Paine Cemetery

Location: Go west on Highway 43 and turn onto West Point Rd., go for about 5 miles and turn right onto Knob Creek Rd. Travel about 10 miles to the Noble Gray farm (it is no longer the Noble Gray farm), then turn left on a lane between a dwelling and barn, cross Knob Creek, take the first left turn onto a field road, and the cemetery is about 1/2 mile on the right. It was impossible to determine if there were other graves, but this was probably a family graveyard. (These directions are from 1967, so am not sure you can still follow them.)

After looking at the map, if I was going to this cemetery and did not know the roads very well, I would stay on West Point Rd. until I reached Neal Cemetery on the right side of the road, almost to West Point. Turn right just past the Neal Cemetery onto Goslin Branch Road and follow it to just before you reach Knob Creek. The cemetery should be on your right just as you go around a curve just before reaching the creek. If anyone has better directions, please feel free to let me know. I do not know the condition of this cemetery, but assume it is in poor shape.

Paine, Sidney S., 24 Apr. 1808 19 July 1868

Paine, Jesse A., 6 Sept. 1839 15 Sept. 1961

Paine, Martin S., 19 Nov. 1851 25 Jan. 1863

Paine, Sidney S., Jr., 27 June 1848 26 Apr. 1850

Bentley, Sidney T. Paine, 27 June 1843 1 May 1873

(All above transcriptions were on one tall stone)

Paine, Susan J., wife of S. S., 20 Dec. 1820 8 July 1888

2 small markers with J.A.P. (probably footstone to Jesse A. Paine)

2 small markers with S.T.P.B. (probably footstones to Sidney T. Paine Bentley)

Contributed by Kathy Niedergeses Dec. 20, 2010

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