West Family Bible Records Taken From Two Different Bibles




J. C. West was born Mar. 10th 1857.

Delia West was born March 28th 1855.

Cora Lee West was born April 17th 1881.

Robert R. West was born May 31st 1883.

John M. West was born May 14th 1885.

Baxter West was born Feb 19th 1889.

Willie Mac West was born Dec. 19th 1891.




J. C. West was married to Adelia Matilda Alexander Dec. 23rd 1879.

Milton C. Alexander and Charty E. Yokley wer married Aug. 12, 1852.

James A. Alexander and Drusilla Y. Abernathy were married March 8, 1827.




Cora Lee West died Aug. 17th 1881.

Baxter West died Oct 28th 1903.

J. C. West died Sept 7th 1915.

M. E. Alexander died July 26, 1908.

Charity E. Alexander died Aug 10th 1916.

Ell Alexander died Dec. 21, 1916.

Carlonia West died Feb. 3, 1916.

Carrie M. Baker died Dec 29, 1915.

Hamp Campbell died Oct 1911.

Roy West Died Jan 29, 1919.

Will West died Nov. 14, 1926.

Coalie Baker died Dec. 17, 1926.

Adelia M. West died Mar. 22, 1929.

Bob Campbelle died March 29, 1920.

Betty P???? died June 9, 1932.

Robert ????? died ???? 4, 1942 (?)

Matt West died Nov. 24, 1932.???

Florence Baker Dec 27, 1955.






Mattie (?) M? West Augst 8th 1854.

James C. West was born the 10th of March 1856.

Martha Olive West was born March 5th 1861.

John H. West was born March 12th 1828.

????? C. West was born Sept 4th 1830. (page torn)

Cora Lee West was born April 17th 1881.

R. R. West was born 31st of May 1883.

J. M. West was born 14th of May 1885.

Baxter West was born 19th of February 1889.

Willie Mack West was born 19th 1891 of Dec.




John H. West and C. N. Campbell was married the 8th of Januy 1851???

J. C. West was married to Adelia Matilda Alexander December 23, 1879.

H???? ?????? to Mary M. Dickey married Sept 14th 1813??. (page torn)



John H. West died January 8th 1865.

Cora Lee West died August 17th 1881.

Baxter West died Oct. 28, 1903.

Hamilton C. Campbell died March 11th 1853.

John D. Campbell died May 30th 1835.

Margaret M. Morris died Aug. 26th 1840.