The Journal of the Lawrence County  Genealogical Society
Vol. 2, No. 3 (Spring 1999)
Table of Contents

The German Migration, Their Churches, and Their Legacy compiled by Kathy Niedergeses
The author gives us, not only a brief history of German migration into Lawrence County, but also shows us how the migration was intertwined with the history of the Catholic Church here. Tracing the migration from its humble post-civil war beginnings in Cincinnati, Ohio, she also reveals how the German influx was responsible for the birth and development of several local communities (most notable among these is the renaming of Loretto and the birth of St. Joseph). Teeming with names of early German settlers, the article also offers insight into the meaning of consecration, and recounts a history of Tennessee's only consecrated, and Lawrence County's oldest surviving Catholic church in St. Joseph.

How Do I . . . Trace My German Ancestry by Kathy Niedergeses
Though written for the novice trying to understand how to find information about their German ancestors, the author offers advice (based on twenty years experience) that is clear and understandable, and would be helpful to anyone doing their family history, no matter what their ancestry.

Mystery Families and Photographs
A class from Shady Grove School, which was in existence by the early 1900's, but it's not known when photo was taken. Only the names of three individuals are known: Thomas Schneider, Catherine Eleanor Schneider and Marie Schneider. The picture's owner, Linda Hand would like to know if anyone knows the names of any of the others. Also, a picture of a church that could be anywhere . . .

The Niedergeses Family by Kathy Niedergeses
An enjoyable and interesting account of one of Lawrence County's German families, most notable for its insight into the lives of early German emigrants. It also offers an enlightened view of two small European villages, the self-contained community Over the Rhine in New York City, the post-civil war German community in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ultimately, of Lawrence County and mid-nineteenth century Lawrenceburg itself.

The Book Nook reviewed by Kathy Niedergeses and Teresa Newton
Books reviewed this issue include: First Settlers of South Carolina 1670-1700; Jesse & Frank James: the Family History; Volunteer Soldiers in the Cherokee War 1836-1839; Lewis County, Tennessee WPA Records; Maury County, Tennessee: History & Families; The Bowden Family of Pope County, Arkansas; Linam; DeWitts and Related Families; A Brashear(s) Family History, Vol. 1: The First 200 Years of Breasher(s) in America; The Charles Myers Family; Cherokee Proud: Second Edition - A Guide to Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee Ancestors; 1830 Tennessee Census; and the 1840 Tennessee Census.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - Jan. 1829 to Oct. 1847 abstracted by Shirley Hollis Rice (continued from Vol. 2, No. 2)
Names and actions involved in this issue include: Samuel Kelly, widow's dowry; John McAnally, sale of estate; Elliot Lindsey, widow's allowance; William W. Matthews, widow's allowance; Enoch Tucker, widow's allowance; George Tucker, settlement with administrators; James Martin, guardian's settlement; Elifus Shelton, administrator's settlement; Enoch Tucker, inventory of property; Samuel Kelly, inventory of property; Henry Pickard, inventory of property; Elliott Lindsey, sale of property; John (?) McCallister, guardian report of William McCallester; John Roberson, settlement of executors; Thomas Price, will; George Tucker, guardian report; Jesse Tucker, administrator settlement; Jeremiah Allen, Guardian report; Stephanus Busby, trustee, annual report; Enoch Tucker, sale of estate; William Buchanan, sale of property; William Buchanan, executors report; Conrad Hartwick, widow's allowance; Conrad Hartwick, sale of estate; Martin Gaither, inventory of estate; Enoch Tucker, additional sale of estate. (To be continued in the next issue . . )

List of Lawrence County Genealogical Society Members, compiled by Kathy Niedergeses
An ongoing list of members, their addresses, e-mail addresses, and the surnames each are researching, published here in the hopes that members will find contacts who are researching the same lines they are. This issue features names that begin with Abrams and end with Fournier. (To be continued in the next issue . . .)

Researchers seek help and/or any information on the following names: Wisdom; Jesse Littrell, s/o Robert Luttrell; McGill or Magill; Gresham; Hudspeth; and Reynolds.

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