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Family Register: Parents Name

Husband: Will B. McAlister; Born, October 9th 1868

Wife, Clara Buchanan; Born, December 13th 1874

Married, December 18th, 1896 by Rev. R. F. Carter


Loraine McAlister, born July 9th 1897 in Giles County, Tenn.

Erma McAlister, born September 25th 1898 in Giles County, Tenn.

Sallie Will McAlister, born October 3rd, 1901 in Giles County, Tenn.

Herbert Buchanan McAlister was born June 21st 1903 in Giles County, Tenn.

Joy Frank McAlister, born August 13th 1905 in Giles County, Tenn.

James Cletus McAlister, born March 2nd 1907 in Giles County, Tenn.

Helen Almeda McAlister, born June 14th 1909 in Giles County, Tenn.

Hallie Elston McAlister, born July 15th 1912 in Giles County, Tenn.

Lillian Black McAlister was born March 12, 1914 in Giles County, Tenn.

John Thomas McAlister, born March 10 1916 in Giles County, Tenn.


Loraine McAlister married Henry Thomas Williams on May 17, 1923

Herbert B. McAlister married Ive Watkins, August 1928


James Cletus McAlister died July 4th 1909

John Thomas McAlister died November 9 1956

J Frank McAlister died August 27 1965

Herbert B. McAlister died September 28 1971

Mrs. W. B. McAlister died September 22 1961

W. B. McAlister died May 31 1946

Sallie Will McAlister died December 20 1976 buried Maplewood Cemetery, Giles County, Tenn.

Erma M. Kopp died August 22, 1990


William Thomas McAlister, born November 6, 1949

Pat Lynn McAlister, born May 16, 1952

John Wayne McAlister, born February 11, 1954

Allen Jerald McAlister, born August 26, 1956

Dr. William T. Nichols transcribed this information from the William Bolivar and Clara Elston Buchanan McAlister Family Bible on April 7, 2004.

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