give information relating to where settlers relocated from, migrated to after leaving Lawrence Co. with lists of heirs of deceased persons when given. Copies of the actual records can be requested from the Lawrence Co. Archives.

Deed Book G, Sept. 1839 to Dec. 1841 (continued)

Mangrum to Martin, Topp to Gibbens, McIntyre estate/ Stewart and McIntyre to Melton, Wester estate/ Byler to Wester, McIntyre to Reeder, Boswell to Boswell, Bailey estate/ Bailey to Lindsey, Knox to Davis, Ross to Holland, Holland to Holland, Potts to Carmack Matthews to Key, McAnally to McAnally and Banner, Randall to Tidwell, Stricklin estate to Wooten, Rembert to McMurry.

Deed Book H, Dec. 1841 to Mar. 1846

Bumpass to Bumpass, Bumpass estate/ Hartwell, Stockton, McIntyre, Strickland to Strickland, Marcum to Marcum, Kenady to Brewer, McGuire to Kidd, McDougal to Holland, McAnally estate/ Sharp, Craig to Warren, Cunningham to Davidson, Hammonds estate/ Rogers. Green estate /Hooper to Cross, Harmon estate/ Petty to Straughn, Smith to Martindale, Nixon estate, Rembert to Rambert, Allen to Matthews/Stockard, Hendrick to Allen, Keeton estate/ McArthur and Miller to Pickard, Rembert to Rembert, Pickard to Pickard, Welch to Blair, McDougal estate, Balch to children/ McCowen, Parks to Parks, Dancy to Dancy/ Parks, Goff to Goff/ Tarkenton, Parks to Parks, Foster to Garner and White, Carmack to Tays, Kilcrease estate/ Brown vs. heirs, Ray estate/ Ratliff to Walker/Edmiston, Anderson to Bentley, Wilshire to Coffee, Dixon to Cayce, Cayce to Baucum, Loving to Yarbrough, Buchanan to Daniel, Haile estate/ Edwards to Edwards, Patterson estate/ Campbell, McNeil, Compton to Maxey, Maxey to Maxey, Christian estate to Voorhies and Evans, Richardson to Lindsey, Craig to Pickard, McDonald to Hammonds, Matthews estate/ Reynolds to Bowden, Fondren to Miller, Monday to children, Hammonds, Penticuff to Griffin, McDougal estate, Conyers to Young/Williams, Stephenson to Griswold, Yarbrough to Hill, Barnes to Pickard, Bumpass to Bentley, Kidd estate, Lindsey to Bigham and Bingham, Dickson to Warren, Gabell to Gabell, White to White, Dancey to Dancey, Ray estate to Goff, Buchanan to Parks, Gillespie to Gillespie/Breckenridge, Briscoe to Guinn, Cosby to Balch, Belew to Fields, Warren estate/Dickson, Craig, Napier to Napier, Estes to Richardson, Hartwick to Burleson, McKnight to Frasier, Harlin estate/Springer, Comer, Walker estate, Marcum to Martin, Richardson to Brown, Chaffin estate/ Turner, Williams to Whitington, Holland estate/ Tays, Holland, Wiley to Harrison and Holland, Marcum (Marckum) to McDougal, Hammonds estate/Marcum to McDougal, Parks to Hunter, Williams estate to Davis (Jones and Lucas), Beard to Hollis, Chaffin estate/ Voorhies, Williams to Whitington, Chaffin estate/ to Bentley.

The Beeler Rocking Chair by Susan Beeler Anderson

The story of a family heirloom as told by the rocking chair itself – how it was left behind in Tennessee when the owner went West in 1903 and was eventually united with the owner’s granddaughter ninety-five years later. (A drawing of the chair and a poem about chair is featured on the cover of this Journal.)

Updated List of Members and Families Researched- Part I by Jim Crowder and Kathy Niedergeses

Members (A-F) are listed with addresses and family names they are researching.

(To be continued in the Summer 2008 issue of the Journal)

Bible Records of Various Families – Part I Compiled by Gina Luker

The contents of Bible records donated to the Lawrence County Archives are given in this Journal. Please refer to the issue for complete information. Only the names of the Bibles are given here:

W.T. Keeling Bible

Lumpkins Bible (James M. Lumpkins)

McMasters Family Bible (John McMasters)

(Contact the Lawrence County Archives for copies)

(To be continued in the Summer 2008 issue of the Journal)

Heritage of Lawrence County, Tennessee by Jim Crowder

The book is still being proofed. It is still available for purchase.

Additions to "At Rest" Cemeteries of Lawrence County, TN – Part II- Conclusion (continued from Winter 2007) by Kathy Niedergeses

This list updates the book "AT REST" Cemetery Records of Lawrence County, TN by Carrie Hardwick Grisham and Irene McBane Alexander published in 1967 and Supplements. It includes new information on the cemeteries and names on tombstones.

Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List – Part I, Second Civil District by Wallace Palmore

Names (A-G) are listed with the number of acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, county tax, school tax, RR tax and Hwy Tax.

(To be continued in the Summer 2008 issue of the Journal)

History of Lawrence County Schools: 1817-1996 – Part XI (continued from Winter 2007) by Kathy Niedergeses

Colored School – Crestview, Colored School – Long Branch, Colored School – Simington’s Chapel, Colored School – Tuskegee, Lawrenceburg Female Academy, Lawrenceburg Sacred Heart School, Loretto Sacred Heart Catholic School, Saint Joseph Catholic School, Saint Joseph Jr. High School, Shoal Mill School, Spring Creek School, Sumertown Elementary School, Summertown Jr. High School, Summertown High School, Summertown Seminary.

Monetary Donations or Books in Memory of a Loved One/ Kathy Niedergeses, Director Lawrence County Archives

Books can be donated to the archives in memory of a loved one. Books may be sent to the archives. The archives can not accept donations of money directly. However, recently the Lawrence County Genealogical Society has agreed to accept monetary donations specified to be used to purchase microfilm, books, etc. the archives needs. Checks for monetary donations should be made to Lawrence County Genealogical Society and mailed to 2588 Hwy. 43 S, Leoma, TN 38468.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Three unidentified photos are shown in the hopes that some reader will recognize them and forward information to the archives. One is a family group photo that may be part of the Welch or Drake family. Another is of a man in a hat that may be related to the Shaddix/Shadix, Boston, Shelton, or Phillips families. The third is a photo of eight women taken in front of a brick building.

Minutes to Combined Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board and General Membership Meeting, Saturday, December 1, 2007 / Kathy Niedergeses

Items discussed included filing taxes for the year Sept. 2006 thru Aug. 2007 and insuring the stored copies of The Heritage of Lawrence County.