The Journal of the Lawrence County Genealogical Society
Vol. 3, No. 1 (Fall 1999)
Table of Contents

From the Editor . . .
We would like to introduce the new editor, Jim Crowder, who tells us that he hopes to maintain the high quality we have all come to expect from the Heritage. He also offers E-mail addresses for those who need to be contacted, drops a reminder about volunteers and offers a gentle reminder about the "First Families of Lawrence County" project.

From England to The United States: The Martin Family by Travis G. Henderson
The author launches his search for the Martins in London, with the elusive James Martin, then carries us across the ocean and into Lawrence County, where we find his widow and two sons living near the community of Seven in 1870. During the late 19th century, the Martins ran several mills in Lawrence County; including a grist mill, a cotton mill, and a saw mill. James Griffith Martin is buried in Mimosa Cemetery, Lawrenceburg. (photo of James Griffith Martin and Nancy V. Witt)

About Our Front Cover . . .
A sketch depicting a water powered gristmill and a sawmill that existed in the Seven area of Lawrence County in the 1870's. Sketch by Travis G. Henderson.

Origins of the Lawrence County Washburn Family by Patricia Washburn Long
Beginning with the origins of the family name, the author offers a brief history of the Washburns in England and Early America, and then, attempting to distinguish between family legend and documented fact, soon settles into a nicely written detailed account of James Washburn, who brought his family into Lawrence County in the late 1870's. (photos of James Washburn; Edgar and Charles Washburn; and Pamela Wall Washburn, Edgar Washburn and others).

Mystery Families and Photographs . . .
A photo thought to be of a play. Of nine individuals in dress, eight names listed on picture: James F. Busby, Job Garner, Tom Hay, Jim Springer, Luna (Looney) B. White, M. Richardson, Rev. J. M. Ashford, and N. B. Sims, Sr. Second photo in possession of Haynes and Whitworth families, shows woman thought to be ancestor of Haynes family. Anyone with info about these pictures please contact Kathy Niedergeses at the Lawrence County Archives.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills - January 1829 to October 1847 abstracted by Shirley Hollis (continued from Vol. 2, No. 4)
Names include: George White, Last Will and Testament; Issac Pennington, Last Will and Testament; Willis Richardson, Last Will and Testament; Robert J. Hill, Settle with Administrator; Elliot Lindsey, Additional returns on estate; Elliot Lindsey, Administrator settlement; Abel Wakefield, Administrator settlement; James McCutcheon, Administrator settlement; John McCalister (?), Guardian settlement; Jos. Stephenson, Additional return; James Martin, Guardian settlement; C. J. Baily, Widow's allowance; George White, Inventory of estate; Issac Pennington, Inventory of Estate.
The author concludes her article with a long list of names for which there was only brief and/or unclear information, or else the names were too obscure to be read. Regrettably, the list is too long to publish here.

Queries . . .
Members seek help with the following names: Burleson, Kelly, Craig, Archer, Harrison, and Shannon.

The McAnally Family in America by Lina Owens Boyd
Well-documented straightforward account of the McAnally Family, beginning with Charles' arrival in America from Scotland in 1693 at the age of seven. By following his offspring, we discover that his grandson, John McAnally came to Lawrence County in 1817, and was among the very first settlers to enter this area, and according to tax records, resided next to Davy Crockett's land. (photos of Banner Newton McAnally, Arthur Taylor McAnally, Morgan Ross McAnally, Edgar Wayne McAnally and Walter Scott McAnally; also photo of Gibson Taylor McAnally)

Family History Fair A Huge Success by Kathy Niedergeses
Kathy offers a warm report on the Lawrence County Genealogical Society's Second Annual Family History Fair, held at the Lawrence County High School on June 19, 1999.

The Book Nook . . . Books reviewed by Kathy Niedergeses
Books reviewed this issue include: The Heritage of Lauderdale County, Alabama, by The Lauderdale County Heritage Book Committee; In Their Own Words, Vol. 2, by Hazel Myhan; 1999; Lovick Rasbury (1781-1858) and Some Ancestors and Descendants, by Imogene Rasbury Parsley; History of Lawrence County, Senior Class Material Vol. 2, by Bobby Alford. All books housed at Lawrence County Archives.

McAnally Bible Records
A companion piece to the earlier article, offering a list of Births, Marriages, and Deaths abstracted from the McAnally family Bible.

List of Lawrence County Genealogical Society Members, compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey (continued from Spring 1999 issue)
Continuation of the list of members, their addresses, and the parties they are researching, in the hopes members may be able to help one another. In this issue, names begin with Virginia L. Keefer and end with Doris Clark Pennington. (to be continued in Winter 1999 issue).

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