Lawrence County Heritage


The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society


Vol. 21   No. 1   Fall 2017

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Compiled by Lawrence Niedergeses


From The Editor


Lawrence County is celebrating its Bicentennial year. If you have articles that you would like to see printed please submit it along with pictures to Kathy. Back issues of the journals are being sold at a reduced price.


The Celby Jefferson Truitt And Lula Bell Birdyshaw Family (Continued from the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal) by Drucilla Truitt Beuerlein


The author continues the story of the Truitt family with her father, Delton who married Mary Evy Benson in 1934. They had five children: Drucilla, Delton Jr., Mary Ann, Lee, and Ruth.


The Ancestry Of A Kerr Family In Lawrence County (From a presentation at the LCGS Meeting, June 17, 2017 by Clint Alley) by Doyce Shaddix


The author goes back to James Kerr who was born ca 1755 and died March 6, 1818 in Maury County, Tennessee. The line continues through David Kerr (1797-1872), Andrew Harvey Kerr (1835-1908), Harvey James Kerr (1867-1953), and Edward Mack Kerr (1925-2002)


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting, Saturday, June 17, 2017 by Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was called to order by Lila Gobbell. The minutes were read and accepted. The treasurer's report was read and accepted. Old Business: An additional 120 Pictorial History Books have been ordered. New Business: Kathy announced that the June Journal is almost ready to mail. The society is considering finding a website to host the pages or purchase a domain name. Motion to adjourn and passed.


Minutes to Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting, Saturday, June 217, 2017 by Doyce Shaddix


The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore. The minutes were read and accepted. The treasurer's report was read and accepted. There was no old business. New business: The Pictorial History Books are for sale at $45.00 per book. New officers will be elected at the September meeting. Jonathan Edwards will be the speaker at the September meeting and that it is time to renew you membership. The meeting concluded with a presentation by Clint Alley on his Kerr family.


The Fire Fiend - Part XVIII (continued from Summer 2017) Researched and compiled by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses


This is the 18th installment in a series that began in Vol 16 #4, Summer 2013, regarding fires, fire fighting equipment and firemen of Lawrence County. Sources include local newspapers, minutes of the City of Lawrenceburg, various community histories, Our Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN, etc. and are given with each entry. The author asks the readers to submit any information regarding fires not listed to the Lawrence County Archives. See the article for details on the location, date, etc. of each fire listed. The following locations and surnames are mentioned in the article: Appleton Lodge Hall, Nix, Parker, Merrow, Crews, Regenold, Burns, Flippo, Owens, Alford, Keplinger, Kelley, Bailey, Cocke, Stewart, Parkes, Walker, Davidson, Stone, Feldhaus, Robertson, Lee, Crabb, Potts, Gallaher, and Pollock. (To be continued in the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal)


Lawrenceburg Military Academy “The Rest of the Story” - Part II (Continued from the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal) Researched and compiled by Kathy Niedergeses


The last mention of the school was an article in the September 29, 1926 newspaper. It is not known exactly when the school closed or for what reason.


Lawrence County, Tennessee 1890 Tax List, Fifteenth Civil District - Part IV (Continued from the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal) by Wallace Palmore


The names of those taxpayers in the Fifteenth Civil District of Lawrence County, Tennessee are listed with the following additional information: acres, land value, total property value, poll tax, state tax, county tax, school tax, RR tax, and highway tax: Johnson, Johns, James, Jones, Kelley, Kimbrell, Kentch, King, Kennedy, Kilburn, Kimbro, Keaton, Linam, Lemay, Luker, Lawrence, Linn, Lockett, Lee, Lovelace, Lindsey, Long, Lay, Langly, Lutts, Lanier, Lambert, Lewallen, Melton, McLaren, McCrory, McMackin, McLean, Moore, Mason, Mathews, May, McNutt, McClanahan, McNeese, McMasters, Murphy, Martin, Morrison, Morton, Murvirsen, Mitchell, and Montague. (To be continued in the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal)


The Book Nook reviews by Kathy Niedergeses


Memories of the Hannah Family by Brian P. Smith and Descendants of William and Ruth James by Sid James. The books are housed at the Lawrence County Archives.


Migrations To And From Lawrence County, TN During The 1870s Through Early 1900s - Part XXVIII (continued from the Summer 2017 issue) Researcher and Compiled by Kathy and Lawrence Niedergeses


This information was found in newspapers from the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s. It includes names mentioned as migrating to or from Lawrence County, visitors, names registered in hotels, former residents subscribing to local newspapers. Copies of the actual newspaper pages are available from microfilm from the Archives. Please contact the Archives if you have migration information about your Lawrence County ancestors: White, Morrow, Hollis, Norman, Neelley, Dustin, Lee, Starnes, Regenold, Richter, Nixon, Kenney, Ellingson, Parker, Freeman, Gunselman, Weakley, Harvey, Dudley, Hughes, Simms, Anderson, Rose, Funk, McDougal, Gilmore, Alford, Pierce, Wood, Lindsey, Sowell, Hovelmire, Parkes, Bond, Rodgers, Dunn, Rose, Gray, Fitzgerald, Pickard, True, Cannon, Buchanan, Lazarus, Carrell, Williams, Thompson, Jones, Gibbins, Davis, Tracy, Fillmore, Quinn, Quarles, Patterson, Garrett, Tabler. (To be continued in the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal)


Mystery Families and Photographs


Two pictures are of teachers and school children, one picture is of a young lady holding a guitar, and the last picture is of two young ladies possibly sisters.


My Williams Heritage by Travis Henderson (Edited by Kathy Niedergeses)


The author’s grandparents had the surname Williams and both were born in East Tennessee, one in Cocke County and one in Sevier County. His grandmother was Annie Williams born January 17, 1891 who married David Lavator Williams March 17, 1918 in Cocke County, Tennessee.


The Joseph Remke Home Researched and compiled by Kathy Niedergeses


Valentine Remke and his wife Anna Senger Remke and their two children, Frank and Tone (Anthony) traveled from Germany to the United States in the early 1870’s. Valentine’s son Frank married Magdalena Boulie October 9, 1890. Frank’s son Joseph W. Remke, Sr. married Lizzie Mae Lyles April 2, 1918. Joe Remke spent most of his life in construction. He built many homes, businesses and schools. (To be continued in the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal)