Lawrence County Heritage


The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society


Vol. 19  No. 4  Summer 2016

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Compiled by Lawrence Niedergeses


From The Editor


Jim Crowder who has been the Editor since the Fall of 1999 states that this issue will be his last. Membership renewals are now due.


Memorial Tributes


Richard Eugene "Gene" Williams was born August 18, 1945 and died January 12, 2016. Gene is survived by his wife, Vonda, and his sons, Richard E. "Rick" and Kelly Williams. Gene was a funeral home director. He was a descendant of the William L. and G. A. Kirk Williams family who owned Williams Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg in the early 1900s.


The Fire Fiend - Part XIII (continued from Spring 2016) Researched and compiled by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses


This is the 13th installment in a series that began in Vol. 16 #4, Summer 2013, regarding fires, fire fighting equipment and firemen of Lawrence County. Sources include local newspapers, minutes of the City of Lawrenceburg, various community histories, Our Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN, etc. and are given with each entry. The author asks the readers to submit any information regarding fires not listed to the Lawrence County Archives. See the article for details on the location, date, etc. of each fire listed. The following locations and surnames are mentioned in the article: Rogers, Odem, Shores School House, Freemon, McAnally, Hunt, Holloway, Schade, Pratt, OíRear, Burns, Tipper, Springer, Nelson, Tongette, Ellis, James, Crestview Post Office, McDonald, Page. (To be continued in the Fall 2016 issue of the Journal)


Migrations To And From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870s Through Early 1900s - Part XXIII (continued from the Spring 2016 issue) Researcher and Compiled by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses


This information was found in newspapers from the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s. It includes names mentioned as migrating to or from Lawrence County, visitors, names registered in hotels, former residents subscribing to local newspapers. Copies of the actual newspaper pages are available from microfilm from the Archives. Please contact the Archives if you have migration information about your Lawrence County ancestors: Porter, Rose, Malone, Noblitt, White, Frietch, Gallaher, Luker, McMillon, McLean, Dustin, Harvey, Garner, Daugherty, Mester, Foster, Muse, Warren, Sneed, Williams, Hardison, Simms, Dunn, Kinney, Lipscomb, Fulcher, Reginald, Neelley, Hughes, Bentley, Schade, Jacobson, Stewart, Cowden, Parkes, Fusell, Nixon, Burch, Bates, Patty, Meredith, Gilbert, Johnson, Ayers, Neely, Hildreth, Alford, Joiner, Horton, Stone, Tabler, Oakley, Gilmore, Harmon, Guthrie, Quarles, Scott, Rucker, Richter, Bailey Thompson. (To be continued in the Fall 2016 issue of the Journal)


General Merchandise Store - The Wal-Mart of the Past By Kathy Niedergeses


Trading posts scattered across the frontier were the first stores. They carried a little bit of everything that the trappers and hunters needed. As the area became settled the general merchandise store appeared with anything a shopper could desire. A short time afterward, dry good stores, hardware stores, drugstores and grocery stores adopted the same philosophy in order for their business to be able to compete and thrive. The author includes some ads from the 1840s through the late 1890s.


Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List, Thirteenth Civil District - Part I (Continued from the Spring 2016 issue of the Journal) by Wallace Palmore


The names of those taxpayers in the Thirteenth Civil District of Lawrence County, Tennessee are listed with the following additional information: acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, county tax, school tax, RR tax, and highway tax: Anderson, Austin, Bennett, Beard, Bebee, Bentley, Meredith, Benton, Bettner, Burlison, Bumpass, Buck, Bridy, Crews, Clift, Carrell, Craig, Cothran, Cronester, Duffield, Davis, Garner, Hicks, Holaway, Hart, Hughes, Hickman, Hays, Johnson, Kirk, Lawson, Massey, Miligan, McAnally, Marcus, Martin, Pickard, Pugh, Poland, Penington, Renfroe, Slier, Swader, Steele, Stephenson, Sweetland, Smith, Springer, Veits, Coats, Voss, Wright, Williams, Winters. (This series will continue with the Fourteenth Civil District in the Fall 2017 issue of the Journal)


William C. & Mollie Armstrong Garrison By Patricia Gilbreath Long


William Carol was born April 8, 1870 and married Mollie Armstrong. The author does not know when Mollie was born or died. They had eight children. The information for this article came from notes and information of Mattie Spillers Flanagin.


Twelve Generations of Americans - The Alleys Of Deerfield, Tennessee (Information taken from a presentation by Clint Alley at LCGS meeting March 19, 2016) By Doyce Shaddix


The first generation was Abraham Alley who lived in Petersburg, VA. The second generation was Winifred Alley who had a son but was not married. The third generation was Shadrick who was an illegitimate child. Howell Lafayette Alley was the fourth generation. Hamlin Alley was the fifth generation. Milas Glenn Alley, the sixth generation was probably born in Maury County, TN. Clarence H. Alley, the seventh generation was born in 1877 in Lawrence County, TN and died at the age of 96. The eighth generation was Charles W. Alley who married Alta Franks.


Mountain DNA By Bruce Price


The author's first goal was to find his great-great-grandparents, and having found her, he wishes to prove her maiden name was Burleson. He proposes to do this through, not only records he found, but also with mitochondrial DNA, which proves a common female ancestor. A search for a descendant to take the test was finally productive and the results proved their theory. The same process proved another ancestor. All of these people have connections to Cocke County, Tennessee so Bruce started what he terms mtDNA or Mountain DNA inviting other descendants of Cocke County ancestors to join them.



Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, March 19, 2016 by Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was called to order by Lila Gobbell. The minutes were read and accepted. The treasurer's report was read and accepted. Old Business: Discussed the changing of the dates and times of the society meetings, no decision was made. New Business: Someone else will have to sign checks due to conflict for Kathy at work. The publishing company for the Pictorial History Book has extended the deadline for pictures and book purchases at pre-publication price to April 30, 2016. Motion to adjourn and passed.


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, March 19, 2016 by Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. The minutes were read and accepted. The treasurerís report was read and accepted. Old Business: President Wallace Palmore informed the members that discussion about changing dates and times for society meetings is still ongoing. New Business: The publishing company for the Pictorial History Book has extended the deadline for pictures and book purchases at pre-publication price to April 30, 2016. Motion to adjourn and passed. The meeting concluded with a presentation by Clint Alley on the Alley Family.


The Homeplace By Lila McGee Gobbell


In the eyes of a seven year old girl, the homeplace of her grandparents at Lodi where her grandmother kept the post office in her living room, was the most magical place you could imagine. Daniel and Becky Shaffer McGee house was a white two-story with a porch across the front. It had an L-shaped porch in the back with an extension to the front porch. Ball Branch flowed in front of the house and the kids enjoyed playing there in the summer.


Lawrence County, TN Pictorial History Book - Bicentennial Edition By Kathy Niedergeses


An update on the Pictorial Book. You may still purchase a Pictorial Book at the pre-publication price of $39.95 if you hurry. A sampling of pictures that will be found in the Book are included.


Mystery Families and Photographs


There are two pictures of cute babies that are from the Beckham collection. From the Poag collection a picture of an older lady, and also one of a young lady with a corsage.