Yokley Family Bible Records


The marriages, births and deaths below were taken from the Alexander and West Bible Records.




Milton Elbert Alexander and Charity Elizabeth Yokley was married Aug. the 12th 1852 by J. S.      Brownlow, a justice of the Peace of the 14th district of Giles Co., Tenn.




Milton E. Alexander was born Dec. 1, 1823

Charity E. Alexander was born Oct. 1832

Andrew Yokley was born Nov. 28th 1791.

Delia Yokley was born March 25th 1794.

Hugh Yokley was born Feb. 18th 1814.

Susanah Yokley was born Sept. 12, 1815.

Traney Yokley was born Dec. 8th 1817.

Samuel Yokley was born Dec. 29, 1819.




Franklin A. Yokley died June 30th 1852

Andrew Yokley departed this life November 25th 1863

Milton E. Alexander died July 26, 1908, 84 yr., 7 mo., 25 days

Charity Elizabeth Alexander died Aug. 10th 1916