Lawrence County Heritage

The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 1 No. 2 Winter 1997

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From the Editor:

This year, the Lawrence County Genealogical Society and the Lawrence County Heritage journal were established. Our website on the internet was also launched. The first printing of the all new Lawrence County Marriages came about after much work spent transcribing records and updating a new computerized database. In 1998, we plan to sponsor a Family History Fair and begin a "First Families of Lawrence County" project.

Dr. William Fred Kellogg by Kathy Niedergeses

A brief biography of Dr. Kellogg, a resident of Ethridge, where he practiced medicine for over 40 years. The entries in his journal that are presented here include birth records from 1899 through 1939. A photocopy of the handwritten journal, along with a typed transcript, are at the Lawrence County Archives. The journal has been fully indexed.

Pennington (Peddenden): An Update by Ruth Dickey

The author of "The Penningtons of Big Buffalo" presents a history of several members of the Pennington family including Isaac Henry Pennington, Abraham Pennington, and Isaac Pennington. Connections to Lawrence County are explained with references to Jacob Pennington and his sons, Isaac, William and Moses. The story of a flying machine built by James Jackson Pennington, a son of Isaac, completes this story.

Will of Abraham Pennington

A transcription of the will of Abraham Pennington, proved May 19, 1756, in Berkley County, SC.

Will of Isaac Pennington

A transcription of the will of Isaac Pennington, proved September 17, 1760, in Berkley County, SC.

Napier Iron Works: The Antebellum Era by Shirley Hollis Rice

A history of the development of the iron works located on the south bank of the Buffalo River during the first half century of white settlement. Written in the context of Chickasaw Indian, county, state and national history with detail relating to railroad development.

Extracts from the Henry Feldhaus, Jr., Journals by Kathy Niedergeses

Selected excerpts from the 1890-1894 journals of Henry Bernard Feldhaus, Jr., who relined the Napier Iron Works furnace as well as others throughout Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

Documenting Library Sources by Jeanette Richardson Held

The author presents a short review concerning good documentation and styles used by various publications. A two page table titled "Quick-Guide to Documentation with Footnotes or Endnotes, Chicago/Turabian Style" covers 16 examples of the most common sources with samples of correct placement of information and punctuation.

The Bumpass Families of Early Lawrence County (continued from Vol. 1 No. 1, Fall 1997) by Viola Hagan Carpenter.

This biography of Dr. Gabriel Bumpass, a pioneer of Giles and Lawrence counties, presents interesting family stories about the life and character of this early settler. The Bumpass-Stribling Marriage Contract of 1839 between Gabriel Bumpass and Mary Sribling is transcribed from Lawrence County records. A photo of Mary Ann Bumpass, granddaughter of James Madison Bumpass is shown with additional information on her marriage to John Allen Hagan.

About Our Front Cover

The home of Levi Voss and Sarah Agnes Pennington, born around 1825 and died 1906, the daughter of William Pennington and Mary "Polly" Perkins.

Lawrence County Court Clerk, Wills, Inventories & Estate Settlements, January 1829 to October 1847.

Basham, William

Craig, James

McIntyre, Daniel

Rackley, Frederick

Davis, John

Brashears, Henry

Armstrong, Lanclet

Smallwood, John

Spencer, Moses

Brashers, Henry

Hail, James E.

Vawter, Richard

Alison, Andrew

Penington, Abraham

Choat, Valuntine (sic)

Curtis, James

Ross, James K.

Curtis, J.

Pennington, A.

Dair, John

Confederates in the 1st, 6th, and 15th Districts submitted by Donna Ramsey.

A list of soldiers taken from records of the Chancery Court of Lawrence County.

The Reclaiming of a Family Cemetery by Maryanne McCracken Highly

A history of the McCracken Family Cemetery in Lawrence County with information on John and Elizabeth English McCracken.

The Book Nook...Book Reviews by Kathy Niedergeses

The 1898 Dawes Roll "Plus," by Bob Blankenship.

The 1909 Guion Miller Roll "Plus," by Bob Blankenship.

Cherokees & Missionaries, 1789-1839, by William G. McLoughlin, and Creeks and Seminoles, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.

Cherokee Roots, Vol. 1: Eastern Cherokee Rolls, by Bob Blankenship.

Cherokee Roots, Vol. 2: Western Cherokee Rolls, by Bob Blankenship.

Cherokee Planters in Georgia, by Don L. Shadburn.

Unhallowed Intrusion, by Don L. Shadburn.

Mystery Families and Photographs

Three unidentified photos from the collections of Rachel and Coleman Hollis of Florence, Alabama, Charlie Hollis of Weakley Creek, and Jake Newton.

The Lawrence County Descendents of Benjamin Crews and Mary Clayton Crews submitted by Mary Nell Hollis Franks.

The history of the Crew family that settled in Lawrence County in 1830. Lists include the children of Benjamin Crews and Mary Clayton Crews and Benjamin Crews and second wife, Mary Rose Crews. Photos accompany the article and information about the discovery of the graves of John William "Flat River" Clayton and Nancy Blackard Clayton at Flippo Cemetery near Lawrenceburg.

How Do I...Get Tennessee Vital Records, contributed by Reita Burress.

Addresses and sources for Tennessee vital records, probate records, land and tax records, church records, cemetery records are compiled in this one page offering.


Include individual queries concerning the following surnames: Bryson, Todd, Sullivant, King, McDonald/Adkison, Counce/Day, Hardin, Kelley, Manuel, Gresham/Grisham.

My Family Tree submitted by Reita Burress.

Poem by unknown author.

Minutes of the First Meeting of Lawrence County Genealogical Society.

September 19, 1997 meeting.

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