African-American Marriages
In Lawrence County, TN
1924 - 1929, Book 16A

This book contains only the following African-American marriages for this time period. Names are spelled as written in the marriage book. In some cases, where I could not determine what was written, I have placed an alternative or correct spelling in parenthesis. The loose original marriage license and bonds are housed at the Lawrence County Archives. The actual book is housed at the County Court Clerk’s Office, but the archives has the book on microfilm. A copy can be ordered from the archives by contacting them by phone at 931-852-4091, by email, or 2588 Hwy. 43 S, Leoma, TN 38468.

Brodie, Elmer married Sallie Parker 15 Oct. 1925, R. M. Parker signed the bond, B. F. Watkins, JP

Crowell, Chester married Essie Lee Garden/Gordon 25 Oct. 1924, Lillie Gordon/Garden signed bond, J. W. Garrett, JP

Rose, Lawrence married Clara Bell Davis 17 Dec. 1924, C. L. Litrol signed bond, Rev. W. M. Watt

Conner, Jimmie married Caroline Wigfall, 27 Dec. 1924, Bob Wigfall signed bond, no solemnized date, no minister listed

Collier, Marvin married Lora Smith 12 Jan. 1925, Wesley Wallace signed bond, Rev. G. L. Cegget (Clegget)

Craig, Andrew married Lela Wallace 28 Jan. 1925, C. H. Parks signed bond S. M. Carmichael, MG

Springer, Hugh L. married Nettie Childres 5 Feb. 1925, Charles Williams signed bond, D. Kelly, MG

Howell, Rufus married Ada Stephenson 23 Feb. 1925, Daisy Moton signed bond, B. F. Watkins, JP

Frierson, Lucian married Lizzie Short 20 Mar. 1925, Monroe Gable signed bond, Rev. G. S. Cleggett

Carouthers, John married Bessie Cleggett 6 June 1925, Maxie Carouthers signed bond, no sol. date

McDowel, Sam married Arlean Allen 9 July 1925, Neal M. Roberts signed bond, J. W. Garrett, JP

Caruthers, John married Icy Norise 1 Sept. 1925, Fred Taylor signed bond, Rev. W. M. Watt

Buckhanon, Lee married Willie Smith 6 Sept. 1926, W. A. Hensley signed bond, Rev. S. A. Allen

Hassell, Allen married Pearl Springer 21 Nov. 1925, Lonnie Blalock signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Hawkins, Will married Mattie Lee Sanders 26 Dec. 1925, Cannon Bros signed bond, Marvin O. Wayland

Thompson, Frank married Laura Davis 28 Dec. 1925, Andrew Davis signed bond, Wm. Neal, MG

Phillips, Elijah married Phillis Overton 28 Feb. 1926, Tom Overton signed bond, J. B. Shaw, JP

Bentley, Rich married Maney Liles 25 May 1926, William Frierson signed bond, Rev. G. L. Cleggett

Springer, Landowe married Susan Jane Cathey 3 July 1926, Chas. Williams signed bond, Andrew Springer, MG

Conley, Fred married Leola Buchanon 18 Sept. 1926, H. A. Matthews signed bond, L. R. Reed, MG

Caruthers, Tom married Mattie Clegget 9 Oct. 1926, John Caruthers signed bond, J. W. Garrett, JP

Buford, Roy married Katherine Simongton, 1 Nov. 1926, Melvin Smith signed bond, Wm. Neal, MG

Cathie, William married Marie Wigfall 8 Nov. 1926, Boyd McClaren (McLainer or McLaren?), W. M. Neal, MG

Kennedy, Fletcher married Anne Westmoreland Joe 5 Dec. 1926, Rich Bentley W. M. Neal, MG

Simington, Claud married Maggie Jones 30 Dec. 1926, Roy Buford signed bond, Wm. Neal, MG

Pruitt, John married Ruth Townsend 27 Jan. 1927, Winnie Ingram signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Buchanon, Berry married Nettie McGlure 16 June 1927, Lullure Taylor signed bond, W. M. Neal, MG

Porter, Oscar married Viola Stephenson 17 July 1927, John Williams signed bond, Rev. Monroe Williams

Sowell, Elmo married Mary Tennie Webster 25 Sept. 1927, Edward Sowell signed bond, F. D. Davis, MG

Collier, Richard married Mamie Kennedy 7 Nov. 1927, Wylie Kilburn signed bond, W. A. Kennedy, MG

Smith, Herman married Lillian Rowlett 23 Dec. 1927, W. R. Brewer signed bond, no solemnized date or minister listed

Smith, A. M. married Ella M. Hodges 2 Jan. 1928, W. W. McCrory signed bond, C. O. Livengood, MG

Hickman, Malon married Emma Smith 29 Jan. 1928, Will Frierson signed bond, Wm. Watts, MG

Frierson, Earnest married Lela Wallace 11 Feb. 1928, Frank Liles signed bond, Wm. Watts, MG

Jones, Emery married Mattie Turner 26 Mar. 1928, L. R. Reynolds signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Baker, Henry married Johnnie Howard 3 May 1928, Jno. W. English signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Smith, Roy T. married Cora Lee Allen 11 June 1928, A. A. Green signed bond, C. O. Livengood, MG

Bentley, Gus married Bessie Cleggett 27 Aug. 1928, Richard Bentley signed bond, Rev. Frank Davis

Reed, Budandra married Myrtle Emma Hawkins 27 Oct. 1928, Landon Stockard signed bond, Rev. M. W. Watts

Smith, Sam married Hannah Moxley 6 Nov. 1928, Gil Smith signed bond, Rev. W. M. Watts

Frierson, Fields married Ora Martin 13 Jan. 1929, Riley Smith signed bond, R. H. Harper, MG

Webster, James married Annie Webster 3 Feb. 1929, Elmer Sowell signed bond, F. D. Davis, MG

Brewer, Oliver married Evalena Hough 18 Feb. 1929, A. H. Moore signed bond, B. F. Watkins, JP

Stewart, S. R. married Louretta Smith 29 Apr. 1929, Lewis (Louis) Stewart signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Horne, Harrison married Willie Etta Crayton 6 May 1929, James Norwood signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Looper, Frank married Helen Haynes 26 Mary 1929, Marvin Collier signed bond, F. C. Wisdom, JP

Webster, Alexander married Bessie Liles 8 June 1929, Alline Corthers (Coruthers) signed bond, J H. Baxter, JP

Transcribed by Kathy Niedergeses April 11, 2013

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