Lawrence County, Tennessee
Archives Holdings

                Loose Records Collection

   The loose records collection consists of all the original loose documents before they were recorded in large volumes.  These records were located at the courthouse until 1988 when they were transferred to the Lawrence County Archives.  The archives staff sorted and cleaned the records that cover the time period 1818-1909 for both county and chancery court.  Indexes have been created through 1899, and the indexing of the 1900-1909 time period is in the process. All these records are available for the general public to use for research purposes.

    This first listing is for loose records only. Most of the loose records only go through the 1950s, except for marriages, divorces and a few other records. However, you can see a listing of the records we have through 1997 on microfilm.                   

         Other Records in File Folders, Books and Microfilm

     Besides these records and their indexes, the archives has many books on various subjects.  Some of these are listed below.  A complete inventory of all the books available for researchers to use while on-site can be found at this web site: Microfilm is available for most records as far up as the late 1990s.

Updated By: Kathy Niedergeses June 6, 2011