The Journal of the Lawrence County

(Tennessee) Genealogical Society

Vol. 7 No. 3 Spring 2004

Table of Contents

compiled by Lila McGee Gobbell


From the Editor

You may have noticed that the web site for the Lawrence County Genealogical Society/Lawrence County Archives has changed. will take you to the a web page where you can select either Lawrence County Archives or Lawrence County Genealogical Society. A reminder; we will include reunion notices and genealogical related meetings in the journal. Our front cover picture is associated with the "An Overlooked Community Treasure" article found on page 106.

LCGS Membership Update compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Ramsey

New Members: Glenda Franklin, David T. Johnston, Anna M. Pride, Dorris Baker Sudberry and a number of changes in addresses and e-mail addresses

Diary of Blanche Gallaher Olive – Part III – Conclusion transcribed by Donna Ramsey – introduction by Kathy Niedergeses (continued from Winter 2003)

The conclusion of Ms. Olive’s journal starts with a period in early 1945 and continues through late Spring 1949. Births, deaths, and marriages have been taken from the pages of three books of journals. An example is item No. 191. Mr. Will L. Johnson of Loretto died Sunday P.M. about 11 in the home of his daughter Mrs. Henry Barnett who lives here, has been sick about 1 month. His wife died first of May about 7 weeks ago, he was born 1869. Died Sunday 11 P.M. June 24, 1945, buried at Loretto Monday P.M.. Lots of flowers and several people. Bro Bell and Bro. Hess preached his funeral, a good Christian man. Another example is No. 177. Walter Brewer the sheriff of Waynesboro died a few days ago, will be buried today, Sunday April 15, 1945. There are over four pages of entries listed in this issue of the journal.

Smith Family and Other Relatives – Part II – Conclusion (continued from Winter, 2003) by Glenda Cleo Flatt Franklin

Part II begins with the children of Georgia Ann Oliver and William Greenwood Flatt. 1. Linzie Cleo Flatt born Aug. 3, 1902, 2. Edward Lee Flatt born Oct. 20, 1904, 3. Lonnie Franklin Flatt born Oct. 12, 1907, 4. boy b. premature in 1910, 5. Luther Calvin Flatt born Mar. 20, 1913, 6. Lydia Jane Flatt born Dec. 3, 1915, 7. Ola Mae Flatt born Apr. 15, 1921. Linzie Cleo Flatt married Sleetie Estelle Wilburn Thomas on Apr. 16, 1927, in Lawrence County, TN. Glenda Cleo Flatt was the 6th child of Linzie and Sleetie. She was born Jan. 27, 1944, married Gene Dixon Franklin on June 8, 1962. Glenda shares memories of her dad picking the "Banjo" and learning to "Buck Dance" to his picking. He was a Ferrier and spent many Saturdays going somewhere to shoe a horse or mule. Glenda and Gene have three children, Gregory Gene, Gary Brent, and Gavin Alan Franklin.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Board Meeting Saturday, December 6, 2003 by Josephine Pickard

The meeting was called to order by President Wallace Palmore with 7 members present. Ricky Fleeman gave the Treasury Report of $16,091.00. In new business, there was discussion of how the Society may need to handle things if the Archives moves to another location.

Minutes, Lawrence County Genealogical Society Meeting Saturday, December 6, 2003 by Josephine Pickard

After the regular business was taken care of, Terry Williams and another member of the Lexington Sons of Confederate Veterans presented the re-creation of a local soldier’s experiences on the retreat from Nashville to Sugar Creek in Lawrence and Giles counties. After the program, refreshments were served.

Farm Information according to the 1930 U.S. Census and the NARA

According to the NARA none of the farm schedules have been located with the exception of the farm schedules for Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, The Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. These are in the process of being microfilmed.

Lawrence County Court Clerk Wills January 1829 to October 1847 (continued from Winter 2003) abstracted by Wallace Palmore

Pages 317 and 318 are missing from the microfilm for this Will Book. The information here is from the WPA Works. From the May, June and July terms – 1844: Willis Richardson, Sale Bill; Spencer Pearce, Guardian Settlement; Isaac Reader, Sale Bill and Inventory; Robert J. McLean, Guardian Settlement; Letitia Roberts, Administrator Settlement; Alexander McDougal, Administrator Settlement; Jacob Blythe, Widow’s Year Sustainance; John Miles, Administrator Settlement; Richard Vawter, Guardianship Settlement; Jacob Blythe, Jr., Estate Inventory.

Autobiography of Calvin William Harlan – Part I by Calvin William Harlan

Calvin William Harlan was born Dec. 28, 1934, in Lauderdale County, AL. He descended from Lawson Williams, his Great Great Grandfather, his Great Grandfather Robert Allen Williams, and his Grandfather, George Williams, a Primitive Baptist preacher. The Williams line came from NC.

James Harlan, born Nov. 24, 1801 died Oct. 13, 1874, came from Union District, SC and was a charter member of the Second Creek Primitive Baptist Church in 1830. James Harlan married 1.) Elizabeth Ezell born Aug. 15, 1798, in Union District. This couple was in Lawrence County, TN probably by the late 1820’s. 2.) Sarah Pryor, (Calvin’s Great Great Grandmother). She was born Nov. 12, 1822, and married James Harlan Oct. 25, 1845. Most of these two families are buried in Second Creek Cemetery. Calvin Harlan and wife attended a reunion for Harlans in 1987. At this time he was able to trace back to James Harlan, using the family bible and connecting back through the History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family of America by Aphesus Harlan. The Harlan family migrated from England to Ireland and on to America. James lived on his father Samuel’s farm in SC. James Harlan owned several tracts of land in Lawrence County, TN. He purchased 320 acres on the Blue Water Creek on Dec. 8, 1869. He also operated a water powered gristmill, general store, and post office in the Idaho Community, near Sugar Creek. (to be continued in the Summer 2004 issue of the Journal)

Old Bible Records of Lawrence County Families (continued from Winter 2003) compiled by Donna Ramsey and Kathy Niedergeses

Kidd Family Bible Records – James B. Kidd was born Sept. 13th 1823 through the death of T H. Kidd departed this life April 3, 1926.

Linam Family Bible Records – John H. Liman was born the 28th October 1727, Judith Linam, his wife. Their children are listed with birth dates and some death dates. There is a list of slaves and the dates their children were born, died or were sold. Included in this family bible are remarkable events: The earth shakes frequently in Jan., Feb. and March in 1843; The long tail commit appears March 11, 1843; The cold March ???? the 15 of March 14 inches snow? lays until 27, 1843 and then rains and snows the 28 again there has been but 3 days this month without snow on the ground up to 28th. (to be continued in the Summer 2004 issue of the Journal)

Queries compiled by Kathy Niedergeses

Phillips, John, b. ca 1750 in Craven Co., NC

Robinson and perhaps information on Bonee and Wilson

Bell, John Newton in District # 10

Mystery Families and Photographs

All three pictures on this page may be of the Shay and/or Powell families. The bottom photo is of a family in about the 1940’s.

An Overlooked Community Treasure by Jason T. Goodrich

The Old City Cemetery located on Waterloo Street is immediately west of the Lawrenceburg Public Square. Jason has researched and has included the history and those interred therein. As part of the restoration of the Old City Cemetery, Tennessee State Archaeologist Nick Fielder and the Archaeological Research Laboratory at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville have been contacted to assess the cemetery and to recommend their capabilities to locate any unmarked graves. Each tombstone will be surveyed through documentation and photography, both before and after cleaning and, when necessary, repair---a copy of which will be placed in the Lawrence County Archives. Over 100 names and birth-death dates are listed. Just as it is the task of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to remember and honor their ancestors who fought during the War Between the States, the same should apply to the members of this Society and to the community at-large to never forget the sacrifices and accomplishments of its forbearers.

The Book Nook reviews by Kathy Niedergeses and Jason Goodrich

Lawrence County, Tennessee Wills, Vol. I (1829-1838) and Lawrence County, Tennessee Wills, Vol. II (1838-1843) by Laura Willis; 2003 The book is actually wills, settlements, administrations, and Guardians.

My Alexander and Hampton Lineage Lines, by Bill Alexander, Jr.; 2003 The book contains the origins of the Alexander and Hampton names.

The County Poor Farm – Part II (continued from Fall, 2003) compiled by Kathy Niedergeses and Donna Niedergeses

The poor house (later referred to as the county farm) played an important part in providing for the indigent and needy since the beginning of the county until the last one closed in the 1960’s. The first article carried the history from 1820 through the 1860 census. This installment backs up to 1858 to pick up a few names and information. County Court Minute Book Sept 1858-Aug. 1865 lists paupers and caretakers. County Court Minute Book Sept 1867-Jan. 1871 also lists paupers and caretakers. The court allows for furnishing whiskey, tobacco, shrouds, and coffins. Also it allows for medicine and prescriptions, shoes and other articles for the paupers.

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