Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County (Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 2, No. 1 (Fall 1998)

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From The Editor - Shirley Hollis Rice:
The editor thanks everyone for making the first annual Family History Fair a success and reminds everyone to be ready for the second one the third Saturday in June, 1999. A reminder to turn in your first families applications, a summary of articles to appear in future issues, and a plea for help in typing, proofing and putting the journal together is also included.

Thomas L. and Nancy Hill Ezell: Progenitors of Lawrence County Ezells
by Bobby Ezell
Mr. Ezell establishes Thomas L. Ezell as the progenitor of the Lawrence County Ezells. Also gives an account of the Ezell family's migration into Lawrence County in the early part of the 19th century. (photo of Allen Ezell and Mary Ann Holloway)

Anderson and Eleanor Springer Alsup
by Mary Nell Hollis Franks, Pat Hillhouse Motes, Bobby A. Ezell and Josephine Willis Pickard
The authors chronicle an early 19th century family who lived along Sugar Creek, beginning with Anderson Alsup's marriage to Eleanor Springer, recorded in Lawrence County records in 1821. Also gives some account of their descendants. (photo of Bedford Forrest Alsup, his wife Rosa Lee Boyd and their children, Cecil Pride, Anna Lucille and Henry Cullum, taken around 1905.)

The Book Nook . . .

Book Reviews by Kathy Niedergeses and Teresa Newton

Books reviewed include: 

    Searcy County (AR) Tax Records 1839-1866 
    Heffington Family 1754- 1998
    The Bryant Family
    Historic Material by Early Lawrence County Writers 1846-1933
    The Clifton Family
    Tennessee Land Grants
    The Hidden Revolutionary War Land Grants in the Tennessee Military Reservation
    The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture
    Reverend Levi Phillips Denson (1819- 1889): Denson Families in America
    Virginia Will Records From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
    Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines 1775-1783
    Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858
    Tennesseans in the War of 1812

How Do I . . . Research at the Lawrence County Archives
by Kathy Niedergeses, Director of Lawrence County Archives
Introduces the staff of the Lawrence County Archives and explains which materials the archives currently has available and how the researcher can gain access to these materials. Also explains services provided by the staff.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - January 1829 to October 1847
(continued from Vol. 1, No. 4) abstracted by Shirley Hollis Rice
Names of individuals and actions discussed are: William Buchanan, Eliphaz Shelton, John McMasters, Pals_____ Rackley, George Tucker, J. H. Robertson, Ezekiel Basham, John Davis, John McMasters, Jeremiah Allen, Nancy Horn, Thomas Estes, Shadrack Cayce, George Keeton, George Tucker, James Martin.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Researchers seeking help submit photos from their collections. Photos received this issue are from: Janet Bailey Bryant, who indicates the individuals may be Baileys, Rackleys, Bentleys, or Gwins; Lois White, who states the photo is marked Caddo, I. T. (Indian Territory), and may be either Smiths or Whites who migrated west; and Jo Moore who submitted a photo from the collection of the late Ethel Luker Moore wife of Sparling Carroll Moore of the Aaron's Branch area.

Queries . . .

Researchers who seek information. Queries from members are free of charge, those from non- members are $2.00 each, maximum: 2 queries per issue, more if space is available.

Memories of Richardson's Chapel School on Mockeson Creek
by Jeanette Richardson Held
As told to her by her father Emmett Richardson, Mrs. Held recounts the history of the little one room schoolhouse, built around the turn of the century. Having attended class in the mid-thirties, she offers insight into the school and its teachers. (photo of 1902 class; and circa 1935 class, which includes author)

The Bonnertown Community
by Teresa Newton
A brief history of the southeast Lawrence County community, that began in 1909 when Allan Bonner, Tom Wilson, and J. M. Owens and several other families migrated into the area from Winston County, Alabama.

Josie Owens, Midwife
by Teresa Newton
One of the early settlers of the Bonnertown Community, Mrs. Josie Owens served as mid-wife for many years. The book in which she recorded births was recently discovered by her granddaughter. Father's name is followed by mother's name include: Clifton/Jaco; Cox/Box; Denton/Urban; Ezell/Wilson; Isbell/Shelton; Matlock/Thompson; McMasters/Powell; Newton/Owens; Newton/Sims; Rhodes/Walker; Rosson/Thompson; Rusk/Elkins; Self/Stags; Seymore/Franks (?); Shannon/Grissom; Smith/Rollins; Wiley/Putman. (photo of Josie Owens)

Robert B. Brashears and Sarah Hankins of Lawrence County, Tennessee
by Charles Brashears
Mr. Brashears gives insight into the division of Lawrence County into twelve civil districts, as he recounts the history of this early 19th century southeast Lawrence County family. Also, traces the generations that follow through the civil war. (To be continued in the Winter issue . . .)

About Our Front Cover . . .

Pencil sketch of Richardson Chapel School by Jeanette Richardson Held, who attended the school intermittently between 1930 and 1937.

A Barefooted Boy's Election Day
by William F. "Bill" Richardson
Mr. Richardson recalls a particular election day at "Uncle Harlan's" store (Frank J. Harlan) in the Third District of Lawrence County, during the days following the Depression; describing it as ". . . a major social event".

The First Annual Lawrence County Genealogical Society Family History Fair (Saturday, June 20, 1998)

Instead of the regular quarterly meeting of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society, the first annual Family History Fair was held. (photos of some of the volunteer staff members and researchers.)

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