The Journal of the Lawrence County  Genealogical Society
Vol. 2, No. 2 (Winter 1998)
Table of Contents

From the Editor - Shirley Hollis Rice
The editor wishes everyone to know that this issue continues the focus on southeastern Lawrence County, begun in the Fall 1998 issue. Also included is another gentle reminder to turn in your First Families applications; a summary of articles to appear in the Spring 1999 German Migration issue; a report on the September LCGS meeting, and on the upcoming meeting March, 20, 1999, at 1:00 P.M., with guest speaker Tony Mack McClure. She concludes with an appeal for suggestions on future programs, and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season.

Thomas L. and Nancy Hill Ezell: Progenitors of Lawrence County Ezells, by Bobby Ezell
(continued from Vol. 2, No. 1, Fall issue) Mr. Ezell continues his account of the Ezell family's migration into Lawrence County in the early part of the 19th Century, begun in the Fall 1998 issue. He picks up with 1860 census information, and concludes with the 1880 census.

The Book Nook, Book Reviews by Kathy Niedergeses
Books donated to the Lawrence County Archives or the Lawrence County Public Library are reviewed by Kathy Niedergeses or Teresa Newton each issue. Books reviewed include: Wayne County, TN, 1880 Census; Wayne County, TN 1900 Census; In Their Own Words; Second Creek Church Minute Book: 1830-1903; Puncheon Church Book #1 and #2, April 1844-May 1887; Aviation in Tennessee; The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy; The Harrison-Arthur Family; Cemetery Records of Giles County, TN; Maury County, TN Cemeteries; and Factory Creek: The People, The Place, and The Times - A Social and Community History.

My Memories of the Jonathan McMasters Family, by Viola Hagan Carpenter
Mrs. Carpenter offers her memories of a family that (to her) "seemed like kinfolks." Born in North Carolina, Mr. McMasters and family were among the original settlers to make the trek from Chatham County, North Carolina into Giles County, Tennessee, when the Indian Lands were opened for settlement in 1817. The author follows the family into the early part of the 20th Century, and concludes with a first hand account of the annual McMasters Family Reunion. (photo of John McMasters, Jr. and Mary E. Bassham, and seven of their nine children.)

Benjamin Parker Lewis and Sarah McMasters, by Marjorie Lewis Young
Beginning with her ninety-four year old father, James Joseph Lewis, the author leap-frogs back to her great-great-grandfather Benjamin P. Lewis' birth in North Carolina in 1810, and tracks him into Lawrence County, where he married Sarah McMasters in 1831. She then follows the Lewis' children and their grand-children forward into the early part of the 20th Century.

About Our Front Cover, by Kathy Niedergeses

Photo of Mt. Zion Church, rebuilt in 1885 after fire destroyed the original church. Mrs. Niedergeses offers a brief history of the church, the cemetery, the swinging bridge, and the low water bridge, all of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. (Photos include cemetery, swinging bridge, and gravehouse.)

How Do I..... Become a Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, by Faye Henson,
Regent Buffalo River Chapter of the DAR Offers clear and understandable advice on becoming a member of this important organization, along with information on where and how to get an application, and also explains the process an applicant must go through in order to join a local chapter.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - January 1829 to October 1847, abstracted by Shirley Hollis Rice
(continued from Vol 2., No. 1, Fall issue) Names of individuals discussed are: Obediah T. Stribling, George Tucker, Robert Chaffin, Green Depriest, Daniel May, James Martin, George Keeton, Nathaniel Christian, D. H. Stockton, Abel Wakefield, John Anthony, Elliott Lindsey, Henry Pickard, William P. A. McCabe, Vincent Lay, John McAnally, and Thomas Price. (to be continued in March issue...)

Mystery Families and Photographs
"Mystery photos" submitted to the society are printed in each issue in hopes that someone will be able to identify the people pictured in them. Photos received this issue are from the collections of: Mary Charles Hollis Old, which shows a boat, ferry or cruise barge at the turn of the century, and states that two of the individuals inside are Julia Embrey and John Marcus Embrey from West Point - seeks info on boat and other individuals in photo. Also submitted photo from mother, Ruth Dixon Hollis Kimbrell, which shows Livery (assumed to be in West Point) and individual on horseback, holding string of horses - seeks info on individual and Livery. Final photo from Mary Nell Hollis Franks shows four women and identifies Mary Weaver, daughter of Jake J. and Mamie Porter - seeks info on other three ladies.

Queries from members are free of charge; from non-members, $2.00 each. Maximum of two queries per researcher per issue; more only if space is available. This issue researchers seek info on the following families: Penn, Chaffin, Abernathy, Drake & Kelley; Williams & Jolly; Malone & Lemay; Dodd; Eaton, Smith & Lemay; Gresham; Cross; Bailey; Randall; and Moody.

Robert B. Brashears and Sarah Hankins of Lawrence County, Tennessee, by Charles Brashears (continued from Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall issue) Mr. Brashears continues his account of the twelve Brashears children and their offspring. In this issue, he begins with the fourth child of Robert and Sarah, Issac Brashears, who was born in 1816 in Roane County, Tennessee; concluding his article with the twelfth child, Josephine Melissa Caroline Brashears, born in Lawrence County, TN in 1833. (Photo of Cincinnati Springer and Lucy Ann Springer.)

The James Kelly Family, by Mary Ann Million
Ms. Million continues the history of this West Point family, beginning in late 18th Century Greene County, Tennessee, where James Kelly's father, William, married Margaret Johnston. Then, tracing James Kelly's entrance into Lawrence County, with his 1820 marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Lindsey, she concludes with an account of their eleven children.

Quarterly Meeting
Report on the September meeting of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society, held at the Lawrence County Public Library, September 19, 1998. To read minutes return to LCGS webpage. (Photos include Greg and Kim Thompson, Lila McGee Gobbell, Bruce Johnston, various members and officers.)

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