Flippo Cemetery
Lawrence County, Tennessee

Directions: From Lawrenceburg, go west on Highway 64 to West Point Road, turn left onto this road. Travel to Waterloo Road and turn right onto this road, then, go a few miles and turn left onto Price Lane. The cemetery is located to the left on a hill in a pasture on the farm of Alan Huckaba (2010). At one time there was a fence around at least part of the graves, but it has been removed and the cemetery cleaned off some to what it was in 1967.

The description of the condition of the cemetery in the 1967 cemetery book states "it is in the center of a thick woods and so overgrown with vines and trees that it is almost impossible to get into the place where the graves are located. There were unmarked graves, but the growth was so heavy that it was impossible to estimate a number."

(The symbols at the end of each name denotes the source it was taken from.)

Clayton, Wm. (2 limestone slabs, dates unreadable)+ and #

Clayton, Nancey+ and #

Flippo, A. A. 18 June 1833 31 Dec. 1920*

Flippo, Temperance, wife of Thomas, 1812 7 Dec. 1898*

Flippo, Thos., hus. of Temperance, 1798 11 Nov. 1854*

Flippo, Thomas 15 May 1848 10 Nov. 1918*

Flippo, Laura D. Wilsford, wife of Thomas, 17 Sept. 1857 13 Nov. 1910*
(A correction to the death date was added in Supplement I - 3 Nov. 1910+)

McGee, Mary J. 28 Dec. 1835 11 May 1917+

Smith, Sarah E. Flippo, wife of I. D., 15 Aug. 1847 12 Oct. 1911*
(Member of the Church of Christ since 1879)

Wilsford, Francis J. 29 Sept. 1880 9 Mar. 1909*

*This information was taken from the book "At Rest" Cemetery Records of Lawrence Co., TN compiled Carrie Hardwick Gresham and Irene McBane Alexander  in 1966-1967.

+This information came from the book "At Rest" Cemetery Records of Lawrence Co., TN Supplement I compiled by the Old Cemeteries Society of Lawrence County, Tennessee in 1983.

#In the Lawrence County Heritage Journal, vol. 1, issue 2, Winter 1997, additional information was given on the Clayton graves above by Irma Kaslow and Patricia Milnes. When visiting the cemetery, the Clayton stones were found and they were able to read the first names after a rubbing was performed. However there were no dates on the stones.

Contributed by Kathy Niedergeses

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