Powers Cemetery

Location: Take Hwy. 64 E from Lawrenceburg, turn right onto Red Hill-Center Rd., turn left on Big Springs Rd., go 1 & 1/2 miles; take the left fork and go to where the road ends. Walk thru the pasture directly in front the house. The cemetery is about 1/2 mile due east on top of hill in a dense woods. It has long been abandoned.

ALDERSON, Jeremiah b. 27 Feb. 1800 d. 8 Apr. 1871

ALDERSON, Sarah B. b. 10 Aug. 1807 d. 11 Mar. 18(?)8 (stone broken)

CREWS, Jennie Nelson, dau. of Simeon & Sarah b. 17 Aug. 1870 d. 29 Aug. 1881

CREWS, Cathrine E., dau. of A.S. & Sarah E. b. 3 Jan. 1887 d. 8 Apr. 1904

1. CREWS, Sarah, wife of Simeon (unmarked; info from family)

1. EAKIN, Lucretia, 1st wife of Capt. Wm. B. (unmarked; info from family)

POWERS, T. (Tommy) W. b. 15 Feb 1821 d. 20 Sept. 1893

POWERS, Laura K., wife of W.J. b. 1 Sept, 1864 d. 13 Apr. 1889

VOSS, Sarah L. B., dau. of Daniel & Mary Jane b. 24 Jan. 1853 d. 7 Mar. 1855

WARREN, Absilla, wife of Rev. W. P. b. 2 Dec. 1819 d. 12 Mar. 1875

Listed by Irene McBane Alexander & Carrie Hardwick Gresham

Contributed June 8, 2009 by Kathy Niedergeses

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