Alley Family Bible Records

This bible was published by the American Bible Society in New York in 1880.


J. E. T. Alley was married to Agnes S. Ashmore Jan. 4, 1872.


J. E. T. Alley was born Oct. 26, 1849.

Agnes S. Ashmore was born July 1, 1851.

Emily C. Alley was born Jan. 6, 1873.

Charley M. Alley was born July 16, 1874.

Cattie E. J. Alley was born May 21, 1876.

Camblin A. Alley was born Dec. 2, 1877.

Sammie C. Alley was born Feb. 23, 1880.

Martha A. M. Alley was born Sep. 22, 1881.

Jodie B. Alley was born Sep. 25th, 1883.

Ruthie L. S. Alley was born Sep. 10, 1884.

Sallie M. T. Alley was born Aug. 21, 1886.

Willie O. Alley was born Nov. 27, 1888.

Edward H. Alley was born Apr. 8, 1891.

Jonnie R. V. Alley was born June 2, 1895.


Sammie C. Alley departed this life July 29, 1882.

Jodie B. Alley departed this life Oct. 21, 1883.

Willie O. Alley departed this life Feb. 13, 1891.

Agnes S. Alley departed this life Nov. 4, 1901.

Ruth Alley departed this life Oct. 11, 1905.

J. E. T. Alley departed this life Apr. 12, 1930. (This date is written in different handwritting.)

*Copies of these bible records can be ordered from the Lawrence County Archives, 2588 Hwy. 43 S., Leoma, TN 38468; 931-852-4091;

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