Sowell Cemetery


Location: Travel highway 64 West from Lawrenceburg, TN about 4 1/2 mi. to near State Highway 241 intersection. The property was once owned by the Sowell family and during their occupancy this family burial ground was established. W. W. Neal later lived on this farm. It was the property of Mack Olds at one time and the cemetery was located behind his barn about 1/4 miles south.

Neal, Ed E., son of W. W. & A. H., b. 1 June 1889 - d. 7 Sept. 1899
(There was a piece of tombstone close to the above with no markings in 1966.)

Sowell, Rev. J. M. b. 26 May 1816 - d 29 Aug. 1892

Sowell, Sallie, wife of Rev. J. M. Sowell, b. 27 Nov. 1816 - d. 11 Apr. 1895

Sowell, Mary A. wife of Rev. J. M. Sowell, b. 2 Jan. 1821 - d. 22 Apr. 1873 (death date hard to read in 1999)

Sowell, Nall, son of J. M. & M. A. Sowell, b. 12 Mar. 1861 - d. 22 Nov. 1862 (name & dates hard to read in 1999)

Sowell, William G., son of J. M. & N. J., b. 20 Dec. 1846 - d. 6 May 1873 (death date hard to read in 1999)

(All of the above Sowell graves were enclosed in an iron fence. There were probably other graves in the plot, but a large tree was over one section from a recent storm (1965 or 1966) that had uprooted many trees and covered some graves with debris.)

Sowell, Joseph J. b. 21 Mar. 1851 - d. 21 Sept. 1932 (This grave was just west of the enclosed Sowell plot.)

In 1966, there were approximately 15 to 25 unmarked graves.

(In 1999, the condition of the graves, tombstones and area around was deteriorating badly. The graves were presently protected from grazing cows by loosely strung barbwire. Evidence of a nice primitive metal fence still lies about and a few posts remain upright.)

Listed by Irene McBane Alexander & Carrie Hardwick Gresham in 1966.

Revisited and re-read by Harold G. Gobbell on Sept. 30, 1999.

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