Archives Rules For On-Site Researchers

We will eagerly assist you as much as needed and time permits, since we want your stay to be pleasant and productive. When you arrive, you will be given a short tour of the location of our records. If you need assistance in how or where to find something, or are at a dead end in your research, do not hesitate to ask; we are used to a lot of questions. Please realize that sometimes you may have to wait your turn, because our staff consists of only two people, and sometimes one of us has to be out of the office for some reason. We usually have from 1 to 10 researchers in this room at the same time and it gets a little crowded and hectic sometimes. Please take a few minutes and read the rules in order to make things run smoothly and keep our records safe. 

1. Very large brief cases, bags, purses, etc. are not permitted. You may bring a small to medium size purse, note book with your charts, etc., paper with pen or pencil, and a laptop computer. Whatever you bring may be searched by a staff member before leaving. 

2. Please do not talk in a loud voice.

3. NO SMOKING is allowed anywhere in this building. NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed. You may eat a snack or drink something in the hallway or outside. We will be glad to provide directions to various fast food places or restaurants.

4. Please, SCOOT CHAIRS UP TO THE TABLE when sitting in them at all times in order to allow staff space to move between chairs and other furniture.


6. Archives STAFF ONLY will make copies on the copy machine. We charge 20 cents per page, per side.

7. Please ask the staff how to operate the microfilm reader before using. Since the reader has been damaged in the past, when scanning up or down a page, always pull or push the carriage by using "both hands" - one on each end.

8. STAFF MEMBERS ONLY will retrieve the microfilm and load the microfilm reader, unless an exception has been made because you are a frequent researcher. Copies from microfilm are 25 cents each and may turn out better if you let one of our staff print the page for you. If you print copies that are bad, you pay; if we print copies that are bad, our mistake. Please DO NOT touch the screen on the microfilm reader with your hand, pencil or anything else.

9. STAFF MEMBERS ONLY will retrieve family file folders, actual court documents found in our indexes - wills, deeds, estate settlements, court petitions, divorces, land surveys and entries, etc. Please DO NOT follow us into other rooms to retrieve the records unless specifically requested to.

10. A digital camera can not be used to take pictures of documents, unless given permission by one of the archives staff. We do charge a set-up fee of 20 cents per page just like many larger libraries and archives do.

Last updated May 3, 2006 by Kathy Niedergeses

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