Family File Folders Available At The Lawrence County Archives

Important Message About Research For Off-Site Requests.

Their phone number is 931-852-4091 and email


The family file folders in the list below are housed at the Lawrence County Archives.  Information can also be found for some families in other folders or books, which I have noted. (See means the surname material is actually in another folder or book; also see means there is additional info in another folder or book.)  In order to obtain information on how to receive copies of the materials in the folders,  contact the archives at 2588 Hwy. 43 S, Leoma, TN 38468.  Telephone:  (931) 852-4091; or email the archives. We will count the pages and notify you of the copy and postage fees. 

Also if you need research performed in our actual wills, deeds, estate settlements, census, marriage, cemetery records, land grants, guardian, administrator, executor, etc. records, go to the archives polices web page and follow the instructions.

Aaron Abbott
Able Abernathy
Adams (also see Factory Creek Book Addington
Adkisson (also see Patterson, Pruitt Bk.) Agate
Agee Alderson
  Akers or Acres
Akin or Akins Alexander
Alford (also see Alford Bk.) Allen
Alley (also see Ashmore) Allison
Allred Alsup (also see McMasters Bk. 2)
Anderson (also see Skillern) Andrews (see Factory Crk Bk)
Anthony Appleton
Argo Armstrong
Arnett Arnold
Artman Arthur
Asbell Ashmore (also see Agee)
Askew Ast
Aston Atkins
Atkisson Atwell
Augustin (also see Our German Heritage) Austin (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Avery (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Baggett
Bailey (also see Wilcoxson) Baize
Baltz (see Our German Heritage) Baker
Balch Ballard (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Ballentine Baltz
Barbee Barber
Bargen Barnard
Barnes Barnett
Barnickle Barrett (also see Hampton)
Barton Bashar or Bashor or Basher
Bass Bassett (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk.)
Bassham (also see "Mt. Zion at Sugar Creek") Barber
Batchelor Bates (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Beard Bearden
Beasley (also see Beasley Bk.) Beavers
Beckett (see Blair) Beckham
Beckman Bedford (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Bedingfield Beecham
Beeler Beiser
  Belew (also see Comer & Factory Crk. Bks.)
Bell Belleville (see Reita Bk.)
Benefield Benford
Bennett (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Benson
Bentley Bergob (see Our German Heritage)
Berman Bernauer
Berry (also see Gallaher Bk., McMasters 2 Bks. & Factory Crk. Bk.) Berryhill
Bethell Betz
Beuerlein (also see Beuerlein Bk. and Our German Heritage Bk.) Beyke
Bibb Billingsley
Biltner (Bitter)   (see Andric) Binfords
Bird/Byrd (also see Smith, Franks & Bird book) Birdsong
Bishop Bivens/Bevins (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Black Blackburn
Blackerby (see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou  Emmons Book) Blackwell
Blackwood Blair (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Blake (also see Staggs) Blakeley or Blakley
Blakemore Blank
Blankenship (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Blanton (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Blasingim/Blasingame Bledsoe
Blessing Bloom
Blue Blundell/Brundell
Blythe (also see Spencer) Boaz
Bobo Bockhaus
Bohannon Boemke (see Our German Heritage)
Bonee Bonner (also see Slaughter)
Boone Booth
Borger (see Our German Heritage) Boshers
Boston Boswell (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Bottom/Bottoms (also see Our German Heritage Bk. & Bottoms Book I and Book II) Boulie
Bowden (also see Bowden Bk. & Ashmore Folder) Bowen
Bowles/Boles Bowman
Box Boyd
Boyet Boynton
Bradburn Braden
Bradley (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Brady (see Factory Creek Bk.)
Braley Bramlett
Brandon Brashears (also see Comer & Brashears Bk.)
Braswell Brawner
Brazier (also see Brashears) Breckenridge
Breed (see Harlan) Brewer (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Brewington Brevard
Brian Bridgeforth (see Maples)
Briggs Briley
Brink (also see Our German Heritage) Brisbane
Brison/Bryson (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Brittain
Brock Bromley/Brumley (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Bronson Brooks
Brown (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Broyles
Brunner (see Our German Heritage) Bruton
Bryan/Brian (also see Reita's Bk.) Bryant (also see Bryant Bk. & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Bryce Buchanan (also see Beeler)
Buckalew Buckley
Buckner Buenfeld (see Our German Heritage)
Buford (see Sneed) Buie
Bull Bullington
Bumpass (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Bumpus
Bundrant (see McAnally) Burch (also see Ashmore folder)
Burdette Burdine
Burgess (see Ashmore folder) Burgoon
Burkett Burlison/Burleson (also see Summertown Bk.)
Burnett Burns
Burriss or Burress (also see Ashmore folder and Burress/Burriss/Burress, etc. book) Busby (also see Busby Bk.)
Butler (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bk.) Byrom/Byrum
Cabe (see McCabe) Cagle
Caldwell Calhoun
Calloway Calton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Calvert Camp
Campbell (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk. & McMackin Folder) Canada
Canerday Cannon (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Canton Cantrell
Caperton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Capshaw
Carlise Carpenter
Carrell/Carroll Carson
Carter (also see Smith) Cartwright/Cartright
Caruthers Carvell
Cason Casteel (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Cates Caulk
Cayce Ceaser
Cecil  (also see Thompson)
Chaffin (also see VanCleave folder) Chambers (also see Linam & Rippy)
Chance Chandler
Chapman (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Chappell
Charles Cheatwood
Cherry Childers
Childress Chisholm
Chiles Chitty
Choate (also see Choate Bk. & McMackin Folder)  
Christian Christopher
Chronister (also see Ashmore) Chupp
Churchwell (see Hinson) Clanton
Clark (also see Orton & A Century of Memories Bk.) Clay (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Clayton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Clem
Clemmons (also see Watkins) Clendenin
Cleveland Clift
Clifton (also see Clifton Bk. & Kerr & Wisdom folders) Cloud
Coats Cobb
Cochran Cocke (also see Moore)
Cockrell Coffelt (see Shook)
Coffey Coffman (also see Legg, Shelton bk.)
Coffman (also see Legg Bk.) Coker (also see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
Colbert (see "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk.) Cole (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Coleman Coley
Collier Collins (also see Summertown Bk.)
Colvin (see Our German Heritage) Combs
Comer (also see Belew folder, Comer & McMasters Bk. 2) Compton
Conger  Cone
Connelley Conway
Cook Cooper
Copeland (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Corbitt
Cothran/Cothren Cotter
Cottingham Cottrell  (also see Shelton)
Couch (also see McMackin) Counce
Courtwright/Courtright Cox (also see McMasters Bk. 2)
Crabb Crabtre
Craig (also see Summertown & Henryville Bks.) Craighead
Crane (also see Summertown Bk.) Crawford (also see Reita Bk.)
Creecy/Creasy (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Crews (also see Gibbs Bk., Gallaher Bk. & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Criss Crockett
Croft Crook
Cross Crosthwaite (also see Summertown Bk.)
Crowder (also see Blair) Crowe/Crow
Crowell (see Hinson) Crump
Cummings/Cummins Cunningham
Currin (see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lour Emmons book) Curry
Dalton (see Watkins) Dame
Danforth Daniel (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Danley Darby
Darmofal Darmstadt
Darnaby Darnell (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Daughtry/Daugherty Davidson
Davis (also see Davis Bk. & Factory Crk. Bk.) Daws
Day Dean
Deavenport/Davenport (also see Garland) Deemer (see Reita Burress Bk.)
DeFord Dellinger
DePew DePriest
Denson Denton
Derrick Devore
Dewoody Dial (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Dickerson Dickey
Dickson Dillard
Dishongh Dixon (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks. & McMackin Folder)
Dobbins (also see McMasters Bk. 2) Dodd (also see Dodd Bk.)
Dodson (see Black folder) Doerflinger
Doggett (also see Doggett Bk.) Dollar
Dooley Dorsey
Dotson Douglas/Douglass
Dover (see Stephenson) Dowden
Dowdy Downey
Downs Drake (also see Drake Bk.)
Drum Dryden
Duckworth Dugger (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Duke Dunkin
Dunn Durbin
Duren (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Durham
Dustin Dwiggins
Dye Earnest
Eason Eaves (also see Smith)
Echols Eddleman (see Tucker)
Edmiston/Edmonston/Edmundson Edwards
Egly Elder
Ellingboe Ellingson
Ellis Ellison
Elmore (see Rippey) Elmy (see Fisher)
Emerson or Emerbson Emery
Emmert (see Crews folder) Engelhardt (see Our German Heritage)
English Enzweiler/Antwiler/Antweiler
Epps Ernst
Erwin Escue
Estes Estrada
Ethridge or Etheredge Etiennes
Evans Everett (see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lour Emmons book)
Evers Evetts
Ezell Fagan
Fain (also see Hinson p.2 & McDougal) Fanning
Farmer Farrington
Feldhaus (also see Feldhaus journal) Felker
Felton Ferguson (see Fincher, Heiss, etc. Book)
Ferrell Fielding
Fields Finch
Fincher (see Fincher, Heiss, etc Book & Hughes folder) Finley
Fisher/Fischer Fitzgerald
Flanigan Flatt
Fleeman Fleming
Flippo Fogg
Ford Forsythe
Foster (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Foust (also see McMasters Bk. 2 & Akers folder)
Fowler (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Frakes (also see Frakes Bk.)
Fraley Fralix
Frank (also see Our German Heritage) Franklin (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Franks (also see Smith, Franks, Bird Book) Frazier (see Palmore)
Fredebeil (see Our German Heritage) Fredrick
Frazier Freemon or Freeman (also see Samuel Freemon Bk by  (Motes) & Hughes folder)
French Frietch (see Our German Heritage)
Frisbie Frost
Fuller Fuqua (see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
Gabel Gaines
Gaither Gallaher (see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Gamble Gambrell (see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Gang Gardner
Garey Garland
Garner Garrett
Garrettson Garrison
Gatlin Gean
Gee Geldreich or Geldrich
George Gessing
Gibbins Gibbs (also see Gibbs Bk.)
Gibson Gideon (see Ashmore)
Gieske (also see Gieske Bks. and Our German Heritage) Gifford
Gilbert Gilbreth
Giles Gilley
Gilliam Gillispie/Gillespie
Gilmore Gist (also see Ashmore Folder & Heffington Book)
Gladish Glass
Glover (also see Melton) Goad
Goats (see Murphy) Gobble or Gobbell (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks.)
Goddecke (see Our German Heritage) Goessman (also see Oehmen)
Goff Goss
Gooch Goodloe
Goodman (see Cummings Goodwin
Gordon Gowen
Gower Graham
Gray (also see Factory Crk. Bks.) Green (also see Smithson & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk." Bk.)
Gresham or Grisham (also see Spencer Folder & Heffington Bk.) Griffin
Griffith Griggs (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks.)
Grigsby Grimes
Groom Gross (see Our German Heritage)
Grinnell Guest (see Ashmore & Gist)
Gunn Gunselman
Gurley Guthrie
Gwyn/Guinn Haddock
Hadley Hagan (also see Hagan Bks. & McMasters Bk. 2)
Haggard (also see Hagan Bks. & McMasters Bk. 2) Haggard (see Norman)
Hail or Hale Hairrell
Haislip (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Hall
Hamilton (also see Ashmore) Hamm (see Heffington Bk.)
Hammonds Hampton
Hanback (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Haney
Hanson (also see Keener) Harbin
Hardiman Harbison
Hardin or Harden (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks.) Harding
Hardison Hardy
Hargrove Harlan or Harland
Harlow (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Harmon (see Dooley)
Harp Harper
Harris (also see Hinson) Harrison (also see Harrison/McArthur Bk. & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk." Bk.)
Hartsfield Hartwick
Harvell Harvey
Hassell (also see Johnson folder) Haverkamps (see Bernauer)
Harwell Hawkins
Hawthron or Hawthorne
Hayes (also see Hayes Bk.) Haynes
Hazelwood Hedgepeth
Head Heffington (see Heffington Bk.)
Heiss (see Fincher, Heiss, etc. Book) Held
Heald (see Harlan) Helton
Hemphill Henderson
Hendrix Henkel
Henn Hensley (also see Hinson)
Henson Herbert
Hermsdorfer Herrin (also see Blair & McMackin)
Heupel Hickman (also see Bailey & Shackelford)
Hickman (African-American) Hicks
Higginbottom or Higginbotham Higgs
Hill (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Hillhouse (also see McMasters Bk. 2)
Hines Hinshaw (see McMasters Bk. 2)
Hinson Hobbs
Hodges (see Melton) Holcomb
Holland Hollander (also see Johnson Bk.)
Hollis (also see Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bk.) Hollman (also see Sneed)
Holloway Holt
Holtsford Hood (also see Hood Book)
Hopwood Horn or Horne (also see Blair)
Horton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Houser
Howard Howell
Huckaba (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Hudgins
Huelsman (see Our German Heritage) Hudson
Huggins Hughes
Hulsey Hund (Hundt)
Hunerwadel Hunt
Huson Hutcheson
Hyde Inman
Irvine (also see Irvine book) Irwin 
Isbell or Isabell Isom
Ivy or Ivey Jackson
Jacobs Jaffe
James James, Frank (see also McMasters Bk. 2)
Jarrett or Jarratt Jenkins
Jennings Johns (also see Jenkins)
Johnson (also see Johnson & Reita Bks. & McMasters Bk. 2) Johnston (also see McMasters Bk. 2 & Samuel Freemon book & Hughes folder)
Jolly Jones (also see Reita Bk. & McAnally folder)
Jordon or Jordan (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Joyce
Judkins Judson
Kaiser (see Our German Heritage) Kastler
Kaup (see Our German Heritage) Kemper (see Our German Heritage)
Keener Keeton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Kellogg Kelley or Kelley (3 folders) (also see Blair Folder & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Kelton Kendrick
Kennedy (also see "Mt Zion at Sugar Creek") Kennemer
Kerr Key
Kidd (also see Kimbrough) Kiddy
Kilburn (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Kilgo
Killen (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk) Kilpatrick (also see Davis & Factory Crk. Bks.)
Kimbrell (also see Factory Crk. Bk. & Murphy folder) Kimbrough
Kimbro (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Kincaid
Kincheloe King 
Kinney Kirk
Kitchens Klyce
Kobeck Kramer
Krunk Knott
Koch (see Our German Heritage) Kollefrath
Konig (see King) Kramer
Kress (see Our German Heritage) Krueger
Kuykendall LaCroix (also see Samuel Freemon Bk & Hughes folder)
Lakey (also see McAnally folder) Ladd
LaFan Lafferty
Laird Lambert
Lambeth Lamar
Lamprecht Lance
Langford (see Morrison) Lantz
Lanier Lanning
Lapham Larson
Laurence or Lawrence Laurie (see Fincher, Heiss etc Book)
Lawrence, James, Capt. Laws
Lay (also see Factory Crk. Bk. & Murphy folder) Leatherwood
Ledbetter Lee (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Legg (also see Legg Bk.) Leighton
Lemay Leonard
Lennartz or Lenartz Lentz
Lester Lewis
Linam Lindsey (also see Gibbs & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Lipescomb or Lipscomb Little
Littrell or Literal Locke
Lockett Logan
Logue Long (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Looney (also see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book) Love (see Fincher book)
Lovell (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Lovelace
Loveless Lowe (see Fincher, Heiss etc. Book)
Lowery Lucas
Luker (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Lumpkins (also see Springer Bk.)
Luna  Luncford or Lunsford
Lunn Lutts (see Factory Crk. Bk. also see Rippy folder)
Lyles Lynch (see Samuel Freemon book & Hughes Folder)
Lynn (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Mabe (see Fields)
Mabry (also see Beasley Bk.) Mackey (also see McKey)
Manly Mansfield
Manuel (see Black) Maples
Marcum/Markham Maring (see Our German Heritage)
Marks Markus
Marston Martin (also see Summertown bk. & Ancsetors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
Mashburn Mason
Massey Masters (see McMasters Bk. 2)
Mathews/Matthews (also see Baxter/Matthews Bk.) Mathis
Matlock (also see Cummings) Matney (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Maxey (also see Agee) May (also see Gallaher Bk.)
Mayfield (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk.) Mayhall
Meek or /Meeks Melton (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Meredith Merriman
Merritt Messer (also see Fincher, Heiss etc. Book)
Mester Methvin
Miguel Miller (also see McMasters Bk. 2)
Mills Mink
Misehimer (also see Blair Folder & Gallaher Bk.) Mitchell (also see Mitchell Bk. & Hutcheson Folder)
Mobbs Montgomery
Moody Moore (also see Moore, Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks.)
Mottre Morehead
Morgan (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Morris (also 15 So. Fam. Bk.)
Morrison (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Morrow
Murphy (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Murrah
Musgrave or Musgrove Myers (also see Myers Bk.)
Myrick McAfee
McAlester or McCalester or McAlister (also see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book) McAnally (also see McAnally Bk.)
McArthur (see Harrison/McArthur Bk.) McBride
McCabe McCaffaty or McCafferty
McCanless McClain (see McLean & Gallaher Bks.)
McClanahan McClelland
McClendon McCluggage
McClure McConnell
McCormick McCowen (see Moore)
McCracken (also see Johnson Bk.) McCrory (also see McCrory & Factory Crk. Bk.)
McCutchen McDonald (also see McDonald Bk.)
McDougal (also see 15 Southern Families Bk. & Samuel Freemon book) McDow
McFall McGaugh
McGee (also see Blair Folder, Gallaher & Factory Crk. Bks., Amos Kilburn Bk., Henry McGee Bk. & Kilburn Family Book) McGill
McGlamery (see Factory Crk. Bk.) McGregor (see Moore & Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
McGuire McKay
McKey (also see Mackey Fold & 15 So. Fam. Bk.) McKim
McKinney McKissack
McKnight McLaren/McClaren (also see McClaren/McLaren Bk. 1 & 2)
McLean or McLain or McClain (also see McLean Book) McMackin (also see Smithson Bk.)
McMasters (also see Comer Bk. & McMasters Bk. 1 & 2) McNeal
McNeese McNutt
McPherson McSwain
Naler Nance (also see Pugh)
Nation Neal
Needham Neelley
Neidert Nelson (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Newborn Newby
Newell Newman
Newton (also see Williams) Nicholson
Nickels or Nichols Nickerson
Niedergeses (also see Our German Heritage) Niemann
Nix Nixon
Noblit/Noblett (also see Blair) Nolting
Norman North (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Norton Norwood (also see Warren Folder & McMasters Bk. 2)
Nowlin (also see Nowlin & Gallaher Bks.) Nunn (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk.)
Nuss (see Johnson Bk.) Nutt
O'Brien Oaks
O'Connor Odil
Odle (see Factory Crk. Bk.) O'Donnell
Old (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Olive
Oliver Olson (also see Blair)
O'Neal O'Rear
Orr Orten/Orton
Orth (also see Our German Heritage) Osborn
Overton (also see Maples) Owens (also see Shook)
Oxford (see Kerr folder) Pace
Page Pagel
Paine or Payne (also see "From These Hands" by Milton A. Freemon) Palmore
Pamplin (also see Sneed) Paris
Parker (also see Ashmore) Parkes
Parrish Parrott
Parsons (also see McNeal) Passarella
Patt (also see Our German Heritage) Patterson (also see Johnson & Patterson Books & Cummings Folder)
Patton (also see Killen) Paulson
Peery or Perry (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Penn
Penney Pennington (also see Pennington & Hayes Bks.)
Peppers Perkinson
Perryman Petricek/Patricack
Pettus Petty
Phillips (also See Factory Crk. Bk. & Samuel Freemon bk.) Pickett (see McMasters Bk. 2)
Pierce/Pearce Pigg
Pillar Plaskett
Plott Plunkett
Polk (see Dooley) Pollock
Ponterfield (see Judson) Pope
Porter (also see Gibbs Bk.) Poston
Poteet (also see Bailey Folder & Poteet Bk.) Pottkotter
Potts Powell (also see Smithson Bk., McMasters Bk. 2, "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk" Bk., & Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
Powers Pratt
Price (also see "Mt. Zion at Sugar Creek" Bk.) Prince (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Prior Prokesh
Prosser Pruitt (see Patterson & Smithson Bks.)
Pugh Pullen or Pullum (also see Pullen & Richardson bk. and Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons bk.)
Purcell Puryear (also see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)
Putman Qualls (also see Hinson p.10)
Quillen (also see Clemmons) Rackley
Rainey Ramsey (also see Factory Crk. Bk.)
Randall (see Moody) Rankin
Ratliff Rau
Rawdon Ray (also see Factory Crk. Bk)
Reading or Reeding or Redding Reavis
Reed Reeves
Reichert (see Our German Heritage) Renick
Reogas Reynolds (also see Blair)
Rhodes (also see Patterson Bk. & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk" Bk.) Rice (also see 15 So. Fam. & Gallaher Bks.)
Rich Richardson (also see 15 So. Fam. Bk. & Crews folder & Allen Folder #2)
Ricketts (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Rickman (see McLaren/McClaren Bk. 1)
Ricks Riddle or Reddell or Riddel (also see Johnson Bk.)
Ridgeway Rigling
Rigsby Riley
Rink (also see Factory Crk. Bk.) Rippy or Rippey (also see Gallaher Bk.)
Risner Robards
Robarts (see Fincher, Heiss etc. Book) Robb
Roberts (also see Hayes) Roberson
Robertson (also see Blair folder & Factory Crk. Bk.) Robinett (see McAnally folder)
Robinson (also see 15 So. Fam. Book) Rochester
Rogers or Rodgers (also see "Mt. Zion at Sugar Creek") Rohling
Roland Rollins (see McMasters Bk. 2)
Roloff Romine/Romaine
Roper (also see Comer Bk. & Palmore Folder) Rose
Ross Rosson
Rowles Royce
Runnels Russ (see Factory Creek Bk.)
Russell (also see Ashmore & Shook) Rust (see Our German Heritage)
Rutledge Rutherford
Sanders (also see Comer Bk. & Palmore Folder) Sandusky (also see Sneed)
Sandy (also see Johnson Bk.) Saterbakken or Saterbak
Sawyer Scaggs or Skaggs (see Brashears's folder
Scheele (see Our German Heritage) Schenke (see Our German Heritage)
Schindler Schmitt (see Johnson Bk.)
Schneider Scholes or Scoles (see also McMasters Bk. 2 & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Creek" Bk.)
Schubert Schuler
Schutkowski or Schulkowski
Scoggins Scott
Scypert Seaton
Seaver Seifried (also see Our German Heritage)
Selle Selph or Self
Senger (see Our German Heritage) Sewell
Seymore Shackelford
Shaddiz or Shadix Shaffer
Sharp Shaw (also see Blair)
Shay Shelby
Shellnutt (also see Christian) Shelton (also see Blair Folder & Legg Bk.)
Sheppard Sherman - 2 books in back
Sherrill Shields
Shirley Shook
Short Shrader
Shultz or Shults or Schultz  Sidowey
Sills Silver (see Our German Heritage)
Simbeck Simms or Sims
Simonson Simonton
Simpson Sinclair
Sink Sisk
Skidmore Skillern (also see Chambers Folder)
Slagle Slaughter
Sledge Smallwood
Smiley (see 15 Southern Families Book) Smith (also see Blair Folder, Gallaher Bk., 15 So. Fam. Bk. & Smith, Franks, Byrd Book)
Smithson (also see Smithson Bk.) Sneed
Snell Snow
South Sowell
Spain Spann (also see Kilburn)
Sparks (see Parsons) Spears
Speegle or Spiegle (see Sudduth) Spencer (also see Tucker)
Sperry Springer (also see Springer & Factory Creek Books)
Spurgeon Staggs
Stancil Stanfill
Stanford Stanley
Starnes Steele
Steelman Stephens
Stephenson or Stevenson Stewart (also see Blair & Ashmore Folder)
Stiller (see Our German Heritage) Stisher
Stockard (also see Factory Creek Book) Stockton
Stone (also see Nowlin Book) Stooksberry
Story (see McMackin Folder & Factory Creek Book) Stotser
Stout (also see Ashmore) Stribling
Strickland (see Ashmore) Stricklin (also see Ashmore Folder & Factory Crk. Bk.)
Stuart (also see Gallaher Bk. & Ashmore Folder) Stutts (also see 15 So. Families & Factory Crk. Books)
Stults (see Factory Creek Book) Styles
Sudduth or Suddeth or Suddith or Suddath or Suddarth
Sullivan or Sullivant Summers
Surratt Sutton
Taliaferro or Tolliaferro (also see Allen Folder #2) Talley (see Hinson p.18)
Tarkington Taylor
Tays (see Tease Folder & also McLaren/McClaren Book 2) Teague (see McMasters Bk 2)
Tease Teffteller (see Dodd Book)
Ternes Terrell (see Smithson Book)
Theasing Thomas
Thomason Thompson (also see Samuel Freemon book)
Thornberry or Thorneberry Thornton (also see Factory Creek Book)
Thurman Tice
Tidwell (also see McMasters Book 2) Tilghman or Tillman
Timmons Tinin or Tinnin or Tinnen
Tipper Titcomb
Titsworth (see Shook) Tittle or Tittle
Toben Todd (also see Springer & Factory Creek Books)
Toliver Tracey (also see "From These Hands")
Trimmer (also see Factory Creek Book) Troboughs
True Tucker (also see Factory Creek Book)
Turman (see Factory Creek Book) Turnbow
Turner (also see Ashmore) Turpen/Turpin (also see Fincher, Heiss etc. Book)
Turrentine Tyler
Umphrey Underwood (also see Garland)
Upshaw Urban
Ussery Vance
Vandiver Vaughn (also see Linam)
Vaught - see McAnally Vestal (see McMasters Bk. 2 & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Crk Bk)
Viets Volker (see Our German Heritage)
Vorhies Voss
Wakefield Waldrop or Waldrip
Walker (also see Lewis) Wallace
Walters (also see Ancestors of Elmer Chris James & Alice Lou Emmons book)  Walton
Ward Warise or Wires or Wares
Warner Warren (also see Ashmore Folder)
Washburn Wasson
Watkins Watson
Watts Weathers
Weaver (also see Factory Creek Book) Webb
Weems Weinschuetz (see Johnson Bk.)
Weiss (see Our German Heritage) Welch (also see McMackin)
Wells Wesson
West (also see McMackin) White (also see Blair & Lemay Folders, McMasters Bk. 2 & "Mt. Zion at Sugar Creek")
Whitehead Whitten
Whitworth Widmer (see Our German Heritage)
Wiehoff (see Our German Heritage) Wiggerman
Wilbanks (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Wilburn
Wilcoxson (also see Bailey) Wildes
Wildman/Wileman (see Reita Bk) Wilkerson (see White)
Wilkes Will (see Our German Heritage)
Williams (also see McMasters Bk. 2) Williamson
Willis Wilsford (also see Wilsford Bk)
Wilson Wimbs
Wineapple (see Hinson p. 18)
Winters Wisdom (also see Clifton folder & Wisdom & Factory Creek Books)
Womack (also see Golden) Woodall
Woodard (see Factory Crk. Bk.) Woods
Woodward Worthen (see Factory Creek Book)
Wright (also see Blair) Wylie or Wiley (also see Rippy Folder)
Yancy Yarber
Yeager Yocum
Yokley York
Young (also see Linam) Zettler (see Johnson Book)
Zills Zollicoffer

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