Diary of Blanche Gallaher Olive

transcribed by Donna Niedergeses Davis

Below are excerpts from the diaries of Mrs. Blanche Gallaher Olive. In some cases, Mrs. Olive did not know the full name of the bride or groom, and, occasionally, she did not known the full name of one or the other. Most personal items and gossip were not included when transcribed; only the marriages that she had recorded. Some of the comments have been used when not considered too personal. Original spelling and punctuation have been retained in most cases. Information between {} has been added. Mrs. Olive obviously recorded some of the names and dates from memory, obtained them from obituaries, from tombstones, or from family members, since there is one for 1899 and a few for the 1920's and 1930's. The majority of these are for the 1940's.

George Willis was married to Haysel Killen (no idea about date).

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hensley married January 1, 1899.

Mr. and Mrs. Riley married June 29, 1921.

Mack Craft and Celia Kimble married x-mas 1921, September 3, 1939, their 11th child was born.

Dud and Edith married April 12, 1928.

Rayford and Hettie married October 22, 1928.

Clara Ham and Berlin Rhodes married April 29, 1933.

Bernice (?) and Perry married February 17, 1934.

Ruth Hollis and Robert Gibberd married May 1937.

Edenien (?) Olive married Helen someone of Mt. Pleasant May 1939.

Louise Ham married Roy April 29, 1939. Went to her shower a few days ago.

Marie Riley and Lewis Gamble married December 1940.

Bill Danley and Mrs. Hardison December 8, 1941.

G. W. Risner and Joyce Odem married Saturday, June 28, 1941.

Jimmie Cannon and Miss Eudine Hammonds married August 4, 1942.

Nellie Brewer and Tom Davis of L.B. married Saturday night August 29, 1942.

Will McKey married Dick Richter (maybe today, March 7, 1942).

Gene McMacken and Ralph Johnson married today. Saturday, October 3, 1942.

Jim Dotson and Mrs. Alva Springer Weaver married today October 4, 1942.

Vera Goolsby and Robert Kreel of St. Joseph married in Florence July 5, 1943.

Charles Willis married September 1943.

Virgil Dixon married for the 3rd time Saturday, February 12, 1944. {no name given in diary}

April 6, 1944 - Mary Charles McMackin married last week.

Dorothy Danley married the latter part of May 1944, don't know his name.

June 20, 1944 - Had a letter from mother today saying Stella married Dudley Harrison last July and had a little red haired boy May 18.

Oneda Phillips and Clifford Moore married in Sheffield, Alabama, Saturday P.M. about 9:15, June 24, 1944. He is in U.S. service.

Geraldine Thornton and Tommy Reed married Saturday, June 1, 1944.

June 9, 1944 - Velma Croft (somebody) and her little son Robert Lawrence coming from N.C. to live here. He was born April 26, 1944. His father had to sail 2 weeks before he was born. They married March 15, 1943.

D. B. Gable married Donea (?) Jones sometime in December 1944, leap year (he said she was the first girl ever proposed to him and he just married) teasing.....

Earnest Mabry married a girl in Arkansas June 2, 1944.

Ralph Johnson and Inez Dixon married at 5 P.M. November 24, 1944 in L. B., had a swell church affair (Friday). Married at courthouse Thursday P.M. then Friday P.M. had church wedding. She is in the WAVES or WACS.

Rayman Randolph Burch and Doris Nell Augustine married (secretely) a short while ago, 1944. He has to leave for U. S. service soon.

Ethel Jacobs and (Pete) Tidwell married June 13, 1945.

Elaine and Villard Sledge married in Alabama Saturday, July 7, 1945.

Pauline Richter and Jackson Richardson married Saturday P.M., February 24, 1945.

Lura married Robert Hodges April 3, 1945.

Murriel {Merle} Swiea {Sweaney or Swena?} married Saturday, November 3, 1945, a girl near Old Hickory, don't know her name.

Dorothy Burch and Art Richards of Ohio married December 1, 1945.

W. B. Lumpkins and Sis Hollman married December 6, 1945.

Dene Hensley and J. W. Phillips married Thursday, August 23, 1945, he is in service.

James Williams and Eula Goolsby married a few days ago October 6, 1945.

Mary Sue Wasson married for the second time Sunday, October 14, 1945. She was born July 1916, has a little boy about 8 years old. Married the first time in 1932.

Dale Marie Loosey {Lucy or Looney ?} and Quill Hale married in Florence Saturday, June 3, 1945.

Eddie Woods and Evelyn Todder of Russelville married Saturday, June 3, 1945.

Mr. and Mrs. Riley married June 29, 1921.

Lt. Arnold Gallaher age 23 and Joane Montour age 21, a Catholic girl of Wayne Michigan married in St. Mary's Church in Wayne Michigan, Saturday, December 29, 1945.

Richard Hollis and "Katy" a girl of Ohio married Saturday, January 5, 1946.

Norma Bradley and Willie Butler married Saturday, January 5, 1946.

George Mabry and Bessie Fowler married Saturday, January 5, 1946.

Lesslie Tucker and Ruby Jane Phillips married Saturday, January 19, 1946.

J. B. Caperton married February 1946.

Herschel Weaver married February 1946.

Joe Olive son of Floyd and Carrie married July 10, 1946. Don't know who his wife was.

James Doyle Tice and Mable married December 19, 1946, didn't announce it till March 1947.

Dud Olive and Mable Haines married June 26, 1946. His 2nd wife.

Milton Pettus and Beatrice Brumley married June 1946.

Bro. Mack Burns our Freewill preacher married June 28, 1946, his wife died October 15, 1945.

Dene Willis and George Jones married March 16, 1946.

Harry Craft married April 21, 1946.

Mitchell Butler and Ruth Whitt of Waco, Texas married 1946.

Rex Rhodes and Virginia Rushing of Mt. Pleasant or Columbia married November 7 (maybe) 1946.

Floyd Gibson and Jaunita Putman married Saturday, February 1, 1947.

Fannie Willis married Saturday, February 15, 1947, 11 A.M. Her second husband. Harry Frazier of Tuscumbia, Alabama, will spend one week in Memphis, TN.

Lytle White married his second wife in Florence Sunday, February 23, 1947. He is a christian preacher and one of the best men (from a child) I ever knew.

Harris Hester and Mamie Lyles married Sunday, February 14 or 23, 1947. I've forgotten which.

Mrs. Eula Mason married Howard Craft Saturday, March 1, 1947. She is divorced and has 3 or 4 babies.

Nadine Whitfield and Joe Frazier married in Georgia Saturday, March 8, 1947, both work in Nashville.

Dorothy Litrell married a Robertson Thursday, March 27, 1947.

Carnell Gallaher and Geneva Moore married May 11, 1947.

Mary Ida Lumpkins age 13 and Daniels age 16 married August 22, 1947.

Dene Goolsby and Kenneth Johnson of Noblesville, Indiana married Friday, October 24, 1947.

Neldene Meigs and Paul Butler married Friday, November 28, 1947.

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